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Home and Dry: 15 activities & things to do on a rainy day

Jo Dorey

18 July 2018

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The weather will always be a hot topic of conversation, but something guaranteed to get us grumbling is a rainy day. Putting a dampener on days out (quite literally) and often leaving parents at their wits end, we’re here to brighten your day again with our list of 15 activities and things to do on a rainy day.

So don’t blame boredom on the weatherman, this list of rainy day activities will help you to make sure you don’t miss out on a minute of fun. Which will you try first?

A kid looking out of a window at the rain.

15 activities and things to do on a rainy day:

  1. Put on a fashion show
    Raid the dressing up box, or dig out your best outfits and create a catwalk fashion show to rival the most glamorous fashion weeks!

  2. Build a fort
    Recycle an old cardboard box, or get creative with sheets and pillows to create your own fabulous fort at home - it’s the perfect place to escape a rainy day!

  3. Create your own pottery cafe at home
    From plant pots to mugs, it’s time to give your pottery a makeover (with permission, of course!). Create your own DIY unicorn mugs, and be sure to follow our tips for pottery painting at home.

    A girl holding a painted pot

  4. Go puddle jumping
    If jumping in muddy puddles is good enough for Peppa, then it won’t take much to persuade your little ones to get in on the action. Grab your wellies and raincoats and see how big a splash you can make!

  5. Have a movie day
    Make your own popcorn and create your very own cinema - all without leaving the house. Get inspiration from our list of 10 family films all kids have to see before the age of 10.

  6. Find an amazing indoor day out near you
    The weather doesn’t have to rain on your parade, thanks to loads of indoor attractions just waiting to be explored. Try the 10 best museums in the UK, trampoline parks or find the best aquarium near you, and don’t forget to use our ‘indoor’ filter in search results!

    A boy at a trampoline park

  7. Bake something yummy
    Make a mess and cook up a storm, after finding a recipe the whole family will love. Take a look at our recipes, see what baking with kids is really like or try this easy blueberry and banana muffins recipe for a tasty treat.

  8. Make a masking tape race track
    For this activity, all you need is masking tape and some toy cars, making it one of our favourite things to do on a rainy day. With the masking tape, create two parallel lines that run here, there and everywhere all over the house, and your tiny tots can chase their cars between the tracks.

  9. Try an easy science experiment
    Nothing will spark your kids’ curiosity like these 10 easy & cool science experiments for kids to do at home. Plus, using lots of things you can find lying around the house, you won’t need to venture anywhere to be able to get started.

    Jumping frog science experiment for kids

  10. Have an indoor treasure hunt
    This is a rainy day activity the whole family can get involved in! Take it in turns to hide treasure, and create your own treasure map to guide the way. Or, create a list of things from every room of the house for the kids to find.

  11. Donate some old toys or clothes to charity
    Why not take the time to have a clear out of some of your old toys, books, games and clothes, then donate them to charity. Not only will you have more space, but you can also enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of helping others.

  12. Create a scrapbook
    Photos rarely make it off our phones these days, but scrapbooks are the perfect way to showcase your favourite memories from your family adventures. Include photos, ticket stubs and other mementos and let the kids decorate, creating a great keepsake to look back on in years to come. Here are our 5 tips for making scrapbooks with kids to help you get started.

    A young girl making a scrapbook at home

  13. Become a superhero at our special Superhero School
    With three levels and even a downloadable certificate at the end too, a rainy day at home is the perfect time to make a start on our Superhero School: 15 challenges for kids.

  14. Write a letter
    When was the last time you took pen to paper and wrote a letter? Get old-school and write to a friend, neighbour or relative, then when the sun finally comes out, you can make it your mission to find a postbox to post it in, or even hand-deliver it! If they need some extra help, here’s our tips for how to encourage kids to enjoy writing.

  15. Plan your next family adventure
    Here at Day Out With The Kids, we’re firm believers that your next adventure is never far away. Whether it’s visiting somewhere local or planning a trip to one of the best theme parks in the UK, our site can help you to find great days out near you. Head to the homepage and enter your postcode, then make a list of all the great days out you want to visit this year! 

We hope this has given you loads of ideas for things to do on a rainy day, but don’t forget to put our indoor filters to the test to find the best indoor attractions near you - just enter your postcode on our homepage now. 

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Jo Dorey

18 July 2018

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Jo is a Copywriter at Day Out With The Kids. She’s lived all over the world in places like Pakistan, Hungary and Hong Kong - these days though she loves a good, long walk and hanging out with her cat, Fergus.

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