Cheap Days Out For Couples

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Adults…we know you have your kid’s best interests at heart. But sometimes you need to spend some quality time with each other, without the kids! Well, we’re here to inspire you without cheap days out for couples!

Whether it’s exploring a garden oasis, getting your competitive streak on or indulging in the sweetest treats. It’s time you planned out some cheap date ideas, that are FULL of thoughtfulness and fun.

Cheap Days Out For Couples

whale skeleton at natural history museum

Delve Into History with Museum Trips

For those couples who love art, history and everything in between, why not dive into a time long forgotten?

There are a whole host of museums in the UK that showcase just about anything.

From terrifying dinosaurs and sea creatures that once swam the oceans. To stars and planets circling our galaxy. Do you both like to delve into human civilisation history? Admire art from centuries ago? The UK has it all.

Here’s a list of FREE or CHEAP museums you can discover.

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tigers clough waterfall

Explore Beautiful Nature Reserves

A cheap day out for couples that’s high on everyone’s list is exploring the good outdoors.

From breathtaking waterfalls and panoramic views alongside cliffs to dense forest views and even abundant wetland habitats.

Put on your hiking boots, pack some snacks and enjoy the fresh air and outdoorsy smell on your day out! You’ll spend quality time together, feel active and explore the beauty of the world. Many of them even have cycle paths where you can bike on cycle routes that will take you around the best views!

Here are a few nature reserves that you should visit:

  • Trent Valley (they have beavers here!)
  • Wicken Fen (one of Europe’s most important wetlands)
  • Samphire Hoe Nature Reserve
  • Murlough National Nature Reserve
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outdoor cinema

Enjoy A Cinematic Evening

Ever wanted to watch a film under the stars? Outdoors on a GIANT screen?

Well, with Luna Cinemas and Adventure Cinemas, you can do just that. Grab your foldable chairs, pack the popcorn, sweets and drinks and cuddle up as you watch your favourite blockbuster.

Whether you take advantage of the Luna Winter Cinema or in the summer when the sun is shining down and it’s a little warmer.

It’s not just kids that love films!

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a microphone on a chair on the stage

Laugh Out Loud At A Comedy Show

Laughter truly is the best medicine! After a day with the kids, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed…

Well, why not dress up and head out to a comedy show, where you can sit back and burst into giggles? Feel the stress melt off your shoulders, as you tear up from laughter.

We can highly recommend this one! And the Glee Club always has the best acts on. Whether they’re local legends, or from across the pond.

Snickers at adult jokes that only you get, cackle at crude jokes and just enjoy a fantastic date with your partner.

Plus, it makes for one of many cheap days out for couples because you can score some discounts and vouchers!

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escape room key

Break Out Of An Escape Room

Let’s be real…a lot of couples LOVE a bit of competition. And what’s better than testing yourselves against a clock?

You have 60 minutes to decipher codes, cryptic clues, and uncover the mysteries of the room.

Whether you’re running away from Jigsaw in the SAW escape room, escaping the zombies that are on the loose, cowering away from the paranormal or whipping up some potions!

Escape rooms may be a complicated game, but if you put your brains together they’re super fun! Also, exhilarating…making a great idea for a date night for those fun couples!

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man stargazing

Admire The Night Sky With Stargazing

There’s nothing more romantic and out of this world, than admiring the stars that are out of this world. 

The UK is home to several Dark Sky Discovery Sights parks where you can enjoy the inky black sky away from all light pollution and watch as the stars begin to illuminate the night.

From Brecon Beacons and the South Downs National Park to the North York Moors.

Stargazing is free, educational (in the best way) and it’s an incredible date night for those who love to ponder over what’s really out there.

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kynance cove cornwall

Head To The Beach

You don’t have to travel abroad or grab a last minute flight to enjoy a beach vacay. Why?

Because even dreary old England has beautiful beaches that look like you’re somewhere else entirely…

We’re talking about St Ives in Cornwall of course! With its crystal blue water and golden beaches. It’s enough to make anyone go ahhh. It’s a little slice of paradise that makes the perfect road trip if you live away from Cornwall!

You can still bring the sandbuckets if you want to…we won’t judge you. 

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afternoon tea and champagne

Indulge With An Afternoon Tea

Adults, you deserve to be treated too, right? With delicious food, sweet treats and scrumptious delights? Well, why not put an afternoon tea on your list of cheap days out for couples? You’ll find loads of cream tea options, from traditional British to Chinese and even Italian afternoon tea!

From personal experience, I went to Patisserie Valerie for afternoon tea, and it was beautiful! The miniature desserts were glorious the scones were warm and fresh and the sandwiches were moreish. Not to mention mini quiches too! You can buy vouchers for £25.00 for two with buyagift…

Psst…if you sign up for our VIP Pass membership, if you already have one, you can enjoy an EXTRA 15% off experiences with buyagift.

Not to mention our membership has all sorts of discounts, deals and super savers that adults can take advantage of, without the kids!

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woman walking on a bridge in london

Be A Tourist For A Day

Ever wanted to just explore a new city without your kids in tow? Just so you don’t have to worry about how many bags to take and to make sure you’re always by a bathroom.

Well, why not channel your inner tourist and explore a city of your choosing? Research the city beforehand and travel on foot or by public transport and discover new sights!

Whether you choose London and travel to Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. Or take a peek at Birmingham and visit the place that inspired J.R.R Tolkien’s The Shire. There’s so much out there in the UK that you can explore for free or cheaply!

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So, if you’re in the mood to have a day away from the kids for some much-needed adult relaxation, exploration and enjoyment. Choose one of these cheap days out for couples and make some of your own memories. Quality time is the best.

Looking for more adventures for adults? Head to Dopamine Land, Bubble Planet and the Wands & Wizard Exploratorium for fun-filled adventures!

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