Ross & Friends Doggy Winter Wonderland

a dog wearing a santa hat

Pup lovers, dog owners and furry friends – listen up! There’s a wonderful merry and bright Christmas experience for DOGS! Where? At Ross & Friends Doggy Winter Wonderland!

This weekend is the last time it’ll be there, so be sure to visit if you can!

What is Ross & Friends?

pug sitting on a deck chair
Ross & Friends are a company that has made a giant outdoor play area for…dogs! Cut out from 1000-acre country estate that is an Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty! Your four-legged friends can let loose! They can stay, play and enjoy all cuddles, splashing in puddles and this year enjoy a festive experience – all dedicated to dogs!

Did you know it’s the largest ‘dogs only’ park in the UK?! They have over 30 acres of space to play in, walk around and even check out the pond!

Their Doggy Winter Wonderland is a place where dogs can soak in the Christmas cheer. From Christmas markets, a Christmas cafe (dog-friendly of course) and even SANTA PAWS!

We think you should check it out if you like to pamper your pooch this Christmas.

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Where is Ross & Friends?

ross and dog friend
You’ll find this fantastic and adventurous play space, filled with acres of space for your pup to run around, in Berkhamsted!
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Rossway Park Estate,

Opening Times

23rd and 24th December 2023
10:00 - 20:00


Pay as you go £7.00
Membership £45.00 a month

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What is the Ross & Friends Doggy Winter Wonderland Experience?

a dog wearing a santa hat
Did we hear a Christmas experience for dogs?! This year, Ross & Friends are hosting a Doggy Santa’s Grotto and Christmas experience!

The ball-bles dangling in the trees are actually tennis balls and dog toys dressed with Santa hats! It’s the cutest touch to a day out just for your furry friends.

You’ll find a delicious winter cafe filled with scrumptious sweet treats for both hoomans and their pups! From a peanut butter Christmas biscuit and candy canes made from chicken and sweet potato, to a mince pie. Of course, you’ll be able to grab your doggies a puppuuccino, hot dogolate or hot pupolate!

Then for the furry friends needing to do on walkies, you can browse through the Christmas markets! You’ll find lots of pup-tacular products just for dogs! You can treat them for Christmas, or just because!

Of course, you can’t leave a winter wonderland without meeting Santa PawsYour pups can take a photo with Santa, dressed in his costume.

Create some special moments with your furry family members this Christmas

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Can I visit without a dog?

Yes! It’ll cost £4.00 per vehicle.

Can all dogs visit?

Unfortunately, American Bullies and similar mixed breeds are only allowed in the private spaces, they will not be able to mix with other dogs.

How long is the session?

Most sessions are 30 – 50 minutes. If you want to stay longer, you can purchase a private space from £15.00 a session.
a group of dogs running under the sun

So, if you’re in the mood to spoil your doggos this Christmas, take them to Ross & Friends Doggy Winter Wonderland this Christmas! Be quick because this is their last weekend!

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