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Easter Crafts: 3 easy ways to decorate eggs for Easter

Kate Williams

14 March 2018

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4 minutes

My kids have been desperate to try and decorate some eggs since Easter Eggs first started popping up in our local shops at the beginning of February but I wanted to find some ways that they could decorate them themselves with minimal help from me - after all it's not really much of an activity for kids if your mum ends up doing everything for you.

A bowl of hard boiled eggs waiting to be decorated for Easter

I love all the beautiful images of dyed eggs but with a four-year-old and a seven-year-old I was put off by reading a few tutorials about having to use boiling water, always too stressful with young kids for it to be that enjoyable for us. Instead, I've gone for egg decorating ideas that can be made with pre-boiled eggs while sitting safely at the table. The eggs were boiled for around ten minutes and then run under cold water until they were cool enough to handle.

An egg decorated with an Easter bunny

  1. Drawing on Eggs

    For all our egg decorating we used chalk pens (mine are Chalkola) because I find that they tend to give stronger colours than normal felt tips. I had looked at using Sharpies, but after a chat with a few friends on Facebook discussing exactly how long and the varying methods of removing sharpies from kids skin and tablecloths, I decided the chalk pens were a safer bet as I've always managed to remove marks so far just with a baby wipe or a cloth. For these eggs, I drew a rabbit onto an egg and encouraged my kids to draw something equally appropriate. My son drew Robin from Teen Titans and my daughter went for lots of lines and stickers. Still, they were very proud of their drawings and that's what matters!

    A boy drawing on an egg with chalk pens for Easter
    A boy holds up his egg drawing

    What you'll need:

    • A hard-boiled egg, cool enough to handle
    • Chalk pens

  2. Resist Art

    To do this cover your egg with stickers, these will need to be shapes (eg letters, circles or stars like we've used) and I'd also recommend making they're not too sticky as they'll be a pest to remove later - you could stick them first to your hand or top for a second. Put your stickers on your egg and then colour the rest of the egg in. Once your egg is totally coloured in remove the stickers and you will be able to see the egg colour where the stickers were making a cool pattern on it.

    A boy holding an egg covered in stickers
    A girl holding an egg covered in stickers and then painted for Easter
    A girl grins as she holds her finished decorated egg for Easter

    What you'll need:

  3. Tattooed Eggs

    My kids are super keen on temporary tattoos and my daughter had hunted out the prettiest set she could find, complete with mermaids and glittery sea creatures. Surprisingly but also rather helpfully one in the pack also had bunny style ears on it and this was the one my daughter chose to decorate her egg with. To decorate an egg with fake tattoos just do exactly as you would as if applying them to a person, cut out the image you want, put it in place on the egg and then apply some water to the tattoo until the image transfers onto the egg.

    Decorate an egg with a temporary tattoo this Easter

    What you'll need:

    • A hard-boiled egg, cool enough to handle
    • Temporary tattoos
    • Some cold water to help transfer the tattoo

More Easter Egg decorating ideas:

If you don't mind the potential for a bit of mess then these shaving cream dyed eggs from Crafty Morning look brilliant

Minecraft obsessed kid? These Minecraft decorated eggs from Plain Vanilla Mom are the ones for you

For younger kids who love their stories, Red Ted Art's Mr Men eggs look super cute

Learning about frogs and tadpoles is always an essential this time of year and I love Kids Craft Rooms frog and tadpole eggs

Finally these melted crayon Easter eggs from Housing a Forest look very cool.

Three ways to decorate eggs this Easter



Kate Williams

14 March 2018

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Kate Williams is a mum of two young kids and a blogger at Crafts on Sea where she shares fun but achievable ideas for families. Kate is one of our much loved Trusted Explorers, which means all content has been written exclusively for in exchange for a contribution to their family piggy bank. All posts are first hand, honest and based on real experiences.

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