Gangsta Granny The Ride – Alton Towers

gangsta granny ride

Taking a trip to Alton Towers soon? Have you heard about their newest attraction – Gangsta Granny? If you have little ones that love the popular children’s book written by David Walliams and the play, then they’ll definitely love Gangsta Granny The Ride! Alton Towers theme park truly has rides and attractions for everyone!

Gangsta Granny the story

If you’ve ever read the book or seen the play, you’ll know what Gangsta Granny is all about. If not, then listen up.

It’s about a boy called Ben who doesn’t like staying at his Granny’s house every Friday because he finds it boring and he never gets nice food (cabbage soup and cabbage chocolate aren’t the best!). There’s no working TV and his dream of becoming a plumber isn’t so well received by his parents who want him to aspire to be a ballet dancer. One Friday, Ben begs his parents to take him home, his Granny overhears this and gets upset, believing her grandson doesn’t love her.

The next morning Ben is in search of some choccie biscuits after not having the best breakfast and when he finds the biscuit tins, it feels heavier than normal… When he opens it, he discovers a whole mound of jewels, gems and diamonds. How has his Granny come by this? Ben now becomes eager to stay over again, so he can find out what’s going on. But his Granny is now too busy for him…

Will he find out what his Granny is up to?

Gangsta Granny The Ride Experience

Set in the David Walliams World, Gangsta Granny is one of the newest rides in Alton Towers and it’s become an immersive adventure that kids and adults alike, both love!

Gangsta Granny and Ben need your help! They’re planning to pull off the greatest jewel heist in history, but they can’t do it on their own! In this electrifying and unique re-telling of the book, watch as you set off on a wild ride and audacious adventure. Can you break into the crown jewels vault and grab everything you can, while making an explosive escape? But you have to be careful, because you don’t want the feds to be chasing behind you, or you’ll be in a royal mess!!

A multi-sensory experience, which 360° special effects and are full of twists, turns, and explosive moments! It’s a crazy adventure that will have you carrying out a daring jewel heist, bouncing up and down on Raj’s Bouncy Bottom Burp, discover Raj’s Shop and other popular tidbits from the best selling book. Enjoy laugh out loud moments and a fun-tastic family ride that you will enjoy from start to finish!

You must be 0.9m or over to ride, and 1.2m or over to ride without an adult!

Gangsta Granny Rooms

If you’re looking for a short theme park break, Alton Towers Hotel can certainly offer that for you! Especially with a huge variety of themed rooms for you to enjoy. And… there is even a Gangsta Granny room for your little ones who can’t get enough! So you can truly escape after becoming an international jewel thief. Rest easy in a room that has all your favourite characters, including Granny and Ben, as they sneak off with the jewels. And there are also hidden clues around the room for you to solve, to crack open the vault. Maybe there’s something special in there for you…

Not only is the ride absolutely epic, but staying in a themed room is a real delight. Making it the perfect way to end your exhilarating day!

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