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Take your family days out beyond the shores of the United Kingdom and into the fascinating human body exhibit in The Netherlands. The CORPUS Leiden Museum is an ingenious body exhibit with a 5D heart theatre, a spongy tongue which you can jump on and a trail that leads to the brain

Find out everything you need to know from the ‘what?’, ‘where?’, ‘how much?’, and more about this excellent experience down below…

Corpus brain exhibit

What is the Corpus Leiden Museum?

corpus building
CORPUS is situated in a 35-meter-high transparent building with the contours of a human body. This striking building contains a unique museum of giant human body parts. Both wacky and educational, it’s a great opportunity for kids to learn about the inner workings of the body.
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Willem Einthovenstraat, 12342 BH, Oegstgeest

Opening Times

Closed on Mondays
Tuesday to Friday: first 'journey' departs at 9.30 am - last 'journey' departs at 3 pm.
Saturday and Sunday: first 'journey' departs at 9.30 am - last 'journey' departs at 5 pm.

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Why should I visit the Corpus Leiden Museum?

kids exploring mouth exhibit
Despite living every day in our bodies you’d be surprised how much you don’t know! Ever wondered how the heart works or what red blood cells do? What about what happens when you sneeze? All of your questions about the fantastic body and its functions will be answered in this educational experience.

Families will embark on a thrilling ‘journey’ as a red blood cell, take a breath in the lungs, jump on the tongue, walk through the ear, admire the brain and be generally amazed by the functions of the human body. You’ll have a newfound respect for your own body and for others’ bodies too.

These educational memories will last a lifetime and may even teach your kids how to look after their physical health and well-being. They’ll learn why lots of exercises is vital for human health and how responsible nutrition is another integral cog in the human machine.

How long does the Corpus Leiden Museum take to explore?

corpus blood cell talk
Your journey time will take around 1 hour which is the perfect amount of time for restless kids. They’ll have plenty of time to explore every crevice of the giant body and won’t get burnt out either.

What’s the ‘journey’ like?

kids bouncing on giant tongue
First, you’ll take the escalator up the knee and walk into an open wound… It sounds grim but it’s actually pretty amazing. Once you’ve entered the wound, you’ll witness all kinds of unusual activity from the fertilisation of a human egg to the digestion of a cheese sandwich.

Will you follow your heart, or your head first? No, literally! You’ll get to walk through the human heart and the human brain! You’ll get to learn about the inside of the human brain

Perhaps one of the most visual and Instagrammable parts of this exhibit is inside the mouth. Jump on the giant tongue and watch out for a burp. Check the teeth for any cavities or rotting and see if you can reach the roof of the mouth!

You’ll get to take part in 5D experiences when you reach the heart and learn about every ventricle and aortic pump.

Corpus Interactive Section

corpus leiden interactive section
All that walking and gawping must come to an end, right? WRONG! Carry on your quest for human biology in the Corpus Interactive Section. Here you will find an additional flurry of exhibits and super-cool games with even more information about the human body! You can also do a fun and educational scavenger hunt there too.

Is there a minimum age for this exhibit?

boy with hand in box
Yes, the minimum age at this Dutch museum is 6 years old!

How much do tickets to the Corpus Leiden Museum cost?

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  • Adults: € 21,95 (€ 19,95 online)
  • Children*: € 21,95 (€ 19,95 online)

This roughly equivalates to £19.19. online rates equate to £17.44

Is the Corpus Leiden Museum available in English?

This engaging museum exhibit is available in English and 7 other languages too!

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