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Muslim Baby Names for Boys 🧸: Baby Boy Names

By Guest Blogger
Posted 14 January 2022
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In Islam, the Holy Prophet said, ‘It is the responsibility of every father to choose a good name for his child’ (Wasail al-shiah, v2, p. 618). Because of this, when naming their children Muslim parents take great care in choosing the best name. It’s important to consider the meaning behind the name, the history, your family, and your own personal preferences.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of 25 of the best Muslim baby names for parents to consider when naming their son.

Muslim parents with newborn baby

Here's a list of 25 Muslim baby names for boys ...

Aayan - A variation of the Arabic name ‘Ayan’, which means ‘gift of God.’

Adeel - Means 'righteous’, ‘justice’, or ‘fair’,

Ameer - A variation of the name ‘Amir’, and means ‘prince’ or ‘ruler’.

Badr - Means ‘full moon on its fourteenth night’ or simply ‘full moon’.

Barack - The male equivalent of the name ‘Baraka(h)’ and means ‘blessed’. Has become more popular thanks to Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States.

Ebrahim - An alternate spelling of the name ‘Ibrahim’, and the Arabic equivalent of the western name ‘Abraham’. It means ‘father of many’.

Farid - Sometimes spelled ‘Fareed’ or ‘Ferid’, it means ‘unique’ or ‘the one’. It’s also associated with the lucky number six.

Habib - Means ‘loved one’.

Hamza - Hamza was the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad. It means ‘lion’, ‘strong’, and ‘brave’.

Irfan - Sometimes spelled ‘Erfan’, it means ‘knowledge’, ‘learning’, and ‘awareness’.

Iskander - Iskander is a powerful name that means ‘defender of mankind’.

Jakeem - Means ‘raised up’.

Malik - Malik is a name associated with status, and means ‘king’ or ‘chieftain’.

Muhammad - The name of The Prophet, Muhammad means ‘praise-worthy’.

Naeem - Means ‘to be contented’ or ‘comfort’.

Nuh - The Muslim version of the English name ‘Noah’, it means ‘repose’ or ‘rest’.

Rafee - Rafee is an alternate of the name ‘Rafeeq’, and is another name of status that means ‘high’ or ‘exalted’.

Riaz - A nature-centric name that means ‘garden’ or ‘meadow’.

Samir - A popular Muslim name that means ‘holy’, ‘loyal’, and ‘companion’.

Sulaiman - A traditional name that means ‘man of peace’.

Yushua - The Arabic version of the English name ‘Joshua’. It means ‘Yahweh is salvation’.

Yusuf - An alternative to the English name ‘Joseph’, it means ‘God increases’.

Walid - Means 'newborn’.

Zayd - An alternative to the name ‘Zaid’. It’s derived from the word ‘zada’ and means ‘to increase’.

Zayn - Means ‘beauty’ or ‘grace’, and has grown in popularity thanks to the One Direction star of the same name.

Muslim mum with newborn baby

Top 10 most common boy names (some can be gender-neutral) used in the Quran, and what they mean:

  • 248 mentions - Haq, means ‘truth’
  • 176 mentions - Khayr, means ‘good’
  • 166 mentions - Sabeel, means ‘way’
  • 161 mentions - Aleem, means ‘expert’
  • 145 mentions - Mouminin, means ‘believer’

Muslim father with newborn

Hopefully you have found the perfect name for your beautiful bouncing newborn! For more baby name inspo, check out other newborn blogs, take your pick...🤱

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