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A Medieval Adventure at Knights Village : Warwick Castle

By Guest Blogger
Posted 30 September 2021
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A Medieval Adventure at Knights Village, Warwick Castle

Firstly, let me give a little background on who was involved in this adventure. Our ‘clan’ consists of Oscar, 6, his interests are football, watching youtubers with incredibly high-pitched voices play minecraft and basically play-fighting me every chance he gets. Poppy, 9, her interests are gymnastics, TikTok, netball, TikTok and if she’s not busy doing any of that she likes to spend time on TikTok! And not forgetting me and my wife (late...very late 30’s).

Although we have visited Warwick Castle several times in the past, and always had a brilliant time, we’ve actually never stayed in the Knights Village.

We had booked a Woodland Lodge in the Knights Village, sleeping up to 5 as there is a double bed, 2 bunk beds and then a 3rd pullout bed. Other than how many the lodge slept we didn’t really know much else about what to expect, which definitely helped raise the excitement levels up a notch with the kids.

First Top Tip (well more of a bonus really)

Parking for guests of the Knights Village is literally right next to the lodges, so you don’t need to carry your cases more than a few hundred yards.

On arrival you head to the main reception which also doubles as the entrance to the medieval themed restaurant, more about that later. Lovely friendly greeting, explained where our lodge was (we arrived just after 5pm but you can check-in from 4pm) and asked us what time we would like to book breakfast for (which was included in our package), we also made a dinner reservation for 6pm that evening. We noticed a board outside which mentioned entertainment started at 6:30pm with a bedtime story read to the kids by a Knight at 7:45pm. All checked-in we headed off to find our lodge...

Along the winding raised boardwalks, past the glamping tents, cutting our way through the fairy light-filled woods to find our home for the night.

As I mentioned, ours was Woodland Lodge which is basically a semi-detached wooden cabin. Each ‘pair’ of lodges enjoy their own boardwalk running up to the terrace. There are also Knights Lodges which sleep up to 7 and looked quite a bit bigger from the outside, and they include a second level and private balcony.

So, after the inevitable tussle between the kids for who is going to open the door with the keycard, we were in! The first thing you notice when inside the lodge is just how brilliant the theming and attention to detail is, everywhere you look there is a coat of arms, or medieval style light. Really well done and massively adds the the theatre and drama of having an adventure in the woods.

The lodge is fairly open plan with a double bed in the main living space, with TV, coffee machine, wardrobes etc and then the kids had a separate room which included the bunk beds and then there was a separate, spacious bathroom with a walk-in shower. Naturally the kids immediately burst into their bedroom and began ‘negotiating’ over who should get the top bunk. 
What was particularly nice was the lodges are quite well spaced apart, so the kids have a space to go exploring and digging for worms, without the need for them to venture too far from the lodge. Our two were delighted to find the ‘best tree ever’ right next to our lodge which they proceeded to climb.

After a little bit of time settling in and climbing trees, we all headed off to dinner. As with the lodge, the restaurant was really well themed like a medieval banquet room. We were shown to our table and informed that the food was buffet style help yourself and there was unlimited soft drinks and tea & coffee (there was also a little bar in the corner for a cheeky glass of wine for mum and dad, just to be sociable of course).

Food was great, choice of mains for adults with garlic chicken, steak and ale pie, lasagne, plenty of veg and some good options for vegetarians and vegans on request. Kids have a choice of chicken goujons, fish fingers, chips, beans….basically everything to keep the kids happy. There was also a lovely salad cart with coleslaw, potato salad etc.

Poppy instantly spotted the dessert selection which included chocolate brownie, mini doughnuts and cheesecake. It would have been rude not to thoroughly sample a wide range of desserts, so she got stuck right in :)

As we were were enjoying dinner, a couple of maidens approached in full medieval regalia. They had a little chat with us all and made sure we were aware of the entertainment starting shortly down by the river. No sooner had they say the word ‘sword fighting’ did Oscar spring from his chair and announce dinner was finished and it was time to fight! So we all finished up, very well fed, and headed out to the entertainment area which was just a couple of minutes walk from the restaurant.

The entertainment included sword fighting, archery and storytelling, all enthusiastically and convincingly led by various medieval characters. There were quite a few other families and kids down by the river enjoying the entertainment. Everyone was having a great time, the characters were really good fun, just the right balance of threatening to chop parents heads off and making silly jokes with the kids to ensure everyone was involved.

After about an hour of fun & games it was getting a bit chilly and quite dark, so we decided to give the bedtime story a miss and head back to the lodge, with a slight detour back to the restaurant to grab a hot chocolate. 

Under the quickly fading light is when the Knights Village came to life, the lighting running all through the forest really did make everything seem quite magical. Kids and adults alike would struggle not to feel pretty overwhelmed by it all.

We all snuggled up in the lovely big, cosy bed with our hot chocolate and watched a bit of TV. Popping the kids into their respective, previously agreed bunks lol. The wife and I enjoyed a little glass of wine on our terrace, watching the beautifully lit Warwick Castle over in the distance.

Next morning, we were all up bright and early and headed to breakfast for 8am. As with dinner the night before, it was a buffet with a wide range of options to suit all tastes. From fruit and cereal to sausage, bacon and eggs. 

Breakfast really was great, I find it’s often where so many hotels etc left themselves down, either with poor quality or a poor range to cater for peoples various preferences. But not this time, everything was delicious, hot and fresh.

After breakfast we headed back to the lodge to pack up and head out for our day at Warwick Castle. 

Final Thoughts...

The whole family had a brilliant stay in Knights Village, the kids loved all the theatre and fun and games whilst us parents enjoyed the tranquility of being nestled deep in the woods, safe in the knowledge that the kids could go out exploring together without the need for us to worry about them getting lost or running in to any trouble. The lodge itself was a real treat, definitely the sort of special treat everyone should experience.

 I think a few extra touches to the dining experience in terms of continuing that level of attention to detail to things like maybe the drinks being served in tankards and instead of Steak & Ale Pie call is Bison & Mead Pie (you get the idea). And I don’t know about your kids, but any sort of music or disco on an evening is always a great success and gives the parents a chance to sit back and enjoy their evening too. So maybe some sort of Knights & Princesses disco / dance would be a nice touch in the evening.

I won’t go into detail in this article on our day at Warwick Castle but as you can see from these few pictures, it didn’t disappoint!