Stealth at Thorpe Park

stealth the ride thorpe park

Heading to Thorpe Park soon? With so many rides and rollercoasters to choose from, adventure is truly out there! But a fan favourite is Stealth at Thorpe Park Resort – the UK’s fastest rollercoaster!

Thorpe Park isn’t shy of giant roller coasters and intense rides – from SAW – The Ride and Swarm to Nemesis Inferno, Tidal Wave and Vortex. You’re in for a day trip full of intense thrills, high-pitched screams and exhilarating fun. After all, it wouldn’t be a family attraction without the big and little thrills – would it?

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Stealth The Ride Experience

Ever wanted to ride in a Formula 1 car and feel the power? Well… you can’t, but Stealth at Thorpe Park is a close second (…maybe third). BUT what we know for sure, is that this iconic ride is packed with thrills and adrenaline-inducing moments and is the fastest roller coaster in the UK! So, it’s pretty impressive.

Feel the brake horsepower of TWO Formula 1 cars on a giant acceleration coaster, we definitely think it’s Thorpe Park’s most intense ride.

Built with an impressive hydraulic launch ride system, the steel rollercoaster has a track that spans 62.5m high into the air – giving you a panoramic view of the entire Thorpe Park. Interestingly enough, the track is coloured the same as the sky… so riders can feel like they’re amongst the clouds as they enjoy a sensation of weightlessness.

As you move slowly 205ft into the sky, reaching its peak at the very top, you’ll feel the spectacular negative G-force. Before suddenly dropping back to earth, but it doesn’t stop there… As you return to the earth, a feeling of weightlessness will wash over you, as you reach the final uphill. With a magnetic brake leaving you enough time to collect yourself before hurtling you back up for one last hurrah.

An incredible ride and experience for thrillseekers, that will leave your heart racing and have you coming back for more. It may not be for little ones and those who have just started discovering the joys of fast and powerful rollercoasters, but it makes for a fantastic ride for those who love the adrenaline rush. Whether you begin your day with the incredible drop or end it on a high – it makes for a funtastic family day out.

It’s also the perfect ride for those looking to challenge their inner adrenaline bug – can you hack it? If you have older kids who love roller coasters, then this is a family ride you call can enjoy!

Stealth Ride Facts & Statistics

Here are a few facts you should know about Stealth – the UK’s fastest coaster!

  • When it was first built in 2006, it was Europe’s faster AND tallest launch roller coaster
  • The top speed reaches up to 80mph – did you know it’s the fastest acceleration in any Intamin accelerator in the UK?
  • It’s also incredibly tall, reaching up to 62.5m high – just shy of the tallest coaster in the UK – The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Riders must be 1.4m to ride the mechanical giant!

Stealth Ride Restrictions

With any fun-packed attraction ride, comes restrictions. Especially ones that are an eye-watering height and reach awesome speeds.

  • Riders must have upper body control, especially neck control
  • You must be able to transfer to and from the ride without any assistance
  • Riders must have a minimum of 3 full limbs and prosthetic limbs must be secured or removed before boarding

Now you know everything you need to about Thorpe Park’s Stealth – a freefall ride experience like no other! You can prepare yourself as you impatiently wait for the thrill. And your next trip to Thorpe Park should be an exciting one, with so many rollercoasters and attractions to try out you’ll need all day or maybe more, to experience it all!

If you’re looking for a guide to rides and which one’s to check out, read all about it here. We recommend SAW – The Ride and Rush at Thorpe Park Resort or Shockwave at Drayton Manor for the ultimate thrilling adventure!

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