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Avanti Train

Are you planning a trip from Birmingham to London and want to travel in style? Look no further than Avanti West Coast’s First Class service. Not only will you have access to more space, better seating, and complimentary food and drink, but you’ll also be able to charge your phone wirelessly throughout the journey!

Let’s dive into all the details of Hayley Ward’s (Brummy Mummy Diaries) personal experience of travelling from Birmingham New Street to London Euston First Class with Avanti West Coast for a day at London Zoo.

Avanti Train

The benefits of travelling First Class with Avanti West Coast

Father and son on board Avanti train

Travelling First Class with Avanti West Coast is a game-changer for those looking for luxury and comfort on their train journey. From the moment you step onto the train, you’ll notice the difference it makes to be travelling first class. Read on to learn more about what you can expect when you travel first class with Avanti West Coast.

Complimentary Food and Drink Avanti West Coast

Avanti Breakfast on train

One of the main perks of travelling first class is access to complimentary food and drink during your journey. No more worrying about packing enough snacks for all the family or leaving enough time to grab refreshments from your departing station. Simply sit back and enjoy as your every need is catered to by attentive staff.

Avanti train menu

As you’re seated on the train, an Avanti West Coast service attendant will welcome you and hand you a menu that details the food and drink available. The menu consists of lighter choices for short journeys and in the mornings and a ‘rest of the day’ menu as well as a selection of hot and cold drinks.

As we travelled from Birmingham to London in the early morning, we ordered some hot drinks, an orange juice, two Classic Bacon Sandwiches, a bowl of porridge with banana, and some toast with butter and preserves for our little one. This was all served very timely and to our table. It was super yummy, too!

If you wanted something bigger for breakfast, Avanti West Coast also serves Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs or Breakfast Hash (a hearty dish of chopped fried potatoes with sun-blushed tomatoes and vegan black bean and tomato sausage seasoned with herbs and spices).

Avanti train

On the return journey, the experience was just as great. We didn’t have anything big from the menu as we took advantage of some of the snacks in the First Class Lounge at London Euston. So we ordered some Pop chips and Marbled Chocolate for the little one. Then, a Cheese and Tomato Croque-a delicious toasted bloomer sandwich filled with melting Cheddar cheese, slices of tomato, and tangy tomato relish. This was delicious. Plus a Lemon Shortbread Biscuit, which went down a treat with a hot cup of tea.

However, if you’d like something more, you can order a Charcuterie Grazing Plate or a Cauliflower Rice Salad. The menu does change slightly depending on what service you’re travelling on. Also, whether you’re travelling in the week or on the weekends. However, no matter when you travel, the menu has a little bit of something for everyone.

Excellent Customer Service

Throughout the remainder of both journeys to and from London, we were regularly asked if we would like another hot or cold drink, which we thought was great! Drink choices included tea, coffee, hot chocolate, orange juice, apple juice, Pepsi Max, lemonade, and more! The staff were super attentive and friendly. We really couldn’t fault the service.

Bigger Seats First Class Avanti West Coast Trains

Inside first class Avanti carriage

Not only will you have access to delicious food and beverages when travelling first class, but you’ll also have more space than in standard class seating. The seats are wider and offer plenty of leg room for a comfortable journey. Stretch out your legs, relax into plush seats, or even take a nap if you wish. The first-class carriages even have blinds! 

In addition, to comfortable seating options, first-class carriages often have fewer passengers than standard class sections. This provides an added sense of exclusivity while travelling. Passengers get to feel like VIPs throughout their trip. Also, having fewer passengers is also great for families with children who may be overwhelmed by noise and train journeys in general. The first-class carriages are much quieter and calmer.

We found the bigger seats and tables were great for us. It was easy to spread out and really enjoy the journey. We had plenty of room on the table for food, drink, and even colouring books and a few toys to keep our young son occupied.

Having pre-booked seating for both journeys really gave us peace of mind too. This meant we didn’t have to rush to grab unoccupied seats which can be a real pain when you have children, luggage, and pushchairs.

Wireless Phone Charging

Avanti Train

In addition, to extra space and tasty treats, another highlight of travelling First Class with Avanti West Coast is wireless phone charging. Never fear running out of battery again – simply place your phone on the charging mat provided at each table. This is super handy, especially for me, as I totally forgot my phone charger cable.

But rest assured – if you have your phone charger or laptop charger with you, you can charge these, too, using the allocated power sockets. You’ll also be able to access free Wi-Fi throughout the journey. 

Our trip to London Zoo

ZSL london zoo

It was our first time visiting London Zoo, and it was such an amazing day. We saw a number of different animals, from lions and tigers to gorillas and many monkey species. Our highlights were definitely Penguin Beach, as well as seeing the giraffes up close.

The zoo is really well-themed, especially the Land of the Lions. Elijah really enjoyed The Children’s Farmyard area. Here you can see the donkeys, alpacas, llamas, pigs, and rabbits and even have the opportunity to meet the pygmy goats. Overall, it was a lovely, fun-filled day out.

We finished our day a little earlier than our scheduled train home. However this was not a problem as we had time to relax and grab a snack at Avanti West Coast’s First Class Lounge.

Return Journey Travelling First Class Avanti West Coast

Avanti West Coast Train

First Class Lounge

The First Class Lounge was the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy train station and relax and unwind before the journey home. The lounge had lots of comfortable seating, from sofas to singular chairs with tables.

It was lovely and quiet, and our son had a quick snooze! We helped ourselves to complimentary refreshments. These were a hot drink and a cake while we caught up on some news. This was a perfect end to a perfect day. 


Avanti West Coast’s First Class is a great way to travel if you want comfort, relaxation, and excellent service. The staff are attentive and very helpful, the food is superb, and the seats are spacious and comfortable. If you’re looking for a first-class train experience, Avanti West Coast is the operator for you!

So, next time you are planning a family day trip make sure you book your train journey with Avanti West.

Are you looking for ideas on where to go on your family day out? Then, why not visit a stately home, aquarium or head out on a woodland walk?

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