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Cool as a Cucumber 😎: Cool Baby Names

By Shivani Ladwa
Posted 10 January 2022
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Are you expecting a baby this year and are trying to think of baby names? It’s a difficult task trying to figure out the perfect name for your baby, it’s not as straightforward as we thought when we were younger! Are you looking for a name that is loved by many or one that stands out from the rest and is really original and cool? Well, take a list of our cool baby names and maybe you’ll be able to find the name for you!

Cool Baby Names -

20 Cool Baby Boy Names:

Arlo - an old English, or Anglo Saxon name for ‘fortified’ or rock hill.

Soren - A name of Danish origin, meaning ‘stern’. A soft and sensitive Scandinavian name, which would be spelt like Søren in Scandinavia.

Atticus - Meaning ‘belonging to Attica’ in Latin, which is located in Athens, Greece.

Felix - Originally a Roman surname, but was adopted by the ancient Roman Sulla, who was believed to be very fortunate and blessed with happiness/luck.

Silas - A Greek and Latin name meaning ‘wood’ or ‘forest’.

Kai - A Polynesian name for ‘sea’ and in Japanese culture, it means ‘shell’ and in Europe, it has roots meaning ‘warrior’.

Rowan - Historically an Irish and English name meaning ‘red-haired’. As it’s the name of a mountain ash tree that produces white flowers and red berries.

Elijah - A Hebrew name derived from the phrase meaning ‘Jehovah is my God’.

Atlas - a name derived from Greek mythology meaning ‘enduring’ but is also another word for a map.

Emmett - a supposed version of the name Emma. It means ‘universal’ and is thought ot have English, Hebrew and German origins. 

Holden - means ‘Hollow Valley’ and is known to be used in Yorkshire, England

Lennox - a Scottish name meaning ‘elm trees’ or ‘elm grove’. An aristocratic and powerful name. 

Luca - a ‘bringer of light’ with origins from Latin. But is thought to also derive from the Latin name Lucas, meaning ‘sacred wood’.

Nico/Niko - a Greek name meaning ‘victory of the people’. A nickname thought to be full of energy and charm.

Owen - Has many origins, but the Welsh and Irish meanings range from ‘well-born’, ‘youthful’ and ‘noble’. The Welsh can spell it like Owain and the Irish Eoghan.

Roman - Derives from various origins, but the most common is known of Hebrew origin meaning ‘strong’ or ‘powerful. Also know to refer to people from Rome.

Viraj - A name deriving from the Sanskrit language and has many meanings like, ‘The Sun’, ‘the King’, or ‘Ruler’.

Zahir - An Arabic name meaning ‘blossoming’ or ‘flourishing’. A popular name in the Middle East.

Oscar - Has origins of Anglo-Saxon and Irish Gaelic and means ‘spear of the Gods’. Or ‘friend of deer’.

Devin - A name with many origins. The French meaning is ‘Divine’ meaning perfect. Other meanings include: ‘poet’ or ‘servant’.

Mateo - Mateo is the Spanish form of Matthew. In the Italian, Latin and Spanish origins, it means ‘gift of God’.

Baby boy in hat and glasses

20 Cool Baby Girl Names:

Ariel - a Hebrew name originating from the Biblical place Ariel. Meanings ‘Lion of God’.

Violet - an English name derived from Latin meaning ‘purple’. Violet is also from the Latin word ‘viola’ meaning purple.

Adelaide - an old German name meaning ‘noble-natured’.

Yuka - a Japanese name meaning ‘fragrance’. In the Inuit culture, Yuka also means ‘a bright star’.

Luna - meaning ‘moon’ in Latin and several other languages. In Roman mythology, Luna was actually the moon Goddess.

Wren - deriving from the English language, meaning ‘small bird’.

Phoenix - in Greek and Egyptian mythology, Phoenix means an immortal bird, consumed by fire and rose again from its ashes. It also means ‘dark red’.

Astrid - an old Scandinavia name meaning ‘divinely beautiful’.

Raya - with Israeli origins, Raya means ‘friend’.

Ivy - meaning ‘vine’ from English and Latin origins, deriving from the ivy plant. An ivy wreath was given to couples in Ancient Greek as a sign of fidelity.

Lyra - the name Lyra has Latin origins, meaning ‘Harp’. Its also famously used in Phillip Pullman’s novel series: His Dark Materials.

Arya - descends from Indian origin, meaning Goddess Parvati. It can be used for both genders and also means ‘noble’.

Willow - comes from an Old English word welig, which means ‘willow’. The name also means ‘freedom’ and ‘willow tree’ which have grace and elegance.

Annika - a Russian name meaning ‘grace’.

Iris - a name originating from Greek mythology that means ‘goddess of the rainbow’.

Summer - a word people generally associate with the warmest season of the year and it’s carefree and fun nature. 

Brooke - German origins, meaning ‘small stream’ and ‘water’.

Amira - has many origins but in the Hebrew culture, Amira means ‘princess’ or ‘treetop’. The Indian culture has similar meanings with ‘princess’ and ‘high born girl’.

Devi - originating from Sanskirt meaning ‘goddess’, ‘heavenly’ and anything of excellence. 

Blake - A gender-neutral name meaning ‘black’, ‘bright’ or ‘shining’. Has English origins and is the surname of English poet William Blake.

Baby girl on a pool floaty

Celebrities Who Chose Cool Baby Names:

  • Singers Rochelle Wiseman and Marvin Humes: Alaia-Mai Humes
  • Mommy influencer Ayla Jalyn: Roman
  • Singer Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato: Elias Bublé
  • Actors Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis: ​​Otis Alexander Sudeikis
  • Singer Robbie Williams and Ayda Field: Theodora Rose Williams
  • Singer Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon: Titan Jewell Witherspoon.
  • Singer Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale: Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale

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