Babylon Park London, London’s New Space Themed Amusement Park

babylon park logo with alien mascots

Ready for take-off? Blast off straight to Babylon Park London, a space-themed indoor amusement park!! Full of out-of-this-world adventure, super cool special effects and BIG on fun – it’s a fantastic family day out!

Space helmets on, set your orbit for Babylon and let’s get galactic!

What is Babylon Park?

Babylon Park is an indoor theme park full of galactic space amusement, games and special effects. From space roller coasters and scientific bumper cars to arcade machines and fair amusement park games!

There’s so much family fun to be had here, you’ll be screaming with joy and laughing with happiness!

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Where is Babylon Park?

the drop tower at babylon park
You’ll find this space adventure near Camden Market in London! With only a short hop away (2 minute’s walk), you can indulge in some delicious food at the market and head to Babylon Park for some outer-space fun!
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8 Castlehaven Rd,

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 11:00 - 22:00
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 22:00


Entrance is free, but you can control how much you spend on the games.
Arcades and rides vary fom £1.00 - £6.00

£1.00 will give you 10 game coins. £10.00 will give you 96 game coins. The bigger pack you select, the more value you'll get!

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What Can I Find At Babylon Park?

Where do we begin?! 

Far away a green alien team travelled to Earth. They loved how humans used their creativity with games and how to have fun.

But these Martians noticed humans needed a way to enjoy themselves without damaging the Earth. So, they stayed here and helped invent a sustainable and environmentally friendly technological park where everyone can have fun, in a responsible way.

So, Babylon Park, an outer-space-themed amusement park that is like no other, was born.

Get this, they’ve integrated online games via their app. Which means you can have fun just about anywhere! Whether you stay at home or journey to Babylon Park yourself.

You’ll find floors of rides here, with all sorts of twists and turns! From rides that make your stomach drop, to those that spin you right around!

inside of babylon park with roller coasters

Family Rides

Being a super fun and carefree centre for families, there of course, has to be an incredible range of kids’ rides, right?

First up is the Babylon Park Rollercoaster – a ride with twists that will leave you wanting more as you zoom around the entire park taking it all in!

Beep, beep! It’s time to bump your family into outer space with some supergalactic bumper cars! Bump, beep and zoom around the floor. Be careful not to get stuck into the corner! Otherwise, you’ll be caught in a meteor shower of bumper cars!

Looking for the nostalgic fairground feeling but with an outer-space twist? Head to the Creatures Catch, where you’ll be fishing for Uni-Ducklings! Enjoy a Saturn ring toss, fling some glowing orbs into a funnel for a chance to win some cool prizes or head to the VR simulator for a trip across the galaxy!

a spinning ride in babylon park

Teens Rides

Looking for something with a little bit more thrill and scream factor? Make your way to the dreaded Drop Tower… You’ll ascend to the top in a glowing UFO, lights ablaze and a gentle hum… But then you’ll come hurtling down back to Earth. This ride is sure to wake you up!

Ready for a spin? The Tagada is calling your name… Spinning around and around, dropping down and lifting up. All with musical tunes filling your ears. A spinning ride is certainly enough to get you laughing or screaming with excitement! Just try not to feel woozy after!

a toddler amusement area in babylon

Toddler Rides

Of course, the fun isn’t just for big kids. Babylon Park includes everyone, even the tiniest of tots.

The mini Martians can climb aboard a flying spaceship and BLAST OFF into space! But don’t worry, the aliens are very friendly! Your kiddies will be giggling with glee.

If they like to brave the heights, head to the Kiddie Wheel, where they’ll go round and round on an intergalactic space ferris wheel!

If they’ve got bounds of energy to burn off, have a go at Babylon Kids, a Gymboree perfect for little Martians. Climb monkey bars, swing across on rings, barrel through tunnels and most importantly…have fun!

Then to wind down as they make their way back to Earth, it’s time for some projection mapping and immersive fun and games! Or choo-choose to aboard a convoy of trains as you chug across the park.

That’s not all the fantastic fun and terrific thrills you’ll find though. From table games like air hockey, amazing arcade games and skill games like basketball hoops! With a whole host of kid’s rides, mini rollercoasters, bumper cars and advanced lighting effects to make you feel like you’re in outer space, it’s the perfect venue and attraction for budding astronauts!


How does it work?

You can choose to either come to the space themed park or play at home on their super cool app!

You can buy your game coins online and they’ll act as your currency to play games inside!

£1.00 gives you 10 game coins. 

Is there food and drink available?

Yes! You’ll find a cafe and restaurant where you can purchase a range of snacks, hot and cold food and refreshments.

Is Babylon Park suitable for those with limited mobility?

Yes! Babylon Park is accessible to everyone, including those with additional needs.

However, if you are pregnant, they advise you not to go on the rides.

What's the age limit?

They’re suitable for any age! From teens and toddlers to young people and adults.

So, are you ready to blast off into space? Then grab your spacesuits and make your way to Babylon Park London for an out-of-this-world, space adventure! A brilliant attraction for families everywhere!

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