Pig Walking at Stubby Pigs!

two pigs in pink harnesses looking directly at the camera

Have you ever wanted to walk with some really cute mini pigs? Well, now you can at Stubby Pigs, Nottinghamshire! Get ready to play, pet and walk with super cute Juliana pigs, KuneKune pigs and Wild Boars!

It’s the ultimate micro-animal adventure! 

What is Stubby Pigs?

a line of pigs walking in a grass field
Stubby Pigs in Nottingham is home to 5 gorgeous micro-pigs that you can pet, play with, and walk!

The pigs at Stubby Pigs – Tiny Tim, Pumpkin, Trousers, Polly Pocket and Polkadot- are not just any pigs; they are carefully raised to be gentle and friendly companions, and they’re super excited to meet you! Each pig has its own unique personality and the staff at Stubby Pigs take great care to ensure they are healthy and happy.

Now onto the real highlight of Stubby Pigs – the pig-walking experience. Yes, you read that right ÔÇö pig walking! *cue over excited squeal* You’ll get the opportunity to wander around the park and woodlands with the pigs. They can roam free or you can walk them on a lead (either way, it’s going to be a bucket list experience!). Walking the pigs is such a fun way to bond with these intelligent animals and enjoy just being outside. Seriously, how cute would it be to walk side by side with pigs?!

*Please note that this experience is in Nottingham. You can enquire more about their location on their website!

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Packages and Prices

pigs roaming around a garden
Stubby Pigs offers a variety of packages to suit different interests and budgets.

Full Piggy Package

The Full Piggy Package includes one therapeutic walk with the pigs. You’ll also get to meet/groom/pet the pigs, learn all about their care and upkeep as well as take the cutest piggy pictures! The staff actually help with that! It costs ┬ú40 for adults and ┬ú25 for children (under 5 go free!). They also offer a family ticket for ┬ú110 (2 adults and 2 children).

Part Piggy Package

The Part Piggy Package offers 1 hour of pet and play with the pigs. You’ll also get to meet/groom/pet the pigs, learn all about their care and upkeep as well as take the cutest piggy pictures! It costs ┬ú25 for adults and ┬ú10 for children (under 5 go free!). Plus the family ticket is ┬ú50 (for 1 adult and 2 children).

Whether you want a full pig walking experience or just some time to pet and play with the pigs, thereÔÇÖs something for everyone. Both packages sound super fun to us!

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What To Bring

a brown pig lying in the grass
To make the most of your visit, we recommend bringing:

  • Comfortable Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for walking and outdoor activities. Wellies are always a good shout!
  • Camera: DonÔÇÖt forget your camera to capture the adorable moments with the pigs.
  • Hand Sanitiser: There are hand sanitising stations available, however, there’s no harm in bringing your own!
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Is Stubby Pigs Worth Visiting?

pigs walking through the grass and trees
It’s walking with pigs! Of course, we’d recommend it!!

But in all seriousness, this is such a unique experience that genuinely seems super fun! We’d definitely recommend checking it out. As we always say though, don’t just take our word for it!

Raquel said: “We had the 3 hours tour and was great. Rosie explains everything and more about the pigs, they lovely and friendly, weather behaved so was a great experience.”

Rachel adds that this was “Such a fantastic experience. Communication was good during booking. We arrived to a warm and friendly welcome. The whole experience was so personal and we learnt so much about the pigs. I got so carried away enjoying the morning, that I didn’t get any photos, but I was sent everything that was taken. Thank you so much. A massive tick off the bucket list and your pigs were so friendly.”

BRB, we’re currently going to book this experience!

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pig with a muddy nose looking at the camera

Stubby Pigs offers a one-of-a-kind pig-walking experience that you won’t find at a typical zoo or animal park. You can get up close and personal with all the pigs, learn all about them and their personalities and (most importantly) pet them!! We’d say your next family day out just got a whole lot more cute at Stubby Pigs.

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