Brighton Pier Rides & Attractions

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Looking for a family day out on the sunny coast of Brighton? There’s nothing like some seaside entertainment and Brighton is a real contender when it comes to family getaways and staycations. Brighton is a vibrant and exciting place and one of the town’s popular tourist attractions is Brighton Pier! And what makes every pier so magical? Rides of course! Find out everything you need to know about the Brighton Pier Rides down below…

A Full List of Brighton Pier Rides

Discover all your fairground favourites from the Helter Skelter to cup-and-saucer rides, ghost train rides, an acrobatic aeroplane ride, and so much more! Brighton Palace Pier has lots of excellent family-friendly attractions and there is even a fish & chips restaurant onsite too.

Dragon Fly

Perfect for energetic sprogs who are 1m+ tall, the Dragon Fly Ride will take you round and round and through the skies on colourful dragon carriages. It’s the perfect fairground ride experience.
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36 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4BE

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Carousels are the perfect old-style fairground rides that are packed full of magic and nostalgia. This classic seaside ride is great fun for all the family and you can either ride a majestic horse or giant chicken.
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Fantasia is a place of wonder where the dream can come true… Become the next Lewis Hamilton or prepare to take off in a rocket. You can even ride in the front of a fire engine too! If you’re looking for a wacky seaside attraction then Fantasia is for you.
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Turbo Coaster

Hundreds of visitors flock to the pier each year for giggles and thrills and the Turbo coaster is a real draw. This ‘speed demon’ is a magnet for thrill seekers over 1.3m tall. You can expect two-step drops and a loop where you can get the perfect photo opportunity for that hilarious ‘deer in the headlights’ look. You’ll cherish those photos forever remembering them as your wild time at the beach.
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Prepare to be lifted from the ground and spun around at high speeds on the Galaxia rollercoaster… You must be over 1 metre tall to experience the rush of Galaxia.
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Cup N Saucer

Pick your favourite coloured tea cup and ride around in circular motion on this classic amusement ride. There are no height restrictions on this ride.
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Like panoramic views? Get all those and more on the I220 rollercoaster ride. This exciting new ride for children is certainly memorable with a trip to the skies and high speeds on the cards. How can you thrill-seekers resist?
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Air Race

Calling or adrenaline junkies!!! You are wanted on the epic Air Race Ride. Race through the skyline like an acrobatic aeroplane flight with banks, loops, dives, and weightlessness guaranteed. You’ll feel as if you are onboard an actual plane!
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Wild River

It’s time to get wet and wild on the Wild River log flume ride! Hop aboard wooden logs and plunge into the cold waters. You’ll laugh your socks off or maybe you’ll have to take them off because they’ve got so soggy…
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Rides are thrilling enough, right? WRONG! Amplify your experience on Twister with a VR headset – it’s the ‘twist’ in Twister. You’ll be transported into another world while oscillating around the track. Prepare to be blasted into the high heavens! And what’s more? It’s the WORLD’S FIRST ride experience like this.
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We all know what the waltzers are but the real question is, who doesn’t love them?! Just remember to scream if you want to go faster!
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Crazy Mouse

Ride 40 feet above the sea at Brighton Pier on the G-force-riddled, Crazy Mouse! This ride also includes mid-ride photo opportunities too so you can keep a hilarious momento.
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A Full List of Brighton Pier Attractions…

Had your fill of rollercoasters and fairground rides? Find your next fix of excitement on giant trampolines, Horror Houses, arcades and more. Check out ur list of attractions below…


Do you have an affinity with kangaroos? Get hopping and bopping on jumbo-sized trampolines! Learn how to straddle, pike, and tuck but do NOT somersault or flip onto your knees – these are not allowed.
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The Palace of Fun

Enjoy a few rounds of classic fun in The Palace Fun! From 2p pushers to the latest simulators, Guitar Hero, and more you’ll have an epic arcade experience here. Try your luck at winning MEGA prizes like a Playstation 4, iPod touch or a giant cuddly minion!
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Side Shows

Wondering what we mean by side shows? Well, every traditional fairground set up has sideshows which offer guests the chance to win small to big prizes! Think Hook-a-Duck, Tin Can Alley and Brighton Pier’s own unique additions.
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Bouncy Castle

Wondering what we mean by side shows? Well, every traditional fairground set up has sideshows which offer guests the chance to win small to big prizes! Think Hook-a-Duck, Tin Can Alley and Brighton Pier’s own unique additions.
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Mega Slide

Why settle for a playground slide when you can have a go on a MEGA SLIDE?! Level up on Brighton Pier and race your friends and family members to the bottom! Whoever reaches the bottom first, wins!
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Horror Hotel

Do you dare to check in? Head to the Horror Hotel for an uncomfortable stay and experience nothing but blood-curdling horrors… Explore dark and gloomy hotel rooms and spooky hallways in the infamous 5* Brighton Palace Pier Horror Hotel! Try not to catch a chill…
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If you’ve had your fill of fabulous rides then why not get behind the wheel of a bumper car? Chase your mum and dad around the circuit or go in on Granny and Grandad… Sorry, not sorry! Everyone’s fair game, right? You’ll have so many giggles with your friends and family so make sure you visit this classic attraction.
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What food is available at the pier?

Brighton Pier has lots of lip-smacking food and drinks options ranging from sugary doughnuts to fish & chips, creme-filled crepes, and so much more. You can find these places in carnival-style food stalls dotted along the pier.

Head to their website to find out more:

Is the pier free?

The pier is free but in order to access rides and attractions you will need to pay for a ride wristband.

Here are the prices:

£30.00 £25.50

KIDDIES with Soft Play (UNDER 1.2m) KIDDIES (UNDER 1.2m)
£20.00 £17.00

Psst, when you book online, you save 20%!

Where is the nearest car park to Brighton Pier?

Wondering how to reach this iconic seaside theme park? Here are a few car parks that are close to Brighton Pier and the seafront.

  • Brighton Theatre car park
  • Brighton Centre Russell Road car park
  • Madiera Drive Car Park

What are some fun facts about the Brighton Pier?

Brighton Pier is 1,722ft long and it contains 85 miles of planking, and the repaint job takes three months every year!


Are the Brighton Pier Rides accessible?

The pier is wheelchair accessible but unfortunately, there are no stay-in-wheelchair rides available.

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