Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

When it comes to kids, what makes the world go round? Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! It’s also the fuel for the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt which has very nearly arrived in 2020.

Cadbury has teamed up with the National Trust to create special – and seriously yummy – Easter egg trails all over the UK, with over 250 to choose from. Jump down the rabbit hole and discover mud pie puddles and frosted fairy glens, or meet the many woodland creatures who are waking up hungry from their winter naps. The Easter Bunny and their crew will be putting on plenty of lovely family events like games, crafts and activities galore, plus any lucky bunnies who complete the trail will get a delicious Cadbury treat.

A man helping kids at a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt.

This isn’t just for chocoholics; nature lovers will be pleased to hear that every time you head out on a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt, you’re helping fund essential conservation work by the National Trust and protecting the beautiful British countryside for years to come – what could be sweeter?

Now we won’t sugarcoat it, finding these eggs might be tough – especially with poachers on your tracks – but if anyone can crack the case, you’re the family to do it. To make things a little easier though, we’ve hunted down our top ten trail locations from all over the United Kingdom.

Join the Cadbury Egg Hunt 2020 and go cocoa loco!

  1. Cragside House, Gardens and Estate, Northumberland

    As well as being home to a hunt, Cragside House was the first place in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity. As such this modern gem is stuffed to the brim with ingenious gadgets, artefacts and Curly Wurly contraptions. Kids can dash this way and that on the hunt for honeycomb or marvel at a natural wonder all of its own: their renowned 140-year-old Scots Pine tree which is officially the tallest tree in Britain.

  2. Sudbury Hall and Museum of Childhood, Derbyshire

    Join the hunt for chocolate treasure in the 17th-century home of Lords Vernon, Sudbury Hall. This grand, old building is a proper chocolate box house, complete with classic murals. It’s also sat right next door to The Museum of Childhood where kids can dress up as chimney sweeps – with a Twirl of their brushes, they may even get a bit of housework done while they hunt.

    Kids hunting for Easter eggs.

  3. Dolaucothi Gold Mines, Carmarthenshire

    It’s caramel coloured and oh-so-precious but it’s not a Dairy Milk bar… can you guess what it is? 2,000-year-old gold! Today you can travel underground at the Dolaucothi Gold Mines and see what mining life was like way back in Victorian times or even have a go at gold panning. Just don’t forget to keep an eye out for red squirrels when you stop for a Picnic on the wooded hillside of Cothi Valley.

  4. Craigievar Castle, Aberdeenshire

    Fairytales are alive and well at Craigievar Castle. As the original inspiration for the castle in Disney’s Cinderella, there’s even a Wispa from the locals that it grew out of the hillside! The great tower still stands as it did in 1626 and you can view it from all angles on a family trail, with an essential stop off in the fragrant kitchen garden. See which recipes you could throw together with one special ingredient – cocoa, of course.

    Kids working together on a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt.

  5. Dunster Castle, Somerset

    Make like the Easter Bunny and hop here, there and everywhere at Dunster Castle: an ancient structure which has existed since Norman times. To get to grips with this Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt you could follow the Trail of Tales and hear about the historic residents. For families though, our top tip is to arrive with a Boost aboard the Dunster Castle Express: a real, old-fashioned steam train.

  6. Sutton Hoo, Suffolk

    Get nose to nose with your ancestors in the ancient burial grounds of Sutton Hoo. It’s an amazing historic site where families can unwrap the story of an Anglo-Saxon king and his buried treasure. So far, so spooky… Uncover the past on an archaeological trench dig, follow the ‘Gruesome Grave’ guide or even build your very own Anglo-Saxon den. Just keep an eye out for Flake-y fiends as you search for your Easter eggs.

    A girl with face paint sitting in flowers.

  7. Hardcastle Craggs, West Yorkshire

    Tucked in amongst the South Pennines, Hardcastle Craggs is harbouring a very tasty trail with waterfalls, over 200 years of history and a cracking visitors centre where kids can dress up. While there are more than 160 hectares of woodlands to explore, you won’t be asked to search high and low across every single one – the buggy trail for little bunnies should be just fine, especially if you can spot Freddo the Frog and his friends down by the riverside.

  8. Lanhydrock, Cornwall

    Sniff out your chocolatey quarry in the picturesque surroundings of Lanhydrock. Lush woodlands and peaceful paths along the river make it the perfect setting for busy beavers, while a playground always comes in handy if they need a Time Out. Tots have to earn their treats though, so get them up to snuff in the recreated schoolroom with discovery tables and actual slates to write on. Then and only then can they get their paws on the chocs!

    Two girls running in flowers.

  9. Cliveden Gardens and Maze, Berkshire

    You could Chomp up historic tales on a guided tour of the house or burrow in the Storybook Play Den; the best bit of Cliveden Gardens though has got to be that maze. Take a leaf from Alice in Wonderland and scamper around 500 metres of topiary or hide behind increasingly curious statues in your search for something yummy. Unlike Alice though, anything that says ‘Eat Me’ here is a certified scrummy treat.

  10. Castle Ward, County Down

    Kids with big imaginations can step into a fantasy world at Castle Ward, where tales of dragons and Daim-sels in distress compete with the horses and pigs who call it home. In fact, this Georgian farmyard is a film location for Game of Thrones so while your brood of curious critters dig up clues, the grown-ups can spy familiar spots from the famous television show.

    Two boys on a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt.

These special events are free, but please note that the normal admission charges apply for each of the venues and they all come to a close on April the 16th. You also have to book in advance so don’t forget! Find your local Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt right here.

As well as this pretty complete guide to the Cadburys Easter Egg Hunt 2020, we’ve whipped up an alternative ‘Easter egg hunts near you’ post so you’ll never be far from something sweet. 

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