Virtual tours and zoo webcams

Want all the perks of a great day out, but without actually going out? Well, thanks to some awesome webcams and technology, now you can! Whether you want to peek at cute animals on a zoo webcam or experience some culture with a virtual museum tour, we’ve got it all. 

Whether you’ve got little animal lovers or mini history buffs, there’s a whole host of awesome things you can do. Get a taste of magnificent museums with virtual exhibitions, and see animals like never before on a live zoo cam, you can even get a taste of the great outdoors too!

So, grab a cuppa and get your troop gathered around the screen to experience some virtual magic together. 

Best zoo webcams to watch with the kids

Collage of animals from zoos with virtual webcams

  1. Koala and Panda Webcam at Edinburgh Zoo, Edinburgh, Edinburgh and Lothian
    Edinburgh Zoo is the only place in the UK where you can see adorable Giant Pandas and fluffy Koalas, but did you know that you can even see them from your home? Check out the panda webcam and watch as they munch on some bamboo, or tune into Koala Cam, where if you’re lucky, you may catch Tanami the koala when he’s not mid snooze!

  2. Flamingo Webcam at Marwell Zoo, Winchester, Hampshire
    Gather your flock and check out some bright pink birds at Marwell Zoo on webcam, we’re talking about flamingos, of course! These pink birds are a delight to watch, and since you’re at home, you can even practice your best flamingo pose on one leg too. Fire up Flamingo Cam now to see what they’re up to.

  3. Barn Webcam at Folly Farm, Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire
    Fancy some fun on the farm? Thanks to the barn webcam at Folly Farm, you don’t have to leave your sofa to experience all the fun and frolics of a trip to the farm. Your tribe will love watching the playful goats and sheep, and depending on the time of year, your kids may get to see some kids too.

  4. Elephant Webcam at Dublin Zoo, Dublin, County Dublin
    Dublin Zoo is home to a family of Asian elephants, so gather your herd and watch these gentle giants from the comfort of very own sofa. This Elephant Cam is even pointed over the water so you may even get to see the elephants having a splash around – the zoo recommends checking in between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm for the best action!

  5. Meerkat Webcam at Newquay Zoo, Cornwall
    Keep a close eye on the mischievous meerkat mob at Newquay Zoo, thanks to the live Meerkat cam! Watch as they dig, play, and take turns to keep a lookout. 
  6. Live Penguin Cam at Cotswold Wildlife Park, Oxfordshire
    Check out the cheeky Humboldt Penguins at Cotswold Wildlife Park, with a handy Penguin Cam to capture their every move. Tune in at any time to see them swimming, waddling around their enclosure, or at feeding time, where you might even spot a keeper too. 
  7. Live Tiger Cam at Port Lympne, Kent
    Get a glimpse into the world of an Amur Tiger, as you tune in to the live Tiger cam of sisters Amba and Amura at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve. You may need to patient with this one, we’ve heard they like to play a bit of hide and seek…
  8. Macaque and Meerkat webcam at Paignton Zoo, Paignton, Devon
    Little monkeys will love watching the Macaque Cam from Paignton Zoo as these primates swing around and get up to all sorts of mischief. Speaking of mischief, you can also check in on Paigntons resident Meerkat clan, how good is your meerkat impression?
  9. Underwater Penguin Cam at Kansas City Zoo, USA
    Huddle round this live underwater zoo camera, brought to your screen all the way from Kansas City Zoo. Watch these cheeky penguins swim around, they even swim right past the camera too so don’t lean in too close!

  10. Beluga Whale Webcam, Georgia Aquarium, USA
    For a whale-y good webcam time, check out the Beluga Whale webcam, all the way from America at the Georgia Aquarium. This zoo cam lets you dive down and watch these wonderful whales swim around, they almost look as though they’re smiling! 

Best virtual tours of museums, landmarks and more

Museums and landmarks you can tour virtually

  1. Museum Of The World at British Museum, London, Greater London
    Fancy traveling through time? The British Museum has just the thing for you. Spanning from AD 2000 all the way through until 5000 BC, you can discover all sorts of fascinating objects and artifacts, that’s enough to excite any young historian! Fully interactive and packed full of things to discover, explore Museum of the World now.

  2. Virtual Tour at Natural History Museum, London, Greater London
    That blue whale skeleton really is something, isn’t it? Experience all the wonders that the Natural History Museum has in store from the comfort of your own home on a virtual tour, and discover all of the magnificent exhibits and displays.

  3. Virtual Tour at RAF Museum, London, Greater London
    Fuel your imagination and take a trip to the Royal Air Force Museum in London, virtually of course! Visit the Historic Hangars and take a tour of the Bomber Hall, it’s the next best thing short of heading there in person.

  4. Virtual Exhibition at National Gallery, London, Greater London
    Could you gaze at paintings all day long? With the virtual tours of the National Gallery, you can spend as much time as you like exploring and perusing the collections. It’s a great opportunity to see all these wonderful works of art, and it may even inspire little painters to create one themselves.

  5. Virtual Tour at Tate Britain, London, Greater London
    Not quite got enough of perfect paintings yet? Tate Britain in London has gone online, and you can get a tiny snippet of some of the great works with their online tour. As you browse through these beautiful works of arts, get out your sketch pad and see if you can recreate some.

  6. 360 Garden Tours at Hidcote Manor Gardens, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire
    Stuck at home but want to experience some of the joys of the great outdoors? The National Trust at Hidcote Manor Gardens is giving you the chance to explore these gorgeous gardens with a virtual tour, so take a turn with this 360 view and explore the beautiful land. Pst, turn on the sound to get the full experience.

  7. Virtual Tour at Stonehenge, Amesbury, Wiltshire
    Want to visit an iconic landmark? Virtually visit the incredible Stonehenge and learn all about these strange shapes. These magnificent looking stones have been standing strong for about 5,000 years, and seeing them, even virtually, is something every kid will remember.

  8. Virtual Tour at Buckingham Palace, London, Greater London
    Feel like royalty with a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace. Discover the majestic Throne Room and the elegant and extravagant decorations of the White Drawing Room, plus you’ll be swept away by the sweeping staircase, just imagine walking down them!

  9. Virtual Tour at Birmingham Museum and Gallery, Birmingham, West Midlands
    Step inside Birmingham Museum and Gallery, no steps involved! Take this virtual museum tour and discover some beautiful gems in the picture gallery and see the iconic Round Room and Industrial Gallery. History more your thing? See the infamous Staffordshire Hoard and travel through the History Galleries.

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