Adventure Play at Windsor Great Park

playframe at windsor great park

With the summer holidays on the horizon, we bet you’re looking for adventure and outdoor play for your little ones. Well, you’re in luck! Because Adventure Play at Windsor Great Park has now opened!

Think… channelling their imagination and role-play while having barrels of laughs climbing, sliding and just being a kid!

treehouse and sand pit

Where is Windsor Great Park?

windsor great park
This 2,020-hectare garden is to the south of Windsor – it’s also part of the Windsor Estate!

The park is an ancient royal landscape of forests, flora, gardens and lakes – it’s a paradise. If you’re looking for Adventure Play, you’ll find it next to The Savill Garden!

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The Crown Estate,
Windsor Great Park,

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday
07:00 - 21:30


Adult (18+) £12.00
Child (2-17) £16.00
Child (under 2) free

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What is Adventure Play at Windsor Great Park?

rope bridges at windsor great park
Adventure Play is a brand new, hand-crafted adventure playground built at Windsor Great Park! It’s amazing, nature-inspired and pretty spectacular!

But there’s a difference… It’s not just for kids! All ages are welcome here, whether you’re a big or little kid!

You’ll discover a hidden world filled with zooming slides, creative sculptures, an wonderful world of walkways and even treehouses!

Thinking of reaching the sky? Well, you better start practising your brave face as you climb among the towering trees! How about exploring some giant acorns? It won’t just be the squirrels who will love it!

Watch as your little explorers build their confidence as they soar above the ground, tackle obstacles and enjoy playtime like no other. And you can join them too!!

This Adventure Play area is a place to get closer to nature and challenge the mind and body, as well as the senses… But most of all, it’s about having fun. Whether your kids play, or you channel your inner child.

It’s time to get a little muddy while with LOTS of playtime!

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giant musical instrument
Are you small and nimble like a mouse? There are small and gentle slides for you and tunnels to crawl through. With rope bridges and walkways to balance on – BIG play for small explorers.

If you’re a natural climber like the squirrel, you could be more suited to climbing rope bridges, barreling through tunnels and slanted walkways! Not to mention zooming down high slides after you climb the treehouse!

Maybee you’re bold and brave like an owl and can conquer even heights? Brave the toughest challenge as you whizz the tallest slides there with twists and turns. Climb treehouses and shout from the rooftops!

Whatever kind of explorer you are, there’s super amounts of play for everyone.

Don’t forget to wander around and discover they’re weird and wonderful sculptures! From giant musical instruments to flower megaphones and tricky puzzles.

Adventure Play is the perfect day out for the whole family – whether you’re looking for outdoor excitement or challenging outside activities! Especially when you explore the rest of Windsor Great Park.

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Exploring Windsor Great Park

savill garden at windsor great park
Explore the beautiful Savill Garden is a haven of paradise with its 35-acre land full of flourishing flora and blossoming blooms. With flowers and plants perfect for every season, you’ll find something no matter what time of year your visit! From magnolias, French musk roses and crocus to hollies and Daphnes. It truly is a little slice of heaven.

Or have a stroll around Chapel Wood and Cow Pond! With its serene water feature and peaceful surroundings, it’s the perfect place to unwind.

You might even spot some deer in the park too!

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Is Adventure Play included in Windsor Great Park?

No, you’ll need an additional ticket to enter the play area. It also doesn’t include The Savill Garden.

Tickets must be pre-booked in advance.

Do you have to have kids to enter Adventure Play?

Yes. Adults cannot enter Adventure Play without a child.

How long is an Adventure Play session?

Your session will last 2 hours.

Is parking free?

Yes, there is no charge for parking. But please collect a car park ticket.

Are dogs allowed in Adventure Play?

Sorry but they are not. Only assistance dogs are allowed.
slides and treehouse

So, if you’re looking for family play time where everyone can get involved, Adventure Play at Windsor Great Park is a pretty incredible attraction to visit! Maybe you can pop over during the summer holidays when the days are warm and the evenings are bright!

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