Home Learning Timetable

School closed? Time for some home learning then! Before panic strikes or you’re left pulling your hair out, we’re here to help put some routine back into your week. We’ve prepared a handy little study-at-home timetable for kids you can easily print out and stick on your wall. 

The best bit? It can be tailored for kids in every Key Stage, and every academic level. You can even activate swaps – just replace anything not relevant to your child for something else that is! 

If you like the idea but you’d rather work with a blank canvas to set up your own kids’ daily planner, scroll down to find a blank version to print out and customise – both versions of the kids’ home school planner are FREE! 

Download your FREE home learning planner

Who doesn’t love a good family planner? Balancing everything from brushing up on English, Maths & Science, to arts and crafts, getting active and even time for reflection too, this FREE timetable download will have you juggling everything, including home learning – and more importantly, staying sane too!


FREE Home learning timetable available to download

Here comes your FREE blank timetable for kids too! 

Fancy making up your own routine? No problem, just download this blank daily planner template and fill in the gaps! You could have one for each child, or one big family organiser for the whole family – there’s no limit to how many you can download! And if you’re stuck for ideas on what to put on your planner, get some inspiration from our list of 100 indoor activities to do at home!

Looking for activity ideas and things to do to put in your planner? Take a look at these for some inspiration:

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For more great ideas and inspiration, keep an eye on the latest on our blog or head to our homepage and discover thousands of great family days out. With this much family fun at your fingertips, you’ll soon find yourself planning things to do for the whole year ahead!

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