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Ready for a Capital adventure?

Share an unforgettable family day out at your choice of five Go Ape London locations.

Accessible by car or public transport, elevate your adventures on high ropes experiences for all age groups at breath-taking locations. Even in the heart of London, there’s an adventure waiting for you!

Find a Go Ape in London near you

A little girl at Go Ape Alexandra Palace
A little boy on the high ropes course at Go Ape Battersea Park
A group walking on a net bridge at Go Ape Black Park
A girl walking along a rope bridge at Go Ape Chessington
A girl on the high ropes course at Go Ape Cockfosters
A boy at Go Ape on the high ropes course

Find a Go Ape in London!

Adventures are waiting for you at a Go Ape near you. View the London locations now to find your next great day out!

What can you find at the Go Ape London locations?

Go Ape Alexandra Palace

Here you'll get the best of both worlds. The exhilarating feeling of the outdoors AND spectacular panoramic views of the London skyline. Your Treetop Challenge will be on another level as you climb to the sky on a high-wire adventure, but being so closer to the centre of the bustling capital city. Did you know it's only a short walk away from London's high streets? Whether you're zipline fanatics, looking for an adventure for thrill-seekers or you're an urban lover who wants to see the city from a different viewpoint. Go Ape Alexandra Palace is the place to be!

Go Ape Battersea

The most central forest experience in London. Where you'll find a huge outdoor area with the most fantastic views of Battersea and Battersea Park.

The Treetop Challenge isn't just your average adventure, it's crossings are twice the height of most Go Ape locations - so it's the ultimate adventure for adults and kids! Not only can you experience a high-wire adventure, but also the Fisherman's Net and thrilling zip wires, wobbly bridges and crossings, for all those fanatics! Whether you're an urban lover looking for a taste of adventure, need a dose of thrill or looking for the perfect outdoor activity for children. You'll find it here at Go Ape Battersea!

Go Ape Black Park

If you're looking for an adrenaline-packed adventure, you've found it! At Black Park, you have a choice of 6 adventures to choose from! Whether you want an adventure for thrill-seekers, a high-wire adventure, zipline fanatics or looking for a challenge where you'll feel a sense of accomplishment after overcoming it. 

Try the Treetop Adventure, especially if you're a young thrill-seeker who isn't ready for that higher dose of thrill. Tackle wobbly. bridges, crossings and a superb zip wire! Those who want more of a challenge can try Treetop Challenge Xpress or Treetop Adventure Plus! Both courses offer challenging obstacles high above in the tree canopy, long crossings and solo ziplines! It's an adventure junkies delight! 

And if that's not enough, you can have a go at the Nets Adventure, where there are huge bounce nets 30ft atop the forest canopy, a fun and brilliant family activity! Or zoom around the forest floor on the perfect two-wheeled experience on the Forest Segway experience!

Go Ape Chessington

Do you want to experience something you can't get anywhere else? At Go Ape Chessington you're in for a fabulous treetop adventure 

Situated close to Chessington World of Adventures, complete your family day with an incredible outdoor activity and climb high on the Treetop Challenge! Then zoom down on the spectacular four-person zip wire - that's something you can't find anywhere else! 

Whether you're looking for a high-wire adventure, wanting to explore the forest floor, looking for that dose of thrill or just for a forest adventure - you'll find all that and more at Go Ape Chessington. 

Go Ape Cockfosters

Looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy London life? Here at Cockfosters, you'll truly enter a bubble. Set in Trent Park, with towering trees, a forest canopy and fresh forest air, it's the perfect outdoor adventure. With an extensive woodland, there's plenty of space for an adrenaline-pumping adventure experience, so you're sure to have an amazing time. 

This beautiful park has a high-rise adventure, the longest and fastest zip wire in London and not one, but two giant Tarzan Swings! It's also the highest Go Ape course in South London, so you know it has exceptional views, as well as promoting amazing adventure experiences! 

So, whether you're a bicycle lover looking for a new cycle route, wanting to explore beautiful woodlands or searching for new family adventure days, Go Ape Cockfosters is calling your name!

What is Go Ape?

Watch our video to find out more about your Go Ape adventure activities, from high ropes courses to Forest segways, zip wires and more!