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In the good books: 5 tips to encourage your kids to love reading

Stephanie Withers

06 May 2017

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Whether your child is just starting on their reading journey or old enough to read themselves, we as parents can make all the difference when it comes to motivating our children to embrace books. We all know that reading has a huge range of benefits from broadening children’s vocabulary, increasing general knowledge to stimulating their imagination and developing learning and listening skills. Not to mention it’s the perfect opportunity to have some quiet bonding time together, where you can simply escape for a few minutes.

These top tips will help you to encourage your kids to love reading

It’s never too early to start reading to your little ones, as babies and toddlers find comfort in the sound and rhythm of their parent’s voices. Don’t worry if they occasionally get distracted, instead try pausing throughout the story to ask questions to help keep them engaged. If you’re looking for some new ways you can incorporate reading into your everyday routine then look no further, we’ve rounded up a few different ideas on how to help kids, big and small, fall in love with the world of books!

1. Join the local library

The children’s library is an obvious yet ideal place to start and also makes for a great outing. Many junior sections are filled not only with books but with learning games, tables for colouring and other stimulating entertainment. For some, it’s all about finding that one book or series your child connects with and the only way to do this is through testing out a variety of titles. Once your child has their own library card it’s a useful opportunity for them to experience a sense of independence, as they can check out their chosen book and take on the responsibility of looking after it at home.

Books with lots of pictures are perfect for younger readers

2. Create a cosy book corner

Reading nooks are quick and easy to create, all you need is a small corner in your child’s bedroom or nursery! You can use picture shelves, a small bookstand or even wooden crates to display their book collection. These corners are handy for drawing attention to certain topics, such as the different seasons etc. Next, gather some scatter cushions, a soft blanket, sheepskin or even a giant beanbag, anything that will make the area nice and inviting. During the day it’s a great way to encourage some quiet time not to mention it also makes an interesting and unique decor feature.

Your kids will love a cosy corner to curl up with their favourite books

3. Choose books with a theme your kids love

When it comes to reluctant readers, something you can try is to focus on your child’s current interests. All kids go through stages with toys or programmes, which is something you can use to your advantage. If it’s something they recognise and have a love for already it won’t be as difficult to find a book on that subject that will grab their attention. Then you can slowly start suggesting other reading material…

Reading is a great way to spend time with kids of all ages

4. Incorporate reading into the daily routine

For many families bedtime is the most popular point to read a story, as it helps everyone unwind after a busy day and is a nice end to the nighttime routine. However, there’s no reason why you can’t introduce another time in the day to read, especially for younger children who might need a few minutes to settle down before a nap. For older kids setting up a den, like a reading nook or a fort, might just encourage them to open a book or two to read under torchlight.

Encourage your kids to love reading from a really young age

5. Audiobooks in the car

When there’s a long car journey ahead, audiobooks are a great way to entertain the kids whilst still offering many of the benefits of reading.The different voices used by the narrator offers an imaginative way for children as listeners to connect with and absorb new and old books. In fact, the very first fairytales spread from word of mouth as they were re-told throughout different villages; It’s the reason why there are so many versions of some of the classic tales we’ve grown to know and love. So don’t feel guilty when hitting play, some of the best stories were written to be read aloud!

Which books are your kids currently loving? Leave us a comment below, or share your story with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Stephanie Withers

06 May 2017

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Stephanie Withers is a blogger, freelance writer, compulsive coffee drinker and mother to two wildlings, Finlay and Parker. Stephanie is one of our much loved Trusted Explorers, which means all content has been written exclusively for dayoutwiththekids.co.uk in exchange for a contribution to their family piggy bank. All posts are first hand, honest and based on real experiences.

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