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Sticky back plastic: Crafts to do with kids

Jemma Goulds

02 March 2017

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I am convinced. Sticky Back Plastic is THE ultimate crafting-with-toddlers tool. It's a must have craft supply to have in your keeping-toddlers-busy-toolbox as it's completely mess free! Blue Peter certainly knew what they were talking about! I regularly sellotape some sticky back plastic to our table and give my 3 year old bits of paper, straws, sequins or whatever I can find and she can spend ages rearranging them into pretty patterns. And because it's sticky, she's almost convinced that she's used some glue which is make or break for my 3 year old. She defines how good a day she's had by whether she's managed to do some sticking! 

If you're on the lookout for easy crafts with minimal set up for pre-schoolers - give these a whirl!

Sticky Family Tree Collage

All you need is……… some brown and green tissue paper and, of course some sticky back plastic! Cut them into small squares (or your pre-schooler could do this). Cut out a tree shape from the sticky back plastic and sticky tape it to the window sticky side up (or you can use blu tack). Encourage your toddler to use the brown to stick on to make a trunk and the green to make the leaves. For slightly older children you could add family names to the leaves and create your very own window display family tree!

Sticky- back plastic kite

For this, you will need…….4 straws, sticky-back plastic, sequins, Pom poms, tissue paper, string and scraps of ribbon.

1. Cut two diamond shapes out of sticky back plastic. Make sure the length of the diamond is the length of two straws. Peel the backing off one of the diamonds and blu tack it to the table.

2. Take two of the straws and sellotape them together and then stick them lengthwise down the middle of the diamond. Then take two other straws and stick them either side across the middle horizontally. You may need to trim them.

3. Cut up some tissue paper and let your little one go wild with decorating the kite- add sequins, mini Pom Poms whatever you like!

4. Tie a piece of string to the bottom edge of the straw and tie small scraps of ribbon around the string.

5. Place the other diamond piece over the top to seal the kite and be sure to stick some to the string to make sure it doesn't move. And there you have it! A colourful kite to brighten up these blustery days!

Number-Learning with Pipe Cleaners

Sticky tape a large piece of sticky back plastic to a table to keep it stable. Use a permanent marker to draw the numbers that you’d like to practise. Cut up some pipe cleaners into different lengths and encourage your pre-schooler to mould the pipe cleaners into the number shape. This also works well to learn letters and shapes.

Smashed Pasta Mosaics

This one is so much fun! Kids have such a brilliant time smashing up the pasta! All you need is……. some lasagne sheets, paint, a metal spoon and sticky back plastic.

1. Begin by painting some pasta sheets. Approximately 3-4 sheets per child. Encourage your child to mix the paints and paint each lasagne sheet a variety of colours.

2. When the pasta sheets are dry, place them in a plastic bag and give your child a metal spoon and let them go crazy on the pasta! Although, the effect is a lot more vibrant if the pasta remains in chunky pieces!

3. Sellotape the sticky tape to the table sticky side up. Take the pieces of pretty coloured pasta and stick them to make a mosaic design on the sticky back plastic. These can be abstract designs or they could make the outline of an object or animal! Cover with a second sheet of sticky back plastic if desired.

Go on, lay down some sticky back plastic, empty the craft box and get crafty!

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Jemma Goulds

02 March 2017

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Jemma is a teacher and lives with her 4 children and husband in South East London and blogs at Thimble and Twig.

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