Christmas Songs for Kids

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    Christmas isn’t the same without Christmas songs for the kids! This festive season brings out the Christmas spirit with everyone. When children think of Christmas, they think of presents, delicious food and singing Christmassy songs!

    We want to show you the best Christmas songs for kids, from Santa Claus to the Red-nose reindeer. There is a Christmas song for everyone this holiday season.

    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

    This beloved classic song is great for the kids to sing along to before Christmas day! This is about Santa’s favourite reindeer, his red glowing nose shines so brightly on a winter night.

    So grab the whole family together and play this fun song for kids.

    Jingle Bells

    Everyone knows this catchy song which is easy to learn too. This upbeat song gets everyone in the Christmas mood in time for the festive holiday. Everyone in the family can sing the jingle bell song together.

    Frosty the Snowman

    This festive tune is a great song for kids. This song is about Frosty the snowman coming to life and playing in the snow with the kids who built him.

    Every child loves this song and you can play this song out loud when the little ones are building a snowman this year. So add this Christmas song for Kids to your play list!

    Santa Claus is Coming to Town

    This is a very catchy song and everyone knows this song. This song tells kids how important it is to be good all year round to make sure they get Christmas presents.

    A cheerful and happy song will bring light to your little ones’ eyes, knowing Santa Claus is coming to bring their presents.

    Deck the Halls

    This festive song for children will get everyone up and ready for the holiday season. Make sure to play this song when the little ones are opening the presents. Or why not play this kids song whilst everyone is eating Christmas dinner? This is a great Christmas song for Kids this festive season!

    The 12 Days Of Christmas

    This traditional song is played every year, whether on the radio or on TV. All the children know this song. This song teaches the children about the 12 days or Christmas and what day each represents. The lyrics are easy to pick up and very catchy.

    So get your speaker out and play this catchy song for the whole family.

    We Wish You a Merry Christmas

    Get everyone into the spirit of Christmas by playing this classic holiday song. The lyrics are easy to follow and everyone can enjoy singing this song together.

    This repetitive song will definitely put everyone in a good mood and make sure all the kids are happy this year.

    It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

    This song teaches everyone the meaning behind Christmas and Santa. This is a catchy song and can be sung by everyone in the family.

    Why not decorate the house and play this song for everyone to enjoy?

    Away in a Manger

    This traditional carol is beautiful and remains a beloved tune. This is also one of the first songs kids are taught in Sunday school. A beautiful song to put everyone in a good mood for the winter season!

    Christmas Time Is Here

    This holiday tune teaches children about Christmas time and how everyone comes together to enjoy this special time. This is a great song for children to add to the holiday collection and get the whole family singing together.

    We hope you’ve found some fantastic Christmas songs for Kids! Whether you are dancing around the Christmas tree or singing with your family to your favourite Christmas songs! We hope you enjoy these amazing Christmas songs for the little ones!

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