From Screen to Plate: Discover the Magic of Taste Film London 2024

taste film lava cake from chef movie

Have you ever watched a film and there’s been mouthwatering and mind-boggling delicious food in the scene? Now for the next question…have you ever wondered what that food tasted like? Well, foodies and film lovers will unite over one of the most unusual dining experiences in the UK….may we present to you Taste Film London!

What is Taste Film London?

move inspired tart by taste film
Taste Film London offers bespoke experiences in London whereby foodies and film-nuts can enjoy an immersive dining experience while watching cult classic films! You will get to sample and eat the actual food eaten by the characters on the screen at the same time! It really is the ultimate sensory experience.

And for the food? The food is created by talented independent chefs and Micheline chefs too! They create a ‘gastronomic adventure’ for film-loving foodies using a bespoke menu that caters for both meat, vegan and vegetarian options. You can munch through your favourite moments eating an array of artisan meals inspired by each incredible film. and Taste Film is a unique company that works in these restaurants to provide tailored menus alongside film screenings.

And it’s not just the food but the drinks too! You’ll get to enjoy authentic cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages inspired by the film’s events too. Psst, there are welcome cocktails too…

How Authentic is the Food?

funky pink cocktail by taste film
The food is created with serious attention to detail. One of the previous films shown was the iconic Eddie Murphy film, Coming To America. During this screening, guests got to enjoy African-inspired delicacies and even the ‘Mcdowls’ (fake Mcdonalds) that appeared in the movie. Guests also enjoyed deep-fried apple pies too!

Budding witches and wizards got to taste everything from edible envelopes, golden snitches with a broomstick, butter beer, philosopher’s stone shot (they light it on fire), and so much more in the Harry Potter screening. There were 8 courses in total during this immersive film experience!

If you’re looking for a film to relive your teen years,  you’ll be excited to settle down for an interactive dining experience celebrating The Hunger Games!

Taste Film offers a truly delicious experience with a menu of food options for vegans, veggies and meat-eaters. So, everyone can enjoy an ‘eat-along’ screening.

What Previous Films Have Taste Film London Shown?

movie inspired lunch box taste film
Prepare to be DAZZLED! All your favourite films have been shown like…

  • Harry Potter
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Coming to America
  • Wolf Of Wall Street
  • Chocolat
  • Love, Actually
  • Mean Girls
  • American Psycho
  • Snatch
  • Ratatouille
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Where Will the Taste Film London Events Be Held in 2024?

There are two locations so far where Taste Film events are being held:

Parlour, Kensal Green

The Parlour in Kensal Green is known in London for its contemporary approach to dining for DIY toast, multi-coloured arctic rolls, mini meringues, wizard-like cocktails and so many more eccentric treats.
movie inspired food from taste film

The Refinery, City Point

This swanky joint is an excellent brasserie with terraces and spacious indoor seating. Aside from the Taste London events you can enjoy cocktail making, seasonal menus and a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of London town.

What Are The Food Portions Like?

love actually pudding
You can expect 8 rounds of bite-sized tasting menus. If you are looking for one hearty meal this may not be the place for you.

However, with 8 courses of unique flavours spanning from sweet, savoury and spicy you will definitely feel satisfied once you’ve finished your experience with Taste London. And let’s not forget about all those cocktails too, they are sure to fill you up!

Taste Film London 2024 Upcoming Events So Far…

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

This April, it’s time you underwent an entertaining experience in a cosy ambience!

Now, as well know the incredible animation is based on an ambitious scientist looking to create tasty food for this town…

And well, now, you can taste it all. From the raining buns and burgers to the hurricane spaghetti!

Not to mention the jello star martini, molecular mojito and more!

It’s a fusion of film, with the very best of food!

Shape Location Get directions

1 Ropemaker St,

Opening Times

20th - 21st April 2024



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Ever craved the pancakes or the indulgent and moist chocolate fudge cake?!

Watch your favourite film characters and enjoy unique cinema food like cheerio cheesecake with space dust, sticky spiced chicken and of course the infamous Bruce cake.

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5 Regent St,
NW10 5LG

Opening Times

15th - 19th April 2024



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Enjoy sandwiches, bayonets, lava cake, piggy fritters with smoked bacon mayonnaise, crustless cheese on toast, Havana Club Mojitos and so much more when you watch Chef.

This feel-good film follows the tale of chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau), who has just lost his job at a popular restaurant. The chef attempts to start afresh by operating a food truck and in the process, he becomes closer to his family.

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5 Regent St, London NW10 5LG

Opening Times

22nd - 26th April
29th April - 3rd May
6th - 10th May
13th - 17th May 2024



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The Hunger Games

Experience the dystopian movie while munching on delectable goodies you won’t get anywhere else!

From focaccia with babaganoush and savoury baked apples. To delicious berry pavlova, a care package of treats and incredible cocktails!

Shape Location Get directions

1 Ropemaker St,

Opening Times

3rd - 5th, 10th - 12th May 2024



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So, do you feel like grabbing some tickets? Be quick, as tickets sell out super-fast! This innovative screening experience is the perfect surprise gift for a loved one!

If Taste Film London is right up your street, then don’t miss out! Tickets sell out fast!

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