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Best Irish Names for Baby Boys and Girls

Best Irish Names for Baby Boys and Girls

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Do you perhaps have a little Irish in you and want to connect your baby to their roots? Or perhaps you like the way a particular Irish name sounds, and pairs perfectly with your surname? Whatever the reason for wanting to give your baby an Irish name, one thing you can be sure of is it’ll have a rich history and a powerful meaning behind it!
So, let’s take a look at 60 of the best Irish baby names for girls and boys.

Top 10 Irish Baby Boy Names


Pronounced either ‘Keen’ or ‘Kee-un’, it means ‘ancient’. A figure in Irish mythology, Cian could transform himself into a pig.


Pronounced ‘Kill-ian’, it means ‘little church’.


Used predominantly as a boys name but can be gender-neutral, Darragh (pronounced Da-ra) means ‘oak’.


Pronounced ‘Ey-mun’, it means ‘wealthy protector’.


Pronounced ‘Fee-uh-cra’, it means ‘raven’ or ‘hunter king’.


Meaning ‘fair’ or ‘white’. It invokes a call back to Finn McCool, the mythical giant said to live in Northern Ireland.


Pronounced ‘Earl-a’, it unsurprisingly means ‘earl’.


Pronounced ‘Nile’, like the famous river in Egypt. Niall means ‘champion’ or ‘passion’.


Can be pronounced ‘Roo-ar-ee’ or ‘Rory’, and has multiple alternate spellings. Ruairi means ‘great king’.


Also a Scottish name, Rowan is a nature-centric name, and can also be gender-neutral. It means ‘red haired’.

Top 10 Irish Baby Girl Names


Pronounced ‘Ash-lin’, it means ‘imagination’.


Means ‘noble’ or ‘high’.


Pronounced ‘fin-oola’, it means ‘fair shoulder’.


In Gaelic, Imogen means ‘maiden’ and in Latin origin, it means ‘innocent’.


An alternate spelling is also ‘Kayley’. Which means ‘slim’ or ‘beautiful figure’.


Pronounced ‘Kee-ar-uh’ (unlike the similar ‘Ciara’ which is pronounced ‘Keer-a’) it means ‘light’ or ‘clear’.


Means ‘the intoxicating one’ or ‘the one who rules’.


In Greek, Nessa means ‘pure’ or ‘holy’, but can also mean ‘rough’ or ‘not gentle’.


Pronounced ‘Ro-sheen’, it means ‘rose’.


Meaning ‘old river’ or ‘mystical river’, Shannon is the Anglicised version of ‘Sionainn’.

10 Unusual Irish Baby Boy Names


The Irish alternative to ‘Angus’.


Means ‘elf’ in Old Irish.


Pronounced ‘Kay-len’, it means ‘victorious’


Conlan means ‘hero’.


An alternative to ‘John’ and pronounced ‘Ee-on’.


Lorcan means ‘fierce’.


Mannix means ‘little monk’.


Oisin is pronounced ‘O-sheen’ and means ‘small deer’.


Phelan means ‘like a wolf’.


Tor is the Irish version of ‘Thor’, aka the God of Thunder

10 Unusual Irish Baby Girl Names:


Aribreann means ‘April’ in Irish.


A name of Greek origin meaning ‘beauty’.


Pronounced ‘Klee-na’ or ‘Klee-oh-na’ and means ‘shapely’.


Elva means ‘bright’ or ‘noble’


Ita is pronounced ‘Ee-ta’, it means ‘thirst’.


Iseult is pronounced ‘Is-ult’ and means ‘iron ruler’.


Mab is an Irish name which means ‘joy’ or ‘funny’.


Oona is a name of Gaelic origin that means ‘lamb’.


Sorcha is pronounced ‘Sor-ka’, it means ‘bright’.


Tierney is an Irish name that means ‘lord’.

Popular Irish Baby Names By Year

Despite the above names steeped in Irish history and meaning, the most popular names used in Ireland are actually rather different. For the past ten years, ‘Jack’ and ‘Emily’ have by far been the most popular names given to babies in Ireland. Two other Irish baby names have overtaken them on just one occasion: ‘James’ and ‘Grace’.

2021: Jack and Emily

2020: Jack and Grace

2019: Jack and Emily

2018: Jack and Emily

2017: Jack and Emily

2016: James and Emily

2015: Jack and Emily

2014: Jack and Emily

2013: Jack and Emily

2012: Jack and Emily

2011: Jack and Emily

See what we mean? This means there are more Jacks and Emilys in Ireland than kids with any other name! So, if you’re looking for inspiration for a unique baby name, why not consider some of the other more uncommon and unusual names in our list? Or if not, Jack and Emily are still solid names!

Meaning of Popular Irish Baby Names

They may be commonly used, but the most popular boys and girls names in Ireland still have meaning behind them:

Irish Baby Boy Names:

Jack – Means ‘God is gracious’.

James – Means ‘supplanter’.

Noah – Means ‘rest’.

Daniel – Means ‘God is my judge’.

Conor – Means ‘lover of hounds’.

Irish Baby Girl Names:

Grace – Means ‘God’s grace’.

Fiadh – Means ‘deer’.

Emily – Means ‘rival’.

Sophie – Means ‘wisdom’.

Ava – Means ‘guarantee’.

What To Consider When Choosing An Irish Name…

If choosing an Irish name is important to you, there are a few points to consider. For example, if the history and meaning is something you want to consider when picking a baby name out, then we’ve got a list below of Irish origin baby names you could use!

Many believe if you give your baby a name associated with strength they’ll grow up to be strong…so maybe that’s something to consider! Or if given a name associated with beauty, they’ll be beautiful!
It’s also worth noting that many people outside of Ireland may struggle with pronunciation, as many Irish names are Gaelic in origin. However, it doesn’t take long to educate people on the correct pronunciation!

How To Pronounce Irish Names…

So far we’ve given you a little helping hand to understand the pronunciation of some Irish origin baby names, but below are a few trickier names that people can struggle with:

Aoife – Pronounced ‘Ee-fa’.

Caoimhe – Pronounced ‘Kwee-va’.

Eoghan – Pronounced ‘Owen’.

Dearbhla – Pronounced ‘Derv-la’.

Grainne – Pronounced ‘Graw-nya’

Niamh – Pronounced ‘Neev’.

Pádraig – Pronounced ‘Paw-drig’.

Saoirse – Pronounced ‘Sir-sha’.

Sinead – Pronounced ‘Shin-ade’.

Tadgh – Pronounced ‘Tig’.

We hope you’ve found some of the best Irish names for baby boys and girls! However, if you’re still looking for more baby names for your bundle of joy, then you can check out our other baby name blogs.

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