Muslim Baby Names for Girls

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Expecting a baby is a wonderful time, you’re nesting, decorating the baby’s room, buying clothes and teddies… But another key thing to do is to think of baby names. Especially if you’re looking for either traditional or modern Muslim baby names.

In Islam, the Holy Prophet said, ‘It is the responsibility of every father to choose a good name for his child’ (Wasail al-shiah, v2, p. 618). Because of this, when naming their children, Muslim parents take great care in choosing the best name. It’s important to consider the meaning behind the name, the history, your family, and your own personal preferences. It’s also said that their name should be beautiful as it’ll impact the rest of their life.

Here’s a list of 10 Muslim baby names for girls…


This name has multiple meanings, but in the Arabic language Aisha means ‘beauty’. Its Islamic meaning is ‘The Chosen One’. Aisha was also said to be the name of Prophet Muhammad’s favourite wife, making it a hugely popular name among Muslims.


A popular Muslim female name meaning ‘glorious’ or to abstain.


Meaning ‘full of light’ or ‘radiant’. The opposite of darkness and a beacon of light.


This name is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means ‘beautiful’ or ‘good’. It’s also the feminine version of the name Husni.


Means ‘peace’. Salmah was born to Prophet Muhammad’s daughter Fatimah.


Another Muslim baby girl name that has multiple meanings. Like ‘generosity’, ‘munificence’, ‘grace’ and ‘fragrant flower’. It’s associated with the lucky number 6 and originates from the Arabic language.


Means to ‘worship’ and one who worships Allah devoutly.


Girl’s name that means ‘winner’, ‘one who triumphs’, and ‘successful’. It also means ‘lovely’ or ‘one who has a loving gaze’.


A name that has a couple of meanings, such as ‘daughter’ but also ‘caring one”. It’s a form of the name Asiya, has Arabic origins and is favoured by Muslim parents. It can be used in both Arabic and Swahili speaking countries.


A Muslim baby girl name that means ‘gift’, ‘wish’, ‘hope’, or ‘fancy’. It’s mainly popular in the Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic.

Common Muslim baby names from the Quran

There are a number of names commonly used in the Quaran, which make for some of the best Muslim baby girl names you may want to consider for your own child.
Below are the top ten most common girls names (however some can be gender-neutral) used in the Quran, and what they mean…


295 mentions – Aayat, means ‘messages’


120 mentions – Samaa, means ‘sky’


190 mentions – Samawat, means ‘heavens’


115 mentions – Dunya, means ‘closest one


119 mentions – Mubin, means ‘clear’

A mixture of modern and traditional Muslim baby girl names that will hopefully take your fancy and bestow on your newborn! If you want to look at other baby names, then check out our other blogs below:

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