Easter Bonnets: A family craft activity

Kate Williams

28 March 2017

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Girl wearing Easter bonnet in the garden

Making an Easter Bonnet with your kids should be something super easy and fun, but for some reason it’s always brought out The Fear in me. As a crafts blogger I’ve written hundreds of tutorials for kids crafts, I’ve done so many Halloween crafts I even published a book of them, but for some reason Easter stuff always scares me a bit.

Maybe it’s because all the bunnies and chicks make Easter crafting look so super cute where as my kids? Well, they are cute but they also have a tendency towards making nunchuks or whatever else their favourite superhero is using to defeat the bad guys this week. So despite my alleged credentials I went into this as a total beginner, panicking about how it would all turn out, but by following a couple of simple rules my kids managed to create two Easter Bonnets that they loved so much they’ve been prancing around in every day since.

Supplies to make Easter bonnets with

Visit Your Local Pound Shop

This time of the year most of the pound shops will have an aisle with loads of cheap Easter stuff in it. I’ve got some nice decorations for our house for Easter but for the kids to craft with I always go as cheap as I can so I don’t start wincing if they later decide to cover everything in black paint.

Ideas for making Easter bonnets with kids

Go Big Or Go Home

As with a lot of kids crafting, Easter Bonnets are not the place for delicate, daintiness. Yes, Easter decorations are sweet but most kids are less inclined to go with ‘less is more’ and go straight to ‘more is more’ with no concern about what might look best on Pinterest. I bought an Easter Bonnet for each of my kids and then bought glittery eggs, chicks, rabbits, fake flowers and fake grass for them to decorate with. A friend of mine whom I had a panicked discussion with on Facebook decorated hers with a Kinder Joy egg which for reasons I don’t think I need to explain was rather popular with her son.

Homemade Easter bonnet

Think About Your Glue

Most of us turn straight to PVA when we’re crafting with the kids because it’s so easy to use, but once your kids have made their bonnet they’ll want to put it straight on their head, not great if it’s still covered in wet gloopy glue. I used a hot glue gun with my kids under heavy supervision but obviously this can still be dangerous especially with younger kids. Another option that my friend used was the double sided sticky glue pads which are great for fixing things where you want them to go.

Kids wearing homemade Easter bonnets

Let Your Kids Lead

Like with most crafts, it’s not much fun if it’s all adult led so let your kids use their imaginations and decorate how they want to. Both my kids made their own hats and they loved them because they were something that they’d designed, not me telling them what I thought would look best. And as for me? Well I think I’m finally getting over my fear of Easter crafting, maybe a bunny in a superhero cape will be next on our list of things to make.



Kate Williams

28 March 2017

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Kate Williams is a mum of two young kids and a blogger at Crafts on Sea where she shares fun but achievable ideas for families.

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