Rush at Thorpe Park

zoomed out shot of Rush at thorpe park

On your next trip to Thorpe Park, speed your way to Rush the ride! Thorpe Park is the UK’s favourite thrilling theme park and is a must-see for adrenaline lovers and thrill-seekers everywhere. With intense roller coasters like SAW – The Ride and Thorpe Park’s Vortex. You’ll be screaming with joy, laughing and wanting to ride over and over again. But Rush at Thorpe Park is a fan-favourite, so that means we all need to try it once in our lifetime!

Rush – The Experience

Rush at Thorpe Park is an exhilarating ride that will have you feeling nervous to board, but will have your adrenaline pumping around after tackling it! The roller coaster is a giant swing ride, and at one point was the tallest ride of its kind in the entire world!

It starts off with low, gentle swings, eventually becoming higher and higher until you reach the full height of 75ft! An impressive height that will have you feeling like you’re soaring high above the clouds. It’s also stomach-turning, but that’s the fun about roller coasters! With the swing reaching angles of 104 degrees, you’ll be facing the ground as you’re high in the air. Especially when you’ve reached the peak air where you’ll really feel the G-force of 3.5 and hit awesome speeds of 50mph! Finally, after another 4 swings, you’ll slowly return back to the ground and you’ll certainly feel like you’ve just come back to the feeling of gravity!

With two big swings attached to the mainframe, it can hold up to 768 riders per hour! Swinging in opposite directions, it’s definitely an experience to be had.

Rush is a middle ground ride, for those younger thrill-seekers who want to challenge themselves before they’re old/tall enough for the bigger rides like SAW, Vortex and The Swarm. So, essentially this is a ride for the entire family to enjoy.

Rush – Ride Statistics

Here are a few facts about Rush and things you should know!

  • You must be 1.3m to ride
  • Reaches up to a 4G’s
  • Speed swing up to 50mph – can you feel the wind?
  • An impressive height of 75ft, so if you’re afraid of heights, it may not be the ride for you…

So, make your way around the theme park, but don’t forget to ride Rush at Thorpe Park for the ultimate stomach-turning thrill.

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