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Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Ideas for Halloween Costumes

kids dressed up for halloween

With autumn fast approaching it means one thing… HALLOWEEN! Spooky pumpkins, creepy crawlies, spider webs decorating every corner of your Halloween-themed house and Trick or Treaters of course. But what do you need for trick or treating? Halloween costumes! And we’ve come up with the best ideas for Halloween costumes, so you don’t have to.

Have fun trick or treating!

Animal Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Whether your kids love superheroes, witches and wizards, dressing up as their favourite characters or a spooky soul. We’ve got some fab ideas!

  • Inflatable Dinosaur Costume – Does your kids love dinos? If they fancy being an explorer riding a terrifying T-Rex, we have the costume for you!
  • Baby Shark – A simple costume that your kid will look adorable in, is a baby shark! From the incredibly addictive song… Baby Shark!  Who doesn’t love easy but amazing costumes for kids?
  • Classic Black Cat – Running out of time and can’t decide what last-minute costume you can get for your kids? How about defaulting to the classic black cat costume? You just need cat ears, black clothes and a black tail!  Draw a pink nose and whiskers on their face and you’re good to go!
  • Big Bad Wolf – Creative costumes from classic children’s books. Whether you buy a wolf mask or improvise with face paint, you can create one child as the big bad wolf wearing a Granny-style hat and long dress. And the other child can dress as Little Riding Hood in a red cape! You get two styles in one, it’s the perfect DIY costume!

Superhero Halloween Costumes

  • Captain Marvel/Ms Marvel – Any girls out there that are in awe of Marvel’s superheroes? Embody the powerful surge of Captain Marvel and embrace the quirky but strong persona of Ms Marvel with her stupendous powers and abilities. Maybe they can fly their way around the streets for their treats?
  • Spider-Man – Nothing can beat a spidey costume, and best of all, there are 3 styles to choose from. Either the Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland spidey suit. Which one will your kids go for? Maybe get some sticky webs to add to their suits to really embody their spidey senses.
  • Doctor Strange/Scarlett Witch – with the new release of Doctor Strange and the Multitude of Madness, you can’t deny that these characters are going to be among the most sort after costumes this Halloween!
  • Batman/The Joker – with Halloween back in full swing this year after a few uncertain ones, we’re sure it will start off with a bang, so the two latest renditions of DC’s superheroes will most likely be in occurrence! Your kids will be posing everywhere saying ‘I’m Batman!’ in their deepest voices.
  • Superman/Superdog! – If you have an adorable pooch, then this is the perfect and most adorable costume your kids and their dog can have. Your child will embody the great Superman with a blue suit and red cape, and your four-legged friend will dorn a red cape too! Imagine how many more chocolates your kids will get with this fab costume…
  • Miraculous Ladybug – Is your kid’s favourite show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir? Why not dress them in matching costumes to match their favourite characters? With red and black clothing, it’ll be easy peasy to get from the shops and customise!
  • The Incredibles – Of course, if you celebrate Halloween with a family tradition of all dressing up, then this is the number one superhero family costume idea!

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

Not all ideas for Halloween costumes needs to be slick and cool, right? Some can totally be funny and quirky costumes are definitely in!

