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May the 4th be with you: Star Wars themed crafts

Emma Vanstone

04 May 2017

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To celebrate Star Wars Day we’ve got some fun and easy space-themed crafts and activities to share! Quick and easy to make, we've given some of our favourite space crafts a Star Wars touch, so may the force be with you as you give these a try at home!

Star Wars craft ideas to make with the kids at home

Star Wars Straw Ships

We usually make these as normal rockets but have made them Star Wars themed for Star Wars Day. Straw rockets are quick, inexpensive and easy to make as well as offering lots of great learning opportunities. We like to see who can blow their rocket the furthest, which is great for a mini maths activity as children can measure how far they travel. Children can also try blowing the straw at different angles to see how that changes the flight of the rocket. You could even add a target and turn it into a game!


  • Wide straw
  • Normal width straw
  • Sellotape and double sided tape
  • Felt tip pens or crayons
  • Paper
  • Card


  • Cut the wider straw so you have a segment about one-third the length of your normal width straw.
  • Seal one end of the wide straw with sellotape so no air can pass through it.
  • Draw a picture of a Star Wars ship or another space object on a piece of paper and use double sided tape to attach to the wider straw.
  • Place the wider straw onto one end of the normal straw and blow hard. You should see your Star Wars ship fly!
  • Try pointing the straw at different angles before you blow to see how the flight of the ship changes.

Star Wars Rockets straws are a great craft idea to make with the kids this Star Wars Day

Crayon Resist Death Star Cards

Another activity my children always enjoy is making crayon resist secret messages. We’ve used this technique to make treasure hunts, leave special coded messages for each other and for making cards. We’ve adapted the technique a little to make these fun Death Star pictures, which could also be turned into a May The Fourth Be With You card.


  • Black/grey watercolour paint
  • Card
  • White crayon


  • Use a white crayon to draw a Death Star on the card, you’ll need to press down quite hard and maybe go over the drawing a few times. I usually help my younger children with this part.
  • Gently paint over the crayon with black or grey watercolour paint in a Death Star shape - what other ships or characters could you make using this technique?

Create secret Star Wars messages using this simple crayon and paint craft

Paper Plate BB8

This super easy craft just needs two paper plates and orange felt-tip pens!


  • All you need to do it cut one plate in half to be the head and decorate both plates so it looks like BB8!

You can make a BB8 at home this Star Wars Day, with this simple paper plate craft

Making Craters

Another favourite activity of ours is making craters by dropping marbles and other small balls into a tray of flour covered with hot chocolate powder.


  • Tray
  • Flour
  • Hot chocolate powder
  • Marbles/other balls


  • Cover the base of the tray in a layer of flour, at least 2cm deep
  • Sprinkle hot chocolate powder on top
  • Drop marbles onto the tray from different heights and measure the size of the craters you've created - what can you use to make bigger craters? 

Create your own space craters with the kids, using flour and hot chocolate powder!

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Don't forget to share your Star Wars craft ideas with us, either leave us a comment below or send them in on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram



Emma Vanstone

04 May 2017

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Emma is a busy mum to three even busier children. Emma finds it difficult to stay indoors preferring to be out exploring and passionate about the importance of science education and making it fun for kids.

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