Murder Express Part Deux – Jewel of the Empire

the murder mystery express

Attention! Murder has been afoot! Are you innocent or guilty as ever? It’s time to board the Murder Express Part Deux – Jewel of the Empire, for a murder mystery like no other.

Named as one of the best experiences in London, it’s been in HIGH demand. This is why this immersive experience has been extended till November 2023. For those who missed The Murder Express – you now have Part Deux to enjoy. Don’t miss out!

What is the Murder Express Part Deux?

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Think murder mystery on a 19th-century train carriage, meets a spectacular dining experience with a delicious four-course meal! You can’t get anymore quirky and unique than that!

Oh also, did you know the outstanding food menu is designed by BBC MasterChef finalist Louise Ellis? Mmm… Talk about good grub, you know this will be an immersive theatre dining experience like you’ve never experienced before.

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Where is Murder Express Part Deux – Jewel of the Empire?

the conductor
You’ll find this curious immersive theatre experience departing from Pedley Street Station in London.
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Pedley Street Station,
Arch 63
Pedley Street
E1 5BW

Opening Times

Until the 5th November

13:00 - 15:00
15:30 - 17:30
18:00 - 20:00
20:30 - 22:30


Tickets from £74.50

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What Does The Murder Express Part Deux – Jewel of the Empire Experience Include?

1930s cast members
Let’s set the scene… It’s 1937, the height of the ferocious and evergrowing British Empire. On an excavation, famous archeologist Dr. Errol Earhart has discovered something truly priceless. The world’s most valuable diamond, The Jewel of the Empire.

To ensure it’s in safe hands, it’s been transported to the Von Cleethorpes estate, on Pedley Street Station Murder Express.

But this isn’t like any normal train journey you’ve been on before. You’ll have the sights of 1937 London whizz past you at a rapid rate as if you’re really “moving” on the train. With 1930s decor on the train, cast members in character and dressed up in theatrical gear, like your ticket inspector!

Soon enough, the jewel goes missing, murders begin to plague the train and the clock is ticking. This theatrical experience is all about finding that missing diamond…and finding out who the murderer is.

It could be you.

With slapstick comedy and compelling but light murder mystery bants, you’ll be having a splendid time!

The experience lasts for 2 hours and you’ll be sat at your dedicated table with other members of your party. 

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The Bespoke Menu

bespoke menu by masterchef finalist
Of course, with an immersive dining experience, you’d expect some delicious food! And you will indeed, with a bespoke menu curated by a MasterChef finalist.

Your delicious 4-course meal includes:

A Palate Cleanser:
Compressed cherry tomato, yuzu, crispy capers and coriander

Grilled leaks, black garlic ketchup, spiced dukkah, salt and vinegar puffed rice

Main Course:
Meat option: Slow-cooked beef shin, broccoli, butter potato terrine and bordelaise sauce


Vegan option: Brocclo, nori, miso, butter potato terrine and shiitake mushroom sauce

Chocolate cremeux, raspberry drupelets, chocolate soil, honeycombed and crispy mint.

Doesn’t that all sound scrumptious? With a tasty menu like this, you know. you’ll be well taken care of. They also cater to all dietary requirements, whether it’s vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free!

Don’t forget to grab a couple of drinks at the cocktail bar, you’ll find the coolest cocktail spots there!

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How long is the experience?

The entire experience lasts for 2 hours.

Can I order food not on the menu?

Unfortunately, you cannot order food that isn’t on the menu. But they do cater for a variety of dietary requirements. You’ll need to let them know beforehand, as their four-course meal is a set menu.

Will we be sat together?

The train carriage has 8 booths in total that can seat from 2-6 guests. You’ll always be seated with other members of your party.

Is the experience wheelchair accessible?

Pedley Street Station has step-free access and an accessible bathroom. But there are a few steps up to the train – don’t worry though, if you call beforehand they’ll be able to ensure you have a smooth experience as they have a ramp to allow wheelchair access.

Can I pre-order drinks?

Drinks cannot be pre-ordered before your experience. They must be purchased online when you enter the venue and are allocated a table number.

So, if you’re down for an evening of murder mystery and a special dining experience, it’s time you visit Funicular Productions – Murder Express Part Deux The Jewel of the Empire! It’s an immersive experience with a twist worth finding out!

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