Halloween Costumes Ideas For Teens

Teenagers at Halloween party

One of the best things about Halloween is all the fun you have picking out the perfect costume! However, if you have a child who is a teen or tween , costume ideas can at first appear a bit tricky. After all, they have out grown the cute pumpkin or witch costume phase, but still want a cool fancy dress costume to be part of the festivities and impress their friends. Well read on because we’ve got you sorted and in addition to Halloween costumes to buy, we’ve got some great DIY, home options too! You’ll be spoilt for choice with our spooktacular teen costumes ideas in our guide here…

Star Wars Costume Ideas

Star Wars Kylo Ren and Darth Vader

Star Wars is a cult favourite for film lovers everywhere and with a story full of battles between good and evil, it’s the perfect inspiration for your teen’s Halloween outfit. Kylo Ren and Darth Vader are both iconic characters from the movie and dressing up as them is easy. For a DIY home version all you need is a black outfit with a black robe. Add a lightsaber sword and mask accessory and you are done! If you would prefer to buy, this Darth Vader costume from Party Delights goes up to size 14 years old – check it out here.

Teenage girls might like to pick one of the feisty, strong female leads from Star Wars such as Princess Lea or Rey. This Force Awakens Rey costume from Rubie Fancy Dress here will really make your teenage girl look the part!

Friends Costume Ideas

Friends TV show

The classic characters from the 90’s TV show are still loved today and many teenagers are now discovering what their parents enjoyed to watch, after it has made a recent comeback in popularity. A fun costume idea would be to dress up as your favourite character from the show. This would be an excellent option for a group of teenage friends to pick, you just need to decide who is Monica, Rachel or Phoebe and for the boys, is your choice Chandler, Ross or Joey? This is an easy option for using clothes you have at home. For example a white apron could be added to a pleated skirt for Rachel’s coffee waitress look. Put on a pair of khaki pants and button down shirt and voila you are Chandler!

Why not add a Central Perk coffee mug in your hand for added fun- get one here.

Traditional Halloween Costume

Teenagers at Halloween party

If your teenager would like to stick to a more classic Halloween theme then we have the perfect costume ideas…

Dracula– get some temporary hair dye out and turn your teenage boy’s hair dark black. A white shirt with black clothing including cape is ideal to look like a real Dracula: Prince of Darkness! Fangs and fake blood for an extra scary costume effect are easily found at most good fancy dress shops.

Witch– as they have now grown up a bit and want to move on from the cute witch stage, teenage girls might like to glam up and have a more dressy outfit for their Halloween witch costume. Teenage girls can have fun with false eyelashes and dramatic eye makeup! A black dress is a must for this classic costume but don’t forget your witch hat.  You can find plenty of options here.

Pop Stars Costumes

Ariana Grande

Is your teen or tween starting to love their music? Pop music videos can give you lots of ideas for Halloween costumes for teens, girls and boys.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a fun idea. Your teenage girl will feel like a really cool teen copying one of her outfits! She can have a blast experimenting with accessories, hair and make up to add to the clothes. Ariana Grande is well known for wearing a hair bow and long ponytail hair pieces- shops like Claire’s Accessories are a treasure trove for items like this. For an impressive addition to really bring her costume to life, your teen can add a cardboard Ariana face mask. It will be sure to get lots of laughs among her friends! Get one here.

Liam Gallagher 

A great throwback costume idea for a teenage boy’s Halloween costume is Liam Gallagher of 90’s pop band Oasis. After all, what teenage boy wouldn’t want to emulate the confident swagger of the Oasis frontman? This is a really simple outfit to create. All you need is a pair of jeans, a checked shirt or parka style coat and don’t forget to add Liam’s favourite round, circular sunglasses. The music video for Wonderwall will help your teen perfect the look.

Fortnite Costume Ideas


Does your teen like to play video games? Then they will find tons of inspiration for Halloween costumes from the Fornite video game. With plenty of different characters and outfits, plus some animal costumes there are lots of options to choose from. You can pick up some cool Fortnite masks and fancy dress costumes from Party Delights here.



You are never too old to be a superhero and the Marvel films offer plenty of Halloween costume ideas that are cool enough even for teens!

A teenage girl can easily create a Halloween costume for female Marvel character Black Widow, using a black jumpsuit and what teenage boy wouldn’t love to wear the Batman iconic costume? Find lots of Marvel fancy dress costumes and accessories here.

We hope you have found plenty of Halloween costume ideas for teens and get a fangtastic costume for your family Halloween celebrations.

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