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    Christmas is a great time for fancy dress-ups! With so many work Christmas parties and family celebrations, you will need many fancy dress costumes this festive season. We want to show you the best Christmas fancy dress outfits for you and the whole family.

    We will show you awesome costumes with amazing costume accessories! All these outfits will be great for fancy dress parties! So grab your wallets and let’s find the best outfits for you!

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    Snowman Costume

    snowman outfit
    Want to dress up as Frosty the snowman? Well, we’ve found the perfect Snowman outfit for you this Christmas! On Smiffy’s website, there is a wide range of different outfits to pick from. You can pick from an inflatable snowman costume or a piggyback Snowman costume. You will definitely stand out at your Christmas parties. There are also snowman outfits for the kids too!

    From £12.49

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    Elf Costume

    elf outfit
    Want to be Santa’s little helpers around Christmas time? We have found the perfect Christmas fancy dress outfit for just you or the whole family. The green and red outfits will make you stand and you even have a chance to wear elf shoes!

    How amazing does this sound? You will also get little elf ears and elf hats too! There are also elf kids’ costumes too.


    From £19.99

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    Santa Claus Costume

    santa claus outfit
    Someone needs to dress up as Santa for your party season! The costume comes with a beard, Santa hat and the whole outfit. This cute Santa outfit will make you certain of attention and you’ll probably have loads of people taking pictures with you!

    Just don’t forget when wearing this Santa Claus costume to a party, you will need to bring loads of presents to give to everyone!


    From £9.49

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    Angel Costume

    angel outfit
    Why not dress up as a guardian angel for Christmas? This angelic outfit has beautiful white and gold designs. This outfit also has angel wings and a white halo too.

    Having an angel fancy dress is great for a nativity play or even to dress up for a Christmas party. This outfit can be worn by both kids and adults too!


    From £29.99

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    Disney Princess Costume

    princess outfit
    Who doesn’t love dressing up as a princess? So why not order a princess fancy dress outfit for your little ones? With a wide range of different colours, glitters and materials.

    Each gown is unique with its own designs and will let your little one look like a princess. Don’t forget to order a glittery crown to make the outfit complete. If you order any of the princess dresses, you can be a snow princess for the Christmas party.


    From £10.20

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    Christmas Cracker Costume

    christmas cracker
    This funny fancy dress outfit is great for anyone to wear at a festive party! The Christmas costume cracker is a one-size fit which is made for both men and women.

    You will be popping off at the Christmas celebrations. There are bright golden ruffles at the top and bottom, with a red cracker colour.


    From £41.99

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    The Grinch Costume

    the grinch
    Everyone knows the Grinch so why not dress up as him at your Christmas party? The Grinch outfit comes with a red top, green pants and gloves. Don’t forget to wear the Grinch mask too!

    So are you ready to celebrate Christmas or even steal Christmas? Then get your Grinch costume now.


    From £28.99

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    Reindeer Costume

    This amazing reindeer costume is great for kids and adults to wear to any Christmas parties coming up this year. With soft materials and different reindeer accessories, you will stand out with this outfit.

    From £42.90

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    Christmas Tree Costume

    christmas tree outfit
    Why not light up the room with this cute Christmas outfit? You can be a Christmas tree for the day with this fabulous outfit. This two-piece costume has a festive green colour, with red/yellow shaped stars and gold tinsel! There is also a green headpiece that will make the outfit stand out for the night!

    From £14.99

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    Christmas Dinner Costume

    christmas dinner
    Why not dress up as Christmas dinner for your fancy dress party? You can dress up as a turkey, carrot or brussel sprout. These amazing and funky outfits are great entertainment and will keep everyone happy around this festive season.

    So check online now for your Christmas dinner outfits.


    From £4.49

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    christmas party

    Have you found your perfect Christmas Fancy Dress for you to wear this festive season? Whether you are dressing up as a Christmas cracker or a Santa Claus costume. We hope you have found the right outfit for the most festive season of the year!

    Whether you’re thinking of starting a secret Santa, channel your inner craftsman and make Christmas cards or attend as many Christmas events as you want!Looking for more Christmas cheer? Head to a Christmas market near you, play some Christmas games and find some Christmas activities for kids!

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