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Family Fun At Flamingo Land Resort A Review

Family Fun At Flamingo Land Resort A Review

Flamingo Land

Are you a family of thrill-seekers? Do you love animals? Flamingo Land Resort combines the two in a fantastic family day out with something for everyone.

We recently visited and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Flamingo Land

What is Flamingo Land?

Flamingo land rollercoaster

Flamingo Land is the ultimate theme park attraction for the whole family, and has an award winning zoo within the theme park itself. It’s suitable for children of all ages – younger children will love meeting the animals and exploring the junior rides (of which there are plenty!), and older children (and adults) will have a brilliant time on the thrill rides which are bound to get pulses racing!

You can also make a weekend of your trip to Flamingo Land, and stay in their on site holiday village accommodation.

Where is Flamingo Land?

Flamingo Land
Set in over 365 acres of North Yorkshire parkland, Flamingo Land can be found in Kirby Misperton – between Malton and Pickering. When you arrive, you won’t believe it’s hiding in such a quaint, countryside location.
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Flamingo Land Resort
Kirby Misperton, Malton

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How long will you spend at Flamingo Land?

We arrived for the opening at 10am, and left when the park closed at 5pm. It really is a full day out! We left feeling like we still had so much more to explore because there is a fantastic amount of things to choose from.

We’re already planning our next trip back – my son Ezra has asked every day how long it is until we go back.

Why is Flamingo Land the perfect day out with the kids?

Flamingo Land

With a theme park, zoo and holiday village all in one place, Flamingo Land Resort offers lots for families with young children. There’s a large range of junior rides, the Peter Rabbit playground and over 140 species of animals.

There’s something for the whole family to enjoy, though – the thrill rides offer something for older children to explore and adults even have the opportunity to get their own dose of adrenaline!

Flamingo Land also offers lots of things to do together as a family, whether that’s the Dino Roller and the Lost River Ride or a trip on the zoo monorail – we had lots of fun doing things all together.

Things to know before you go to Flamingo Land Resort

Helpful tips before you arrive:

  • Height restrictions – you can see all of these on the website or the app, and to avoid disappointment it’s worth measuring your kids before you arrive at the park. There is also the option to get measured at the front of the park, or each ride has a helpful height chart at the start of the queue.
  • Map of the park – You can view this online on the Flamingo Land website or download
    their handy app. We found the app really useful and easy to use, and familiarised ourselves with the layout of the park before we arrived. We also found it useful to show the kids the different rides they could go on.

Our highlights at Flamingo Land

  • Flamingo 1, a 380m figure-of-8 race track – the kids loved driving their daddies around the track
  • Hiding from the downpour in the aquarium – the giant tortoise was a hit
  • The tractor ride around Muddy Duck farm at the end of our day gave the kids the chance to see some of the farm animals including Shetland Ponies, piglets and goats.
  • The soft play provided a welcome relief from the rain – and the great opportunity for the adults to give some of the thrill rides a go.
  • Meeting Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny at the Peter Rabbit Adventure – lots of
  • Etta loved riding on the carousel – she had two goes!
  • The Peter Rabbit Adventure garden offered something for all the children, and the sunshine came out at the right time
  • The Lost River Ride (aka the log flume) gives a good view of the zoo animals including lions, zebras and rhinos.
  • Watching the kids run around in their Flamingo Land ponchos, blissfully unaware
    of the weather and making memories.
  • The app was so useful – having a map in the palm of your hand at all times made
    things so much easier to navigate

Food at Flamingo Land Resort

With four kids in tow, we opted to bring our own picnic, drinks and snacks. There are plenty of benches around the park for you to eat at, although we didn’t find anywhere under-cover which would be beneficial on rainer days.

If you choose to buy food at the park, there’s something for everyone including Italian, fish and chips and Greek food.

There’s also plenty of kiosks throughout the park where you can buy hot drinks, soft drinks
and ice creams – the queues at these kiosks weren’t bad at all.

We bought 1 x coffee and 1 x fizzy pop for around £6, and 5 x donuts for £6, too.

We all agreed that Flamingo Land truly was a fantastic day out for the whole family and can’t wait to go back to explore even more!


There really is something for everyone, with lots of rides that cater to all ages. There’s the
added bonus of having the zoo there, with live talks and shows throughout the day.


It is expensive, and with so much to do and see it would be great if they did a discounted
2-day park pass – especially as they offer on-site accommodation

Peter Rabbit Adventure Flamingo Land

So we hope you enjoyed reading what Grace and her family thought about their day out to Flamingo Land.

Grace is part of our Family Influencer Network here at Day Out With The Kids. You can follow her for more family day trip and activity recommendations on Instagram at ezra_etta_and_me. 

Check out our Reviews and Recommendations section for even more helpful tips and inspiration for family days out.

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