St Augustine’s Abbey

St Augustine's Abbey

St Augustine’s Abbey in Canterbury, England is a former Benedictine monastery that stands as a testament to the history and legacy of Christianity in Britain.

Visiting St. Augustine’s Abbey with children can be a delightful and educational experience for families looking to explore a piece of England’s rich history.

St Augustine's Abbey

Where is St Augustine's Abbey?

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St Augustine's Abbey
Longport, Canterbury CT1 1PF


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Tell me about the history of St Augustine's Abbey?

St Augustine's Abbey

Located in the historic city of Canterbury, England this iconic abbey holds a special place in the country’s heritage.

Founded in 598 AD by St Augustine of Canterbury himself, it was an important site for the spread of Christianity throughout England. The abbey has since been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its immense cultural significance alongside nearby Canterbury Cathedral.

Visitors can explore the ruins of the abbey and monastic buildings which include an impressive chapter house and cloisters.

They can also visit the parish church of St Augustine’s, which still stands adjacent to the ruins. The abbey is home to a museum that houses artifacts from its fascinating history, which includes links to Henry Viii.

Things to Do at St Augustine's Abbey

Exploring the Ruins

As you step into the grounds of St. Augustine’s Abbey with your family, you are instantly transported back in time. The ruins, preserved with care, offer a glimpse into the life of a once-flourishing monastery. Children can roam around the ancient walls, touch the weathered stones, and let their imaginations run wild, picturing the monks who once lived here. In addition, there is a museum with artefacts and an exhibition following the story of the abbey.

Information Boards and Guide Book

We think that St Augustine’s Abbey’s is a treasure trove for curious minds. It features information boards that bring the abbey’s history to life. Also, families can purchase a guide book helping them to understand each area.

Family-Friendly Tours

Guided tours are available, tailored to be family-friendly. These tours are both informative and entertaining, with guides often incorporating fun facts and stories to keep the children engaged. The tours usually cover the history of the abbey, the daily life of the monks, and the abbey’s role in the history of Christianity in England.

Family Picnic

We recommend the abbey’s grounds as a perfect spot for a family picnic. You can spread a blanket on the lush grass and enjoy a meal surrounded by beautiful historic buildings. The peaceful atmosphere of the ruins also offers a relaxing experience for parents, while children can play in the open spaces.

Gardens and Nature Trails

The gardens surrounding St Augustine’s Abbey and ruins are beautifully maintained, offering a serene environment. Nature trails can be a delightful way for families to explore the local flora and fauna. These trails are often easy for children and can be a great way to introduce them to nature and the importance of conservation.

Accessibility and Facilities

The abbey is equipped with facilities to ensure a comfortable visit for families. These include baby changing areas and gift shop.

Why we recommend St Augustine’s Abbey

  • As your day at St. Augustine’s Abbey comes to an end, children leave with a deeper understanding of English history and our cultural heritage.
  • Unique experience that combines learning lots of history with fun,making it a must-visit destination for families exploring Canterbury.


Can I bring my dog?

Dogs on leads are welcome within the grounds of St Augustine’s Abbey.

Can I buy food and drinks at St Augustine's Abbey?

The gift shop sells a selection of snacks, sweets, ice cream and both hot and cold drinks. You can also purchase a variety of English Heritage gifts and books.

Are pushchairs allowed ?

Push chairs and prams are allowed when visiting St Augustine’s Abbey. However be aware some parts of the ground are uneven.

St Augustine’s Abbey is a must visit if you are exploring Canterbury as a family. Would you like to explore more historical days out and things to do in the UK? Then, you might like these blogs:

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