Bluey Bonanza: A Fun-Filled Family Extravaganza!

bluey and family dancing

Get ready for a barking good time and think blue…with Bluey & Family! The fan-favourite cartoon show is beloved all over the world – and for good reason! With thought-provoking storylines, the encouragement of creativity and never-ending childhood play, kids and adults everywhere love Bluey and her family. Well…did you know you can meet Bluey? All over the UK, you’ll find the most exciting, tail-wagging adventures you can imagine! Whether we’re exploring magical worlds or having a giggle at my funny antics, there’s something for every little pup and their grown-ups.

So, grab your adventure hats and let’s dive into a world of fun and imagination with your favourite Blue Heeler – that’s me, Bluey! Let’s play!

Top 10 Bluey & Family Events

bluey at cbeebies land

Bluey at CBeebies Land

Guess what, everyone? Bluey is packing her bags and wagging her tail all the way to Alton Towers! That’s right, your favourite Blue Heeler, is coming to one of the most exciting theme parks in the UK! Imagine, zooming on roller coasters, exploring magical lands, and having the best playtime ever.

Your little pups can meet the Blue Heeler every day from the 23rd March right here in CBeebies Land!

Alton Towers is also celebrating 10 YEARS of CBeebies Land and there will be plenty of exciting events and amazing activities to get stuck into! So, let’s put on our adventure hats and get ready for a day of fun, laughter, and lots of Bluey surprises at Alton Towers! Yip, yip, hooray!

How about staying at the CBeebies Land Hotel? Make memories even more magical.

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Alton Towers,
Cbeebies Land Hotel,
ST10 4DB

Opening Times

Wednesday to Sunday 10:00 - 16:00

Bluey will be here from 23rd March


From £35.00

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bluey at kew gardens

Bluey at Kew Gardens

Bluey is coming to life at Kew Gardens this Easter! 

The lovable pups from the hit animated show Bluey is joining Kew for interactive and super fun activities inspired by the show! It’s the perfect Easter event for budding adventurers and little pups who love Bluey & Family. There will be a variety of outdoor activities and games AND you can learn about the plants and wildlife found at Kew and in Australia!

Plus, there’s the chance to meet Bluey at the Gardens at certain times throughout the days during the event.

Blending the wonders of nature and playful excitement with the escapades of a super adorable TV character, this Easter event stands as the ultimate family experience!

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Opening Times

29th March to 14th April 2024
Late opening at 10:30 on 31st March 2024


Included in entry price:
Adult from £20.00
Child from £5.00

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bluey on tour

Bluey On Tour!

From this Spring, get ready for an unforgettable adventure as Bluey, the lovable Blue Heeler, goes on tour across the UK!

Bringing the heartwarming world of the popular TV show to life, Bluey’s tour promises a series of spectacular events packed with fun, laughter, and learning. From London to Salford and Wales and all the way to Aberdeen! Join the Heeler family in their FIRST live theatre show – made just for you!

Bluey and Bingo are getting up to all sorts of antics with trying to get their Dad off his bean bag!

Families will be immersed in the playful spirit of the show, enjoying activities that encourage imagination, creativity, and togetherness. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the world of Bluey, this tour is the perfect opportunity for families to create lasting memories while experiencing the magic of Bluey’s universe firsthand. So, lace up your adventure shoes and join us for Bluey’s sensational UK tour – it’s going to be a barking good time!

What’s even more special is the ‘Bluey’s Big Play’ Activity Pack you can download! Their printable activity pack is filled with all sorts of crafts and activities. With step-by-step instructions on how to draw the pup family, as well as masks to colour in!

Shape Location

All over the UK!

Opening Times

23rd to 25th February - Ipswich
5th to 6th March - Bradford
8th to 10th March - Newcastle
13th to 17th March - Cardiff
27th to 30th March - Sheffield
2nd April - Oxford
4th to 7th April - Canterbury
11th to 14th April - Truro
17th to 20th April - Bath
2nd to 6th May - Llandudno
10th to 12th May - Hull
16th to 19th May - Peterborough
29th to 31st May - Plymouth
1st to 2nd June - Plymouth
6th to 9th June - Northampton
13th to 16th June - Darlington
20th to 23rd June - Edinburgh
28th to 30th June - Leeds
5th to 7th July - Brighton
12th to 14th July - Liverpool
18th to 20th July - Aberdeen
23rd to 25th July - Norwich
27th to 28th July - Wolverhampton
31st July - Salford
1st to 11th August - Salford
15th to 18th August - Bristol
27th to 30th August - Southampton
1st September - Swansea


Prices may differ depending on location, but are from £16.40 per person

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bluey and bingo on the beach

Bluey & Bingo Picnic Day

This April head to Little Lane Play Village for a play date with Bluey and Bingo!

