Harry Potter Studio Tour What To Expect

Harry Potter studio

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter movies? If so, then a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter is something that should be on your bucket list! This unique experience offers visitors an exclusive look behind the scenes of the world-famous movie series, with original sets, props and costumes from the films.

Check out out this blog Harry Potter Studio What To Expect to find all the information you need to know before your visit.

Where is the Harry Potter Studio Tour?

Harry Potter Studio
The Harry Potter series has captivated the hearts of millions with its richly detailed wizarding world, intricate characters, and spellbinding adventures. For fans and enthusiasts alike, there’s nothing quite like the experience of stepping into the enchanting realm created by J.K. Rowling. The Harry Potter tour offers a unique immersive experience into the magic, bringing iconic moments from the beloved series to life in a way that surpasses the confines of the printed page or the silver screen.

The Warner Bros. Studios are located outside of Central London near Watford. However no need to worry. There are several bus tours operating regular transfers from the city if you don’t want to drive there.

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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
Studio Tour Dr, Leavesden, Watford WD25 7LR

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dark arts death eaters

Hallowe'en At Hogwarts

The iconic and ever-popular Hallowe’en Harry Potter event is back! The Dark Arts is set to ‘wow’ and spook you at the same time as the scariest time of the year takes over Hogwarts…

Wander through the Great Hall and crane your necks towards the enchanting ceiling… You’ll discover over 100 floating pumpkins dangling effortlessly above the spooky feast! Each is carved with a unique design.

Watch out! The Dark Mark has been cast… It’ll be projected throughout the Studio Tour for you to find, both eerie and intriguing – will you find the Death Eaters? Or will they find you…

Speaking of Death Eaters, they’ll be marching through the Studio Tour in a menacing display, dressed in authentic costumes from the famous films. Learn wand combat with an expert before practising your spells on the dreaded Death Eaters!

With a spooky atmosphere, and all the magic of the Wizarding World, it’ll be an event to remember. Don’t miss out!

Opening Times

15th September - 5th November 2023

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Awe-Inspiring Set Design and Attention to Detail

Great Hall Harry Potter studios

Diagon Alley and Hogwarts Express

Upon entering the world of Harry Potter, visitors are immediately struck by the intricate set design and attention to detail that transport them directly to the wizarding world. From standing on Platform 9 3/4 waiting for the Hogwarts Express to the wand shop on Diagon Alley, every corner of the tour is meticulously crafted to reflect the authenticity of the series.

Hogwart’s Great Hall and Gringott’s Wizarding Bank

The awe-inspiring grandeur of the Hogwarts Great Hall adorned with floating candles and long dining tables, mirrors the iconic setting where the young wizards and witches enjoyed their meals and celebrated various occasions in the film series. The set for Gringotts Wizarding Bank is equally impressive with towering marble pillars and magnificent crystal chandeliers. Harry Potter fans will remember Gringotts Bank played an important part in the films.

Props and Costumes

Harry Potter Studio Props and Costumes

Harry Potter fans will love spotting their favourite iconic props from J.K. Rowling’s movies including the 950 jars from the Potions Classroom, goblin heads and hundreds of memory vials!

Then, get up close with well known costumes from the Yule Ball, Quidditch and Beauxbatons Academy. You can also see Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. The famous cloak gifted to Harry in the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, features prominently in films

Behind-the-Scenes Secrets, Insights and Film Magic

Green screen Harry Potter

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Harry Potter tour is the opportunity to gain insights into the making of the films. Delve into the world of visual effects and set design through informative displays and exhibits. Then, learn how the magical creatures were brought to life using a combination of animatronics, puppetry, and CGI. You will gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship that went into transforming the words on the page into the captivating visuals that graced the screen.

Broomstick Flying Experience

An important tool for bringing visual effects in the Harry Potter films to life is the use of a green screen. Various backgrounds or computer generated sets can easily be added. Don’t miss the chance to take part in your very own green screen experience and fly a broomstick across London. You’ll feel like you have a starring role in your favourite Harry Potter film! Afterwards, collect a special photo to keep as a memento of the fun!

Interactive Experiences, Special Events and Magical Learning

Harry Potter Studio

The Harry Potter tour isn’t just a passive viewing experience; it’s an opportunity to participate in the magic of this well known film series. Visitors can take part in live demonstrations and interactive experiences that bring the spells and enchantments of the series to life. Imagine waving a wand, picking up a broomstick without touching and casting spells, as if you were a student at Hogwarts.

Engaging with these interactive elements connects you to the wizarding world of your favourite Harry Potter movies and books. There are special seasonal events throughout the year. So, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London What’s On website page. Halloween at Hogwarts: Discover Dark Arts is very popular.

Food and Drink Harry Potter Studio

No visit to the Harry Potter studio tour London would be complete without indulging in the delectable treats that have become synonymous with the series.

The Chocolate Frog Cafe

A must for chocolate lovers indulge in sweet treats such as cakes, hot chocolate and ice cream. You can even snap a selfie at the Chocolate Card Mirrors and picture yourself as a famous witch or wizard.

The Food Hall

Further food options are available at the enchanting Food Hall, with decor inspired by Hogwarts Great Hall. Tuck into classis British meals including hot and cold snacks. The Food Hall is home to ‘Afternoon Tea at Warner Bros Studio Tour London’. Book in advance for a delicious selection of themed sweet and savoury delights!

Additionally, grab a round of butterbeer from The Backloft Cafe or enjoy a quick Starbucks from The Hub Cafe.

Conclusion: A Magical Adventure Awaits

Harry Potter Studio

The Harry Potter tour offers a captivating journey into the heart of the wizarding world.  Providing fans of all ages with an opportunity to experience the magic up close and personal. From awe-inspiring set design to interactive experiences. The tour offers a multifaceted adventure that celebrates the beloved series in all its glory.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer, the tour promises an enchanting escape from reality. The pages of the books and the frames of the films come to life in a truly magical way! As you embark on this extraordinary adventure, be prepared to be swept away by the wonders of the Harry Potter universe.

Platform 9 3/4 Harry Potter Studio

So, are you a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin? Whatever your choice you will be sure to have a magical day at Harry Potter Studios near London. We hope you’ve found all the information you need and now know what to expect.

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