  • Minions – You want to be bright yellow, stand out from the crowd and one-eyed right? We know not all minions are one-eyed, but that would still be pretty quirky. It’s not hard to get this costume together, if you have blue dungarees, a yellow shirt and goggles, you can 100% DIY this Halloween costume.
  • Devilled Egg – Okay, so this is definitely niche, but on a toddler, it’ll be pretty cute. Get some red horned headband, white and yellow fabric (preferably felt.). Measure the white fabric around your child and cut it into the shape of a fried egg and stitch it together. Then to create the yolk, cut out a piece of yellow felt and stitch it onto the white fabric. And you’re done! Simple and easy. And only needs 3 steps!
  • Walking Pinata – So, this will probably require creative brains and a lot of time – but hey Halloween is still over a month away! You’ll need:
    • An oversized t-shirt/dress
    • Lots of different coloured crepe paper
    • Fabric glue
    • Scissors
    • A lot of patience!
  1. First, you’ll need to place your shirt or dress around something flat so it’s secure and you can easily stick the paper onto it.
  2. Next, grab your coloured crepe paper and cut fringes into it. Then start applying the coloured pieces onto the dress with the fabric glue. Whether you start with a line of blue crepe paper, followed by red, green, pink and so on. There should be a line of each colour (like how a pinata looks). Once your top or dress is fully covered with the crepe paper on the front, turn it around and do the same thing on the back!
  3. After the crepe paper has been added to the whole outfit, it’s ready to rock and roll! But to make your outfit look more like a pinata, decorate a party hat with the same coloured paper and dangle some strips off the tip. It’ll finish the pinata ensemble and it’ll definitely be a costume to remember! Except no one will be hitting you to get sweets…because you’ll be asking for them instead.
  • Taco – It’s a shame Halloween isn’t on a Tuesday because then it’ll be TACO TUESDAY! Either way, dressing up as food is always fun and a huge hit. So, how about getting a taco outfit? Whether it’s for your kid or for you!
  • Candyfloss – A sweet but funny costume and you can dye the cotton wool any colour, because who can tell you what colour candyfloss is? Whether you chose lime green, baby pink, sky blue or just plain white! You’ll need lots of cotton wool and a dress or outfit you can stick the wool on using spray adhesive until it looks like a huge ball of candyfloss! Then make a cone for their head out of card and add some more cotton wool to the base of the cone. Then you should have a cone of candyfloss ready for trick or treating!

Quirky Halloween Costumes

glow sticks halloween costume
  • Glow In The Dark Stick Man – Do you really want your kids (or you) to stand out? Then listen up! Halloween is always when the nights have gotten dark and what’s better to brighten up the night with a little bit of groovy light? All you’ll need is to dress up in black (head to toe!) and buy a bunch of glow sticks! Stick them to the clothes using sellotape, in the shape of a stick man. Make sure to crack the sticks before sticking them on (this is technically a last-minute costume) and once you’re ready to go, boogie on down the street with your colourful outfit!
  • Ghostbusters! – Now, dressing up as the actual Ghostbusters isn’t entirely quirky, it’s a classic film! But the Marshmallow Man is pretty quirky and dare I say, cute? Soft and squidgy, it’s a fab costume!
  • Edward Scissorhands – Fans of Tim Burton and Edward Scissorhands unite! A more unknown character but an incredible one at that.

Character Halloween Costumes

  • Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse – Whether you go as their original characters or you make them a bit spooky with makeup/face paint. Maybe they’re ghosts now or showing some bones? Facepaint and creativity can make the most amazing costumes!
  • Marge Simpson – The famous yellow family that we all know and love. With so many characters from the show, you could dress up as anyone! But how often can you dress up as someone with BIG hair? You can make her big blue hair using plastic bottles stuck on top of one another, wear a green dress and red pearls and paint yourself yellow!
  • Cruella De Vil – Whether this is for your kids or for you, a white and black dress and wig are a must! Then add a red belt, red shoes and maybe something spotty to complete the outfit. If you have a dalmatian dog, then you’ve hit the jackpot, if not, you could get a teddy and hold it around with you. Or get a pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket and customise it to be black and white with spots!
  • Mirabel from Encanto – Everyone loves Encanto right? With its colourful and vibrant storyline, incredible songs and lovable characters! Well, you can score a Mirabel costume this year for Halloween! And channel your inner goodness while singing about your family!

We hope you’ve found some ideas for Halloween costumes from us! Whether you were looking for your kids, family or for yourself! It’s a time to get creative, and imaginative and if you’re really into Halloween, you can turn any of those into spookily scary costumes. Go all out!

Looking for more things to do this autumn? How about pumpkin picking? Or attend Thorpe Park Fright Nights for a scarily good night? Check out cheap and easy Halloween ideas or make a film watch list of the spookiest Halloween films – grab the popcorn…and maybe a blanket to cover your eyes?

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