Pawsitive Cafe: Everything You Need To Know…

cockapoo dog staring a a cupcake on the table

Don’t you just love going for dinners and drinks with your best friend? And by a best friend we of course mean… YOUR DOG! Because, after all, no one else can steal that spot from them, right? The Pawsitive Cafe is the perfect blend of therapeutic activities and delicious treats for humans and dogs. You’ll be able to bond with your furry friend and other like-minded dog lovers over a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Does it sound like something up your street? Well, you better read on then…

A unique dog-friendly cafe that has taken London by storm…

alsatian eating food at pawsitive cafe with his owner
Dine like esteemed gentlemen and women with your beloved companion by your side at the Pawsitive Cafe. Enjoy all afternoon tea treats with a human menu and a ‘furry-friendly’ menu.  While you much on an Eggs Floretine your little pooch can enjoy an Afternoon Puppy Tea – mini fruit tarts and cupcakes are included.

This cafe is all about taking care of your mental health by relaxing with your furry friends. The strong relationships between animals and humans can improve self-confidence and reduce feelings of loneliness and depression. So how nice is it, to find a place that honours the strong and meaningful bond between a dog and their owner?

It’s never fun having to leave your dog at home while you are out and about in the city but now, you don’t have to! Grab their favourite lead, give them a good old brush and take a seat in one of the most unique cafes in London.

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52 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH

Opening Times

Tuesday - Sunday 10:30 - 19:30

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Why should I visit the Pawsitive Cafe?

fluffy dog in between two plates of sweet treats
If you’re a foodie and a dog-lover you will have hit the jackpot with this cafe. Not only can you enjoy sweet and savoury breakfast treats like the ever-trending ‘avocado on toast’ but your dog will have a big menu to choose from as well. Treat them to a ‘pupcake’ or two… Our lips are sealed!

This food is seriously aesthetic which will make for a perfect Instagram reel moment. But aside from the surface-level reasons to visit this stunning cafe, there is a real emphasis on mental health. This cafe is a mindful space that wants you to feel good and peaceful – relaxing as you should.

So if you’re in need of some chill-out time with your bestie, head over to the unique and elegant Pawsiitive Cafe.

Oh did we forget to mention there is also a DOGGIE BALL PIT?! Sounds like the perfect photo opportunity to me…

What’s on the menu for my dog?

cockapoo dog staring a a cupcake on the table

Furry-Friendly Menu

Afternoon Puppy Tea

– Cucumber & egg sandwiches

– Mini fruit tart

– Banana and peanut butter cupcake

Small £5 | Medium £7 | Large £7


Chicken Pot Pie

– Shortcrust pastry delight



Beef Meatballs & Courgetti

– Packed full of protein and veg

Small £5 | Medium £6.50 | Large £7.50


Organic Scrambled Eggs

– This human-classic has been whipped into a dog special!

Small £3 | Medium £4.50 | Large £6


Pancake with Yoghurt and Fruits

– A classic brunch treat with fluffy pancakes that your canines will ravish!

Small £4 | Medium £5.50 | Large £7



– Banana & Peanut Butter cupcake



Frozen Fruit

– With mixed berries



You can also pick healthier options with a ‘Make your own bowl‘ section of the menu. You’ll get to pick your dog’s favourite protein (beef, chicken, or salmon), then add veggies and any extras you think they’ll love. These cost between £6-£8.

What’s on the menu for me?

blue pancakes with ice cream and flowers on top

Brunch Menu:

Shakshuka (Vegetarian) 

– Poached eggs in tomatoes

– harissa yoghurt & duka




– Eggs Benedict

– Egg Royale

– Egg Florentine

All come with hollandaise sauce + poached eggs on top of muffins.



Pawsitive Creamcheese Pancake £11 (Vegetarian)

– Fluffy pancakes with cream cheese served on top.

– Pick from pink Strawberry compote or Blue Berries compote



Granola & Yoghurt (Vegetarian & Vegan)

– Granola

– Nuts

– Yoghurt

– Banana

– Fresh berries

– Pick from Greek (Vegetarian) or Coconut (vegan)


Avacado on Toast (Vegan)

– Served with pomegranate & sumac



Avacado & Egg on Toast (Vegetarian)

– Served with pomegranate & sumac



French Toast (Vegetarian)

Pick from Fresh Berries compote, peanut butter and banana, and crispy chicken (+£3) all served with maple syrup.



English Breakfast (Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal available)

Served with sausage, bacon (only in classic), hash browns, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, red beans & eggs: scrambled, poached or sunny side up.



Add ons:

– Avacado

– Egg

– Bacon

– Toast

two dogs in a seat swing
Sample some sweet and sour goodies from the Malaysian Food Menu! You’ll find lots of yummy meals like a traditional Malaysian breakfast with brioche bread poached eggs, kaya coconut spread and butter. Enjoy fried spiced chicken and Nasi Lemak – a traditional Malaysian coconut steamed rice with anchovies sambal, boiled egg, roasted peanuts and crispy spiced chicken.

And later in the day? Enjoy plenty of tasty mains with all your favourite meals like a katsu chicken club sandwich, crispy chicken burger, marinated salmon, hot smoked Buddha bowl and so much more. Compliment your meal with some mouthwatering sides like salt and pepper squid, Korean BBQ fried chicken or truffle fries.

Two words: NOM, NOM!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about the Pawsitive Cafe. The next time you’re in the capital with your pooch make sure to swing by and tuck into some tasty food. If you are looking for more things to do in London you should check out our articles Monopoly Lifesized, Free Museums in London or 10 Best Things To Do With Teenagers in London. Or if you’re on the hunt for more doggy days out check our more puppy cafe articles like Pop + Bark Events 2023. We also have Puppy Yoga and Cat Cafes Near Me articles as well.

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