Bedtime Stories For Kids

Some kids love to hear stories, it fuels their imagination and creativity… it helps them create stories and adventures for their toys too. I personally loved reading the Mr Men and Little Miss books when I was younger, I even have the collection boxes. Are your kids the same? Do they love listening to stories, especially at bedtime or they will refuse to go to sleep? But the problem is that you’ve run out of stories to tell them and reading over the same books every night is hit with the response: “But Dad, we’ve already heard this one!”… We can help you out! We’ve gathered new and exciting bedtime stories for kids!

1. Lost Toy

About a boy who lost his toy. That’s happened to every child, right? Where is it? Is it on the bus, on the floor, in someone’s bag? Journey with him and his toy giraffe to see if they’re reunited!
Why is this different, you ask? Because it’s a wordless book. I know what you’re thinking…how can you possibly read a wordless book? Well, that’s the best thing about it, because your children can use their imagination to fuel the story and create dialogue instead. It could change the tone of the book entirely! You can even end up laughing!
An easy illustrated book to add to your collection of bedtime stories for kids, perfect for those aged 0 – 3!

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2. The Witch’s Cat and The Cooking Catastrophe

The witch’s cat has a magnificent idea…to cook her a yummy lunch while the witch is out. But when the cat uses an old, dusty cookbook…things don’t turn out as they hoped. What’s the worst that could happen?
A lighthearted, fun and whacky book that will be sure to leave your kids happy and all set for imaginative dreams!

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3. That’s Not My Puppy

A simple book but great for sensory and language development. A book that has different textures for your little ones to touch, as they try to find the right puppy. There are more books like this too – That’s Not My Cat, That’s Not My Dinosaur and so on…so you can read a different book each day and watch how your little ones interact with the illustrated characters!

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4. Who’s Taken It?

A story about a hippo on the loo but the toilet roll has been stolen! He’s going to be late for his mid-morning snack, can you find where his toilet roll has gotten to?
A cheeky story, with bold illustrated pictures. One of many bedtime stories for kids that are perfect before bed, especially for 3-8-year-olds!

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5. Giraffes Can’t Dance!

A delightful book about a giraffe who finds his tune to dance to, despite everyone saying…Giraffes can’t dance!
Beautifully illustrated pictures that will grab your kid’s attention, a rhyming pattern that is perfect to read out loud and a book that time and time again, they’ll want you to read. Great for toddlers and will soon be their favourite story!
Written by the best-selling author Giles Andraea and illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees.

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6. Ten Minutes To Bed: Little Dinosaur

A very fitting story to read to a child who won’t go to sleep! And especially for those who love dinosaurs…
There are so many things going around as the little dinosaur is trying to head for bed, but he just can’t! Not when there are volcanoes, muddy puddles and jungles to explore!

An exciting start but a gentle end for calming bedtime stories for kids. Especially for little muddy toddlers.

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7. The Proudest Blue

A story about race, culture and family love. A story embraced by hundreds of families, as they read about Faizah and her first day at school wearing a Hijab. She’s proud of it…but others have some things to say. How will she navigate through their responses and will she find a new strength within her?
An uplifting and captivating story with a deeper message. Be proud of who you are. Words can hurt. Kindness spreads love. A must-read for young kids!

Written by Olympic medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad.

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8. I Am Stronger Than My Anxiety

Are your kids feeling a bit anxious and worried about the world at the moment? It’s only natural considering what they’re going through at a young age… but maybe adding this book to their nightly routine can help them go to sleep easier? A well-received book, with reviews from parents saying it helped ease their kid’s anxiety and it was an important part of their bedtime routine!
It’s about a boy who’s going camping with his Dad, but his anxiety makes him worry about potential storms or wolves or even scarecrows. But then he spots something that helps calm his anxious nerves. What is it?

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9. Peter Rabbit and the Easter Egg Hunt – Pop Up Book!

Everyone loves the mischievous and fun-loving Peter Rabbit and with Easter coming around the corner…this is the perfect addition to add to the kid’s bedtime story routine!
Follow Peter Rabbit and his friends as they race to find the most Easter eggs possible! There are lots of interactive pop-ups for your kids to have fun with. A must-have!

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10. Daisy’s Dragons

A bedtime story talking about feelings. Daisy has 6 dragons, each representing a feeling she has. Only she can see them and on one particular day, she just keeps running into bad luck… Daisy doesn’t like feeling angry or sad, and her bad dragons disappear. But so does all the rest…can Daisy realise she needs all her dragons to help her feel happy and calm?

A brilliant bedtime story to help kids understand their feelings a little more.

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A great selection of bedtime stories for kids that are sure to entertain, as well as educate them and maybe become their new favourite story! Whether it helps them understand their emotions, teaches them something new, or further fuels their creativity- there are loads of bedtime stories that they’ll cherish and beg for every night!

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