Shockwave Drayton Manor

shockwave drayton manor

We all love a day out to a theme park, enjoying the fun and excitement of all the rides! Drayton Manor Resort is one of the largest amusement parks in the UK and with a zoo, plus attractions like Thomas The Tank Engine Land, there’s something for all the family. But, if it’s a thrilling ride experience you’re after we think you need to put Shockwave at the top of your list! Read on to find out why….

Shockwave Drayton Manor -The Experience

shockwave drayton manor

An exhilarating, white knuckle ride, did you know Shockwave is Europe’s first Intamin stand-up roller coaster with zero-gravity roll? Wow! Intamin are worldwide leaders in producing theme park rides, therefore Drayton Manor thrill-seekers won’t want to miss this ride, built for speed. Adrenaline junkies will love to feel the excitement building, waiting on the eye catching, light blue ride track for the fun to start. Then, once the green light has appeared, the steel stand-up roller coaster takes you on a forceful ride journey, lifting you high up, before a drop into a vertical loop followed by a corkscrew of twists and turns. It’s the ultimate ride for any lovers of stand-up coasters!

Shockwave Facts and Figures

roller coaster

Let’s find out some awesome facts about this high-speed ride!

  • Voted best stand-up roller coaster in the world.
  • A 53 mph ride with estimated height of 120ft (37m).
  • A major thrill coaster, this theme park ride features a zero-g roll!

Shockwave Restrictions

girls on a roller coaster

With a vertigo-inducing, roller coaster ride type like Shockwave there are height restrictions and accessibility information.

  • You need to have full upper body strength, including control of your head and neck, to deal with the forces of the ride.
  • Riders must be aware they may suffer from motion sickness.
  • Any glasses must be removed.
  • You must be a minimum height of  1.4m to ride

SO! Are you ready to face  zero gravity, vertical loops and the twists and turns of the Shockwave ride? Those looking for an intense but thrilling ride should know the Shockwave Drayton Manor is an excellent place to start!

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