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1 family, 60 minutes and the interactive adventure of a lifetime... Are you up for a challenge? Head over to Escape Experience Windsor, a family-friendly escape room where you’ll be immersed in a unique and thrilling adventure to solve clues and get out before the time runs out! You can take on a choice of 1 of 4 fun-led scenarios, packed full of exciting puzzles and clues.

Delve into all sorts of challenges, from outdoor spy missions to the Crown Jewel Heist. Channel your inner detective and solve a mixture of puzzles with your family. Become an explorer, a scientist or step between metaphysical realms that have never been explored before! You decide your adventure... and your fate! But beware, there's some surprising twists along the way... *gulps*...

Escape Experience Windsor is an excellent family day out, and the escape rooms are suitable for kids of any age from 9+ too! You will also have optional clues available to you in each escape room experience. 

Escape Rooms
Area 51
Step into a sci- world of aliens and mysteries and explore Area 51... Perfect for groups of 2 – 8 people, thi sci-fi saga is perfect for logistical thinkers - and alien lovers of course! Your mission begins as your night takes an unexpected turn. Lights start flashing, dogs start barking and mysterious figures appear in the distant woods and then... there's nothing but an inky blackness. You wake up in an unfamiliar room, it's clinical and it's quite clear you are now trapped. Will you and your family make it out alive? or be silenced forever? 

Crown Jewels Heist
Are you ready for a Royal Windsor Crusade? You aren't just any old ruffian, you've come here with a meticulous plan, clever enough to give Robin Hood a run for his money! Make your way through a Medieval Castle on your way to steal the Crown Jewels, but remember to be quick or the knights might catch you and your teammates! This themed escape room is a real hit with families with lots of puzzles to solve. You are sure to have an amazing time. 

Caved in
Calling all escape room addicts! Have you been making swift progress in the other rooms and need even more of a challenge? Then it's for your caving expedition in Tunnel B...  Explore the subterranean caved complex beneath the centre of Windsor but WATCH OUT FOR TUMBLING ROCKS! P.s You'll need to wear clothing that's not restrictive for this one too.

The Hidden Temple
Mighty Aztec Gods, a famous missing relic and a countdown of 60 minutes - have you got what it takes? Your mission: return the stolen relic before the Gods wreak havoc upon yourself and your team. This immersive treasure hunt will take you to the tropics of South America, with sounds, lighting and smoke effects your adventure will soon intensify. Make sure you practice puzzles beforehand - you'll want you brain to be as razor sharp as possible to avoid spending eternity in the cursed temple... 

Outdoor Experiences
Move beyond escape rooms and out into the open in the Outdoor Escape Experiences. There are also two exciting Outdoor Adventure to choose from! Explore Windsor while saving the world, but hurry before time runs out! Outdoor experiences allow you longer than 60 minutes to complete and come with an array or cool gadgets to help solve mysteries...

Operation Mindfall
Are you alone? This is top secret information - the MI5 need your help to take down the evil organisation, Spider Tech. They are sending out a lethal virus that will corrupt the world's population. They need you and your spy team to find the antidote and save the world!

This brilliant experience offers kids cool gadgets to use outdoors. Familiarise yourselves with a GPS system which you can use on a provided iPad & Action Pack. This escape activity is perfect for teens aged 15+, so if you are looking for things to do with teenagers, add this one to your list! You'll get 120 minutes on the clock to go and save the world, HURRY!

Magic Portal Treasure Hunt Game
Do you enjoy unravelling the complexity of puzzles? This outdoor escape room game involves collecting crystals, solving puzzles and following your instincts! You have 90 minutes to close the portals of Avoria (a parallel world). Too many evil creatures have passed through the portal and are taking over the world. Your entire team is needed - that includes youngsters under 7 years old too. Use your ipad to unearth clues and make sure you stick together, you're in for a crazy ride. Solve the mystery before time runs out!

Travelling & Parking for Visitors 
Travelling by car? If so you'll need to know where to park. There are multiple car parking options to choose from when visiting the Windsor Escape Rooms. 

King Edward Court Car park, SL4 1EF
  • 2 hours £3.70
  • 5 minute walk
  • Check The Electronic Signs For Space

Alma Road Car Park, SL4 3HY
  • 2 hours £3.20
  • Best option for Weekends (multi-storey opens)
  • 9 minute walk

Alexandra Gardens Car park, SL4 5HZ
  • 2 hours £3.20
  • 15 minute walk

River Street Car Park, SL4 1QT
  • 2 hours £7.70
  • At Peak Times A Challenge To Get A Space
  • 7 minute walk

Victoria Street Car Park, SL4 1EG
  • 2 hours £3.60
  • 10 minute walk

Castle Car Park, SL4 1PS
  • 2 hours £7.00
  • 8 minute walk

Bus/coach routes:
Travelling from the city centre? The coach from London to Windsor leaves from The Greenline coach station, located behind the London Victoria Train Station. There are various stops and boarding points on the journey including Hyde Park Corner, Kensington High Street and Olympia. The bus stops outside Windsor Castle, however the last stop is not Windsor so make sure you’re paying attention! Windsor Castle is a 5 minute walk from Escape Experience Windsor. You can find more bus times for Windsor here

  • Great family-friendly escape rooms
  • Choice of 4 escape rooms & 2 outdoor treasure hunts
  • Great team building event

Immersive, Interactive Escape Adventures!

Be immersed in an exciting escape adventure in the heart of Windsor. Leap into a whole new world with your teammates and solve the mystery before time runs out!

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday 09:00 - 21:00 


General Admission
Group of 2  £56   £28.00 per person
Group of 3  £84   £28.00 per person
Group of 4  £108  £27.00 per person
Group of 5  £130  £26.00 per person
Group of 6  £150  £25.00 per person
Group of 7  £160  £24.00 per person
Group of 8  £184  £23.00 per person
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