This special 90-minute Easter holiday play session will be filled with extraordinary fun and imagination! You’ll get to meet Bluey AND Bingo while enjoying a delicious picnic lunch. Every child will get a lunch and there will be plenty of photo opportunities too.

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85 Moseley Ave,

Opening Times

3rd April at 09:30, 11:30 and 13:30


Adult £3.00
Child £13.50

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bluey, bingo and family

Meet Bluey at Woburn Safari Park

Coming all the way from down under, the Heeler family is making an appearance at Woburn Safari Park on the 23rd February!

Embark on a safari adventure and discover all sorts of wonderful animals. From roaring lions and grizzly bears to tall giraffes and strong rhinos – it’ll be a wild adventure! After your adventurous day out, head to the Safari Hangout in the Foot Safari and you’ll get to meet your favourite pup – Bluey!

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Crawley Rd,
MK43 0TU

Opening Times

23rd February at 11:30, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30 and 15:30


Included in entry price
Adult £30.99
Child (3-15) £22.99

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bluey and bingo on the sand

Bluey and Bingo Family Fun Day

Choo-choo – all aboard the Bluey train! Make your way to East Lancashire Railway for an unforgettable day out with the Heeler family.

From fun fair with THREE rides for toddlers, face painting, a petting zoo and craft activities, your family day out will only leave your kiddies with big smiles! Plus, you can complete your day with a trip on the heritage steam or diesel trains through Irwell Valley!

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Bury Bolton Street Station,
East Lancashire Railway
23A Bolton St,

Opening Times

24th February 2024

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bluey and bingo dancing

Old Macdonalds Farm

Make your way to Old Macdonalds Farm and enjoy fun-filled family games throughout the day! Meet your favourite pups from down under and enjoy the fun fair rides too!
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Weald Rd,
CM14 5AY

Opening Times

27th April 2024


Adult from £16.15
Child from £15.30

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bluey at thornton

Bluey & Bingo At Thornton Hall Farm

Exciting news for all our little adventurers and their families! Bluey, the beloved Blue Heeler, is making a special appearance at Thornton Hall Farm!

This is your chance to step into the charming world of everyone’s favourite animated pup. At Thornton Hall Farm, you’ll be greeted by a delightful mix of farmyard fun and Bluey’s playful antics! Imagine the joy as children engage in interactive games inspired by the show, meet-and-greet sessions with Bluey, and explore the scenic beauty of the farm.

It’s a perfect blend of outdoor adventure and the heartwarming charm of Bluey, making it an ideal day out for families looking to create unforgettable memories. So, pull on your wellies, pack your sense of adventure, and enjoy a day filled with laughter, learning, and lots of Bluey fun at Thornton Hall Farm!

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BD23 3TS

Opening Times

28th April from 10:00 - 17:00


Adult £9.95
Child £14.95

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bluey and bingo

Bluey Meet & Greet at Pensthorpe

Get ready for a day full of fun and adventure as Bluey makes a special appearance at Pensthorpe!

This exciting event is perfect for families looking to add a touch of whimsy and joy to their day out. As you explore the stunning beauty of Pensthorpe, with its lush gardens and natural play areas, you’ll have the chance to meet and play with Bluey herself!

Imagine the delight on the little ones’ faces as they interact with their favourite TV character, engaging in playful activities and creating unforgettable memories. This is more than just a meet-and-greet; it’s an exciting day out! From indoor play, den building, exploring 7 bird hides and so much more!

Don’t miss this unique experience that combines the magic of nature with the excitement of one of the most adored children’s characters!

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Pensthorpe Rd,
NR21 0LN

Opening Times

6th May 2024


Free for members
Adult: £15.95
Child: £14.95

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bluey and bingo

Bluey at 4 Kingdoms Adventure & Farm Park

Hey, mates! Guess what? Bluey is bouncing all the way to 4 Kingdoms Adventure & Farm Park! It’s going to be a super-duper day of fun and games, just like in her TV show.

You’ll laugh, play, and maybe even go on a little adventure or two around the park. There are so many cool things to see and do at 4 Kingdoms – like meeting friendly animals and exploring awesome playgrounds. And the best part? You’ll get to share it all with Bluey! So, pull on your adventure boots, grab your family, and come join Bluey & Family for a day that’s going to be as fun as a game of Keepy Uppy!

Shape Location Get directions

Newbury Rd,
RG19 8JY

Opening Times

6th May 2024


Adult and Child: £17.50

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So, if your little ones are jumping for joy when Bluey & Family are on the TV, they’ll be blown away if they meet them in real life! With all sorts of barking good events on this spring, you’ll make unforgettable memories.

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