Little Miss and Mr Men Characters

mr men and little miss

Mr Men and Little Miss are the beloved characters in a series of books created by the British author Roger Hargreaves and also a few created by Adam Hargreaves. They were published in the 1970s! Much to everyone’s delight, they were an incredible success, even worldwide and loved by all kids (me included! I actually have both collections). If your kids aren’t aware of these incredible children’s books, it’s about time to introduce them to the Little Miss and Mr Men characters!

14 Mr Men characters

Mr Bump

Arguably the most famous Mr Men character. He’s the 6th book in the series and as his name suggests, he’s prone to accidents, falls and bumps and is always covered in bandages! Poor Mr Bump.

Mr Clumsy

Marking the 24th book, Mr Clumsy is a character. He’s green and has a yellow nose! He’s always breaking or dropping things, even knocking stuff over! He falls into duck ponds, out of chairs and out of bed! When will he learn?

Mr Dizzy

He lives in Cleverland, where everyone is clever, but him… A pig and an elephant take advantage of him and he ends up getting really sad and wishing he was clever. All while next to a wishing well…

Mr Fussy

There is no room for imperfection with Mr Fussy. Not a hair out of place or shoelaces untied. He lives in a very neat house but he’s a fussy eater! His cousin Mr Clumsy comes to visit but he causes chaos and Mr Fussy’s house is destroyed!

Mr Happy

He comes in at the 3rd book in the series. The happiest Mr Men around! He’s always trying to make everyone happy, but some people just don’t want to be happy. Will he help them become happy?

Mr Jelly

He’s scared of everything. If a twig snaps, he jumps out of his shoes! And he always hides under the covers, because he’s afraid of just about anything. Will he ever become brave?

Mr Silly

He’s odd, he’s weird, he lives in Nonsenseland! Where tree leaves are red and the grass is blue. He enters a competition to find the silliest thing, but he can’t seem to figure out what’s so silly.

Mr Small

He’s so tiny, are you even able to spot him? He’s eager to find a job suitable for him, he can’t put mustard in jars, nor can he put matches in a matchbox. What job is suitable for a small person?

Mr Strong

He’s big, he’s strong, he’s Mr Strong! He’s the strongest person around because he eats so many eggs that he has the strength to pick up a farmyard barn! What’s on his agenda today? Probably eating more eggs…

Mr Snow

A magical snowman! He started off as an ordinary snowman until the jolly man himself, Father Christmas, came upon him and brought him to life!

Mr Sneeze

Achooo! Imagine sneezing all the time and your nose being as red as a tomato! Well, Mr Sneeze deals with that every day in Coldland. But what if he moved to a hot country? Will he sneeze then?

Mr Tickle

He’s the 1st book in the Mr Men characters from the original series created by Roger Hargreaves. He’s a tickle monster! With extraordinary long arms, he can tickle anyone from any distance, and they won’t even know it’s him! He could be lurking around any corner…waiting to tickle you!

Mr Uppity

Is very rude and very rich. A dubious character that is hard to like, because of his rude manners. But he gets his comeuppance when he messes with the wrong guy. Will he change his ways?

Mr Worry

Imagine always worrying about something, anytime, any day, anywhere! Mr Worry worries about it all. If it’s too hot, he’ll worry about getting burned, if it rains, he’ll worry about his roof leaking! Until he meets someone who can make him stop worrying. Will it work?

This is just a select few because there are 55 Mr Men characters! Collect all the books and you’ll have a stupendous book collection!

14 Little Miss Characters

Little Miss Bossy

She’s bossy, she likes things done her way and she’ll tell you what to do! She’s even as rude as Mr Uppity! But when she’s given a pair of boots that have a mind of their own, she’ll soon learn how bossy someone can be.

Little Miss Chatterbox

She loves to talk, to anyone, anywhere and at any time! But when she tries to get a job, she gets fired for talking too much!

Little Miss Fickle

Little Miss Fickle has trouble making up her mind. She doesn’t know what she wants and when she tries to find a new book, boy does she have trouble. Will she find a book?

Little Miss Giggles

The 14th book in the series. Where giggling is her name, giggling is her nature, she just can’t stop! But one day she loses her giggle and becomes sad. With the help of Mr Happy, will she be able to giggle again?

Little Miss Helpful

Helping out is her favourite pastime. But she doesn’t always end up helping people, and ends up doing things wrong! She tries to help Mr Happy but it doesn’t go right

Little Miss Inventor

Coming in at the 38th book – She’s bright as a button, has a blue nose and is extremely extraordinary. She invents amazing things for her friends but she’s completely stumped when trying to invent something for Mr Rude.

Little Miss Late

There’s no point in giving Little Miss Late a watch because she’ll still end up being late! She can’t keep a job because she’s never on time…until she works for Mr Lazy.

Little Miss Magic

The 8th book in the series is about a resident magician! She can tell her toothpaste to squeeze on the toothbrush and she even shrunk Mr Tickle’s arms after he upset Mr Happy!

Little Miss Naughty

One of the most famous Little Miss Characters and is the 2nd book in the original series! She loves to play jokes on people and be naughty! Everyone has had enough of her mischievous and it’s time for something to be done about it!

Little Miss Scatterbrain

The 12th book in the Little Miss series and is about the least intelligent Little Miss in the world. She’s even less intelligent than Mr Dizzy!

Little Miss Star

The 19th book is about a character who is eager to become really popular and famous more than anything! She goes to see a man (who turns out to be Roger Hargreaves) and the next day she has a book selling in the window!

Little Miss Whoops

The 33rd book in the Little Miss Series and she’s the sister of Mr Bump! She’s also clumsy and always bumping into things, wearing bandages every day. When she goes to visit her brother, disaster follows.

Little Miss Sunshine

She’s a ball of sunshine, a bright light and it’s time for her to go on vacation! She sets off to Miseryland where there is a miserable king. Can she make him smile?

I bet you’re invested in these children’s book series now, right? They’re a classic book and a home staple! And if your kids don’t know about them, it’s time to revisit your childhood and introduce them to the Mr Men and Little Miss characters! Did you know there was a TV show called the Mr Men Show, it was one of Channel 5’s many kid’s shows?

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