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Parents – listen up! This one is for you. Do you like horror? Are you a lover of immersive experiences? What if these two concepts were combined into an immersive escape experience… Introducing, the brand-new attraction – SAW: Escape Experience London!

Full of twisted games. Full of jump scares. Are you ready?

What is SAW: Escape Experience London?

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A brand-new, immersive, multi-room escape experience – sounds like a handful, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is! It’s an intense experience designed to test your moral choices against elements of escape rooms inspired by the iconic horror film franchise.

Are you brave enough to face the twisted serial killer – John Kramer? Or as we know him – Jigsaw.

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Where is SAW: Escape Experience London

Where is SAW: Escape Experience London

You’ll find the adrenaline-fuelled, theatrical experience in London!

Only those who are 16+ can participate, with those under 18 accompanied by an adult. Tickets must also be pre-booked in advance!

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1 America Square,


Book tickets from £29.00

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What Does The SAW: Escape Experience London Include?

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If you’re ready to take on the twisted mind of the Jigsaw Killer then should be a doozy right? WRONG! You’ll need to test yourselves against his trickery, mental games and menacing traps in this lengthy horror experience. It’s your last chance for redemption.

Did you know it’s London’s first official SAW escape room experience? Well, that makes it all the more worthwhile! It’s somewhat of a tribute to the classic horror film franchise which has spanned through 10 movies! If you were left shouting at the screen at the characters for making the wrong decisions, well now is the chance where you can show them how it’s done. You’re not in Jigsaw’s game as you try to solve the clever puzzle elements and physical games of survival that are inspired by the fan-favourite traps.

So, let’s begin…

First, you’ll need to make a choice. The Spiral or The Jigsaw?

Each route is a 70-minute experience and you can have up to 6 people in your team.

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The Spiral Route

Test yourself against fearsome traps, mind-boggling puzzles and a blend of challenges in this immersive attraction. You’ll be faced with heartstopping and morally challenging situations where you’ll need to make tough decisions and face the consequences no matter how harsh they are.

On the Spiral Route, you’ll need to be able to handle tight spaces because challenges and directions will require you to be on your hands and knees as your crawl around! So…if you’re claustrophobic it may not be the one for you.

Your horror story will you take you through enclosed spaces with your fellow players as you try to make your way out. Along your escape, you’ll find iconic saw moments and detailed scenes of torture from the horror franchise. Like the infamous SAW bathroom scene and cube trap.

Not to mention a certain character in a pig mask…

What extent would you go to, to survive?

Please note: this route is not accessible for wheelchair users due to the nature of the route. 

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saw the escape experience

The Jigsaw Route

Here you’ll have power over the less fortunate. But how will you address the imbalance of those you have held your power over?

Face Jigsaw’s full-scale games in this blend of scare attraction that will have you making tough decisions, and tackling difficult challenges and games as you try to survive. In each room you’ll be timed in your escape, like the iconic scenes in the franchise.

So, your nightmarish experience will be a race against the clock as you try to find the paths to redemption.

Tensions will be high as you try to solve the puzzles alongside your fellow players in this creepy setting – will you be able to work together or crumble under the pressure?

Both gameplay experiences will come with special sound effects, flashing lights, smoke and special effects.  

Afterwards, you can head to The Taproom for a drink to calm your nerves after that intense experience! From bottled beers, and soft drinks to special needle cocktails with blood bags…

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Do I need to have watched the movies to do the experience?

Nope! Any horror fan will love this immersive experience!

How long is the experience?

Each route is 70 minutes long and will end with a trip to the themed bar!

What happens if I'm late for my booked arrival time?

Unfortunately, if you are late you won’t be admitted into the game.

Is the experience physically demanding?

Some elements of the game are physically demanding, but not the whole game.

Is the experience wheelchair accessible?

The Jigsaw route is wheelchair accessible, but the Spiral route is not! Due to its enclosed spaces and the need to crawl.

Is there a cloakroom?

There will be storage space for small-medium bags.

So, we hope there’s some horror fans out there who would love to take on the SAW: Escape Experience London! It’s the perfect attraction to visit with your friends.

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