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Looking to get out and about with your family but are watching the pennies and not really wanting to break the bank? That’s okay, it’s been a tough year! But there are plentyyy of activities, attractions and events you can go to that are either FREE or cheap! And we’ve outlined all the best cheap family days out for you, so you don’t have to search yourself. Whether it’s during the school holidays, summer holidays or for fun family days out!

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Family days out that don’t break the bank

Visit a museum

The best kind of day out for anyone who loves art, history, science, understanding how the world works and more…is the museum! And in the UK, we’re not in short supply. It’s a little bit of education, coupled with amazement and wonder of the world around us, past, present and future.

Here are a few of the best children’s museums in London:

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Go mini-golfing

An extremely fun activity that will have you in giggles (if you go over 6 hits) or for those who love a bit of family-friendly competition! And mini-golf are indoor or outdoor activities that the whole family can get involved in. Another great activity for cheap family days out!

Here are a select few mini-golf courses:

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Visit a petting zoo!

Animals…we all love them right? We all want to stroke them, maybe even cuddle them. Well, you can’t at a wildlife zoo, but you can at a petting zoo!

Here are some of the best petting zoos:

Whether you see guinea pigs, visit a butterfly farm, or alpacas, there will be a petting zoo near you worth visiting! Especially for cheap family days out.

Go on the Manchester Wizard’s Spellbook Treasure Trail!

Getting out and about is good for the soul and good exercise too! So, a Treasure Trail is always a good shout for a family outing, but the Wizard’s Spellbook Trail is even better for family fun.

It’s a self-guided tour throughout the city, but with a magical twist! With a story about the wicked witch, Abby Cadabra who has put a miserable curse over Manchester, damning it to never-ending rain! Are you able to figure out the clues and discover the location of the magic spellbook to bring the sun back? A favourite choice for family days out that don’t break the bank, especially at £9.99!

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Visit the British Ironwork Centre & Shropshire Sculpture Park!

A sculpture park that is the best of British ironwork and metal sculptures. Creating impactful art pieces that resonate with people and extraordinary statues. Such as the Knife Angel which is now the National Monument Against Violence and Aggression. They even have a The Incredible Hulk sculpture which I know the kids will absolutely love.

Head on down! Children go free and adult tickets start from £5.00!

Find out more here

With so many different family activities to experience, you don’t have to be penny pinchers! These cheap family days out will have you enjoying yourself, making new memories and finding new things to do.

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