Voyage To The Edge Of Imagination

two people staring at a large flat screen TV in the Science Museum: Voyage To The Edge Of Imagination exhibition

Life, space, and time – 3 things we humans have been stumped by since we came into creation. BUT what if we told you there’s an opportunity to explore 60 minutes of an exciting science fiction story with an AI alien? The Science Museum’s Voyage To The Edge of Imagination will propel you through space and time into distant worlds where you will meet aliens and explore curious scientific objects.

This once-in-a-lifetime adventure will also take you through a series of events constructed through immersive technology, TV shows, music, and artwork

Feeling pretty captivated by these details already? We’ve only just scratched the surface… So, let’s get into it!

Firstly, what is the Science Museum?

science museum building
If you’re a local to London or you’ve been to London a fair few times there’s a good chance you already know The Science Museum BUT if you haven’t here’s a little insight…

The Science Museum in London highlights the world of science with several interactive stations for children and adults. There are a wide variety of exhibitions which are spread over 5 floors. It is one of the most visited museums in London and it’s easy to see why with its vast and unique collections.

There are over 300,000 objects to explore at this famous museum, including famous exhibits like George Stephenson’s record-setting Rocket steam locomotive, and the command capsule used by the Apollo 10 astronauts!

Their latest exhibition for Spring 2023 is the Voyage To The Edge of Imagination which will finally close its doors in August, so make sure to book tickets before it’s gone!

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Exhibition Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 2DD



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How does this exhibition work?

people dressed up as sci fi characters in a purple-lit room in the Science Museum: Voyage To The Edge Of Imagination event
This is an immersive story-led experience by the Science Fiction Museum in which you’ll board an extra-terrestrial spaceship and explore everything from alien life on alien planets to apocalyptic dread.

You’ll also get the chance to uncover hidden gems including authentic objects from celebrated movies, TV, and books, as well as paintings, artworks, and photography.

This ambitious exhibition is a surreal experience that creates fiction from a scientific imagination, creating lots of different worlds in order to help us reach a deeper understanding of our own…

Are you ready for the ride? 

Who is this experience suitable for?

two people staring at a large flat screen TV in the Science Museum: Voyage To The Edge Of Imagination exhibition
Anyone who finds themselves often lost in the pages of science fiction novels will feel as if their dreams have true in this 60-minute experience. Whether you’re a science lover, a book worm or both, you’ll feel captivated by this truly epic exhibition as each individual will be placed at the heart of a science fiction novel. You’ll explore the dynamics of AI and human imagination with a few exciting twists and turns along the way…

So yeah, all in all, it’s not just for an adult audience but for kids as well!

When is this event running?

Alien t shirt that has been half coloured in with pens next to it
From now until 20th August 2023!

Is this an accessible experience?

stars and night sky
YES! You’ll be pleased to know that the exhibition space is wheelchair accessible. Large print books are available as a PDF online and all audio-visual moments in the exhibition are captioned.

Why should I go?

two cartoon aliens looking at each other with their red eyes
This exciting exhibition fuses together the worlds of science, art & literature using technology and props. You’ll feel as if you are within the alien worlds that you are exploring.

Prepare to be wowed by impressive artworks from Monseng Shula’s afrofuturist painting, as well as a Larry Achiampong flag, and a great Yao Lu collage.

Kids will love all the different kinds of sensory experiences going on and will hopefully leave the exhibition feeling inspired. 

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