Alton Towers Runaway Mine Train

Runaway Mine Train

If you’re thinking of heading to Alton Towers theme park, but are not sure which rollercoasters you want to try first, then we have something for you. Sure you can race to The Smiler first and all the other big thrill rollercoasters like Oblivion, Nemesis and so on, but why not start off small and go big after? That’s where Alton Towers Runaway Mine Train comes in…

A family ride for those who are starting out on the thrilling world of rollercoasters, for someone whose not quite ready for the big ones, but still loves to have fun and scream with joy!

Runaway Mine Train – The Experiene

Choo Choo! Climb aboard and tackle the shaky track of the Runaway train. Set in the heart of Katanga Canyon, you’ll find a set of deep and dark tunnels, in and around the Canyon. But what’s hiding down there? You should go and find out… Especially those who are looking for a beginners ride.

BOOM there’s been an explosion! What’s happened? The train has broken loose and is now thundering down the track, a speeding locomotive powered roller coaster on a rampage, racing around woodlands, through tunnels and around fast-paced bends. Will it be able to slow down? You’ll race around the 1000ft track TWICE as you get the feel of every twist and turn. Don’t forget to smile for the camera!

A spectacular coaster that has entertained families for decades! Having opened in 1992, Alton Towers Runaway Mine Train has become the oldest rollercoaster at the theme park. And is known to be an enjoyable ride, loved by families no matter what age, especially when it zooms around at maximum speed!

Ride Statistics and Info

Here are a few things you should know about…

  • You must be at least 0.9m to ride, if you are under 1.1m an adult will need to accompany you
  • The top speed reaches 22.4mph and has a G-force of +2G
  • The rollercoaster can seat 1061 riders per hour!
  • It was designed. by John Wardley who also designed your favourite rollercoasters: Nemesis, Oblivion, Galactica, Th13teen and Wicker Man!

So, now you’ve started off small, it’s time to go big! Head to your favourite thrilling rollercoaster at Alton Towers and have a fantastic day out!

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