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Christmas Colouring Pages

Christmas Colouring Pages

The festive season is soon approaching, with cold winter nights and hot chocolates being made. Why not spend a night with the family? We want to show you the best Christmas Colouring pages for everyone to show off their colouring skills!

The holiday season is a time to be with family, so with all the colouring sheets, we want to show you! This is a night well spent together! Why not put a Christmas film on in the background and make delicious hot chocolates for the whole family? This is a chance for everyone to show their beautiful colouring skills and relax together this Christmas.

So grab your colouring pencils and let us show you the best Christmas colouring pages!

Here’s where you can get FREE Christmas colouring pages


Everyone knows who Crayola are and how amazing their products are too! Crayola provides free Christmas colouring pages for both kids and adults. Whether you are wanting to just colour or relax your mind, there is a colouring design for everyone.

From Christmas bingo to colouring Christmas cabins. The whole family can spend a whole day colouring together with a delicious Christmas hot chocolate too! I guess you’ve hit colouring heaven here!

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Happiness is Homemade

From Christmas trees to Santa Claus, everyone can colour in the most adorable pictures with these colouring templates. They’re FREE and easy to download too, with a wide range of different pictures

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Super Colouring

Do you want to colour a little snowman or even a gingerbread man? With Super Colouring you can colour different Christmas pictures and will get everyone in the festive mood! There is a wide range of festive colouring sheets for the whole family to enjoy.

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Primary Games- Christmas

From Christmas advent calendars to gingerbread houses. Primary Games have a wide range of festive resources for a great day of colouring! There are many amazing designs for everyone to use beautiful colours and get into the mood of Christmas!

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So Festive

Looking for colouring templates for the whole family to enjoy? So Festive have amazing colouring activities made for everyone to relax and have fun on Christmas.

You have the chance to colour a snowflake, Christmas Tree or even Disney Christmas characters! Now, this sounds amazing! This is a fun resource and gives a chance for children to express their creative side. If you’re colouring Micky Mouse, why not watch the film as well? Sounds like a relaxing winter night to me!

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The Mummy Bubble

Free colouring activities which are easy to download! You will receive a wide range of festive colouring sheets for the kids to enjoy this holiday period! Your little ones will have the chance to colour elves, Santa Claus and even snowmen!

You can also download the different activity sheets from scrabble to Christmas memory match! These brilliant activities will keep the kids happy during the Christmas holidays and will let everyone relax too!

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Colouring home

Colouring is an enjoyable and peaceful activity. So why not get the whole family involved? Pictures of reindeer characters, fairy princesses and Spongebob Christmas trees! There is a wide range of exciting colouring projects for the festive season!

With adorable colouring designs, nobody will feel left out. Just don’t forget your colouring pens then you are ready for printable colouring sheets!

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This amazing crafting website has many amazing designs and activities for kids! Let’s get everyone into the Christmas mood and relax with colouring. These amazing colouring pictures will help bring everyone together for the festive holiday!

All the colouring sheets are suitable for all ages and everyone has a wide range of pictures to pick from! So enjoy and happy colouring!

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Homemade gifts made easy

With over 130 free colouring pages, the winter nights will never be boring. The best collection of Christmas colouring pages is here for you! With unlimited downloads and festive designs, everyone will be in a great mood for Christmas.

Pictures of Christmas stockings, winter penguins and Christmas slogans. There is something for everyone. Even if adults need a way of de-stressing from work, colouring can calm your mind down and make you relaxed.

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Hobbycraft Colouring

Does your little one want to write a Christmas letter to Santa or complete a Santa activity? Then Hobbycraft has a wide range of resources and fun activities for the whole family.

You will need your best colours for these amazing colouring sheets! So why not download these colouring sheets and let everyone have fun?

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Have you found the best Christmas colouring pages that your kids will absolutely love to get stuck into?! Whether it’s when you’re baking a Christmas cake and need the kids to be distracted or it’s to help them get excited about the festive season. They’ll be fully sucked into the creative world and have fun doing so!

In the Christmas mood? How about planning your trip to a Christmas market or grabbing tickets for a Christmas event near you? Get crafty with Christmas card making and get baking with some Christmas cake recipes!

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