Family Bucket List Ideas for 2022

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Did you say new year, new you? Well, how about new year, new family too! Just like you may have places and things you’d like to go to and achieve this year, why not make it a family affair and create a family bucket list for you all to complete and achieve by the end of 2022!

You’re now probably searching for what family bucket list ideas you can use, and I’m sure you’ll have fun thinking of some! But, if you need a little guidance, you can check out the list we’ve created for you and your family.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get started!

Family Bucket List Ideas for 2022

Group cook a new meal every month

If you’re a family who loves to eat or cook food, or you like to be experimental and want everyone to try something new while getting all involved, then try this out. Whether it’s an easy dish like margherita pizza (dough made from scratch and adding your own toppings), or something more adventurous like making your own summer spring rolls using rice paper and fresh veggies! A delightful, but yummy dinner everyone will love.

And along with this, you could also create a family cookbook, filled with all your favourite recipes! Savoury, sweet, spicy and everything in between. If you all love to eat it, then make it and note it down! Then at the end of 2022, you can look back at all the exciting and tasty food you made as a family.

Learn a magic trick!

Now, this is an adventurous family bucket list idea, but not an impossible one! If your family love mystery and magic, then this is the perfect group activity You can either simply buy a beginner magic starter kit or watch some Youtube videos, and you can all learn together. Then the next family gathering will be exciting when you can all showcase what you’ve learnt!

It’ll encourage cooperation, teamwork and intelligence for your kiddies too.

Learn a new hobby and hold a talent show

Some families like to do activities together, and if you’re one that hasn’t been able to, then switch it up this year! You can learn a new hobby together, however big or small it is. For example, you can start playing a sport, like badminton, football or rounders/cricket. Or maybe, you want to do something more crafty, then you can make something new each month, like finger puppets, painting, creating birthday cards and so on!

Get all your hands dirty and get stuck into a new hobby,

Have a ‘Yes Day’ once a month!

To make this year more exciting for your kids especially, allow them to have a ‘Yes Day’ whether it’s a one-time thing this 2022, or you make it more regular.

A ‘Yes Day’ is where your kids will be allowed to ask you to do anything, whether it’s jumping on the bed, having a water (or food) fight, taking them somewhere for a family adventure or simply asking to build a fort and stay in your jammies all day. And the only thing you have to do is…say yes. It’s a fun, engaging and enjoyable activity for everyone and something for your kiddies to look forward to! Who else wouldn’t like telling their parents what they can’t or can do?

Go on different days out every month

School and work can be hard to go through every day, it’s exhausting, tiring and sometimes you need to just have a break and get away for the day (or even the weekend).

And one of the best family bucket list ideas and solutions to this is to travel somewhere near every month if you can! It doesn’t have to be somewhere really far, but can be a new attraction that’s local to you or in a city close by. Whether it’s a new mini-golf course, a funfair, laser tag, a monument, museum, a theme park or Bristol’s hot air balloon festival. Make it a treat day for all your family to have fun and let loose on. It’ll give everyone something to look forward to each month! It’ll make your 2022 memorable!

Here are 4 attractions for days out that are trending on our website:

And if these don’t tickle your fancy, then have a browse on our website, we’ve got plenty more days out!

Have a reading goal!

Reading is good for the soul, it’s educational, helps improve/expand vocabulary and opens your imagination to worlds you never knew you could create. Everyone should read more, especially kids who are still growing and learning.

But sometimes it’s hard for them to find the motivation or desire to read themselves, so why don’t you have a reading hour each week or however long you would like and read as a family together. You can either take turns reading or you can read to your kids instead. Set a goal for the number of books you would like to read by the end of 2022 and see if you can achieve it!

Complete a 1000 piece puzzle

Now, this can be beneficial to you because you can do this in silence. So, you can get a cheeky, peaceful break from all the inquisitive questions your kids throw at you…

But you can also unwind with your family and crack on with a jigsaw puzzle!

Plant a new tree, bush or flower in your garden

If you would like to become greener in future, then why don’t you start now as a family?

A great family bucket list idea is to help the environment, bees or just your garden wildlife! You can do this by planting lots of flowers and shrubs/bushes in your garden that will attract all sorts of insects, whether it’s butterflies, bees, ladybirds or grasshoppers! Make your garden a haven for the little creatures, they’ll be exceptionally grateful. And with your little kiddies involved, it could be a project you all create and execute together!

Go on a ‘food crawl’

If you have older kids, or teenagers and they like to try and taste new things, then you could take them to a city they haven’t visited before for a day out!

To make things more interesting, venture around different eateries, indulge in new delicacies like bubble waffles, Japanese pancakes, fresh ravioli, bao buns, crispy churros or juicy burgers and tantalize your tastebuds. Maybe you’ll find a dish you all really love and could attempt making it back at home!

Try going vegan or vegetarian for a week

Speaking of food…why don’t you and your family go vegan or vegetarian for one week? It’s good for the environment and healthy too!

There are so many different options you can choose from that everyone will love, it can be a collective family effort! Every bit counts towards becoming greener and lessening your carbon footprint, so have a go and see what you can make. It’ll be a fantastic addition to your 2022 family bucket list and it’ll impress everyone!

See a drive-in movie

During the last couple of years, drive-in cinemas became an instant hit! A movie on the big screen, in the comfort of your own car which a boot full of snacks? Yes, please!

Find one that has your kid’s favourite movie playing, grab some blankets, pillows, travel chairs, and plenty of snacks and camp out by your car (or in it) and catch a movie! Since it’s something your kids may not have done, it’ll be an exciting activity for them!

Here are a few drive-in cinema companies you can look at, some may be running later in the year, so keep an eye out!

Climb a mountain or volcano (extinct, of course!)

You can’t tell me no kid wouldn’t be excited about walking on an extinct volcano! It’s the ideal way to encourage physical activity, to get out into the fresh air, and can be educational too (geographically, of course!) It’s a bonus if it’s a day with beautiful weather too! Here’s a list of extinct volcanoes right here in the UK:

And the only active volcano in mainland Europe

  • Mount Vesuvius, Campania, Italy

Bring a beloved furry friend into your family

If you’ve always wanted to have a furry friend and your kids have been begging for ages, then why don’t you tick that off your family bucket list?

If you’re able to adopt a new companion, it’ll be a great addition to your family this 2022 and it’ll make for some happy, happy days! You can adopt from an animal shelter, your local pet shop or a local seller (with thorough checks!).

Travel abroad to a place your family hasn’t visited before (covid permitting)

This is only if you feel comfortable and it’s safe to do, but travelling abroad is always a great addition to a bucket list.

Everyone feels like the last two years have been taken from them, so make this year the one where you take it back. And if you can, try going on a holiday to a country/city your family has never visited. You can explore together, take in all the new sites, taste new food and make the best memories this year.

We hope you’ve been able to add to your family bucket list, or if not, we hope you’ve now made your own. It’ll be a great way to journey through this year with your family, give them something to look forward to when things are uncertain and trying new things is only ever good!

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