Reality is sooooo… blah sometimes isn’t it? Grey skies, traffic, and daily annoyances – who needs it? What if we told you Brummies, there is a virtual island paradise near you? There’s no need to cross any seas and forget about those long airport queues and heavy suitcases. Think self-service bars with soda guns, cocktails, and up to 16 VR experiences to join in with. Oh, and you’ll get to experience the 4 seasons…  It’s time you threw caution to the wind and plunged into another realm… Grab your headsets and cocktails, we’re going to OTHERWORLD Birmingham!

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20 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham B2 5QJ

Opening Times

Friday 10 am–12 am

Saturday 9 am–12 am

Sunday 9 am–10 pm

Monday 10 am–11 pm

Tuesday 10 am–11 pm

Wednesday 10 am–11 pm

Thursday 10 am–11 pm


From £10pp

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What is OTHERWORLD Birmingham?

man wearing VR
In another life what would you be? A zombie slayer, a happy-go-lucky explorer or a synth rider? All of these dreams are possible to achieve in just one sitting. How, I hear you ask? Well, Otherworld is a completely immersive experience where you don’t just see, but feel the world that is projected around you.

Feel every gale of wind in the Winter, every sunbeam on your skin while you’re on the beach in the Summer and every rumble during your gameplay. The impressive power of this 360-degree experience will captivate your senses making your virtual experience feel seamless and authentic. All these epic experiences are based created using ground-breaking Immersion Pod™ VR technology.

You’ll be equipped with VR headsets that will either have HTC Vive Pro or the HP Reverb, (powered by a top-of-the-line PC), depending on your location. Otherworld has various locations in the UK such as London.

All in all, Otherworld is a fully-explorable sandbox split into four seasons, offering you a diverse range of virtual reality experiences.

Play up to sixteen OTHERWORLD VR experiences: Fight a zombie apocalypse deep in Arizona, or battle your friends from the cockpit of an immense mech – the possibilities are endless!

During your experience, you’ll earn DreamCoin, which you’ll be able to spend at the full-service bars nestled into our futuristic venues. Even if you don’t have a VR experience booked you are welcome to visit for a cheeky bevvy!

Why Should I visit OTHERWORLD Birmingham?

If you’re like us at DOWTK, then you live for unique family days out and date nights. Otherworld Birmingham is an exciting new-ish VR Bar with lots of exciting twists and turns to spice up your day out.

And yes, although it’s a VR bar, all ages are allowed to take part in games and enjoy the VR experiences on offer. Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult though. With this in mind, you may even choose Otherworld Birmingham as the venue for your teen’s birthday. Think what an epic surprise it would be for your teenager to celebrate in one of Birmingham’s coolest attractions!

What makes the idea of this attraction even more attractive is that it’s fun for adults too. How many times have you had to watch from the sidelines while the kids go swimming or hop on rollercoaster rides or wrangle around in soft play centres? In this activity, all ages can choose from a wide variety of games and have fun. Whether it’s zombie shooting games, escape rooms, or Fruit Ninja, each immersion pod acts as a virtual reality theme park.

Overall, Otherworld Birmingham offers an award-winning free-roam digital island paradise to be enjoyed with either alcoholic or soft drinks – the choice is yours!

What ages are best suited to OTHERWORLD Birmingham?

OTHERWORLD-Birmingham points card
All ages are allowed to take part in games and enjoy the VR experiences on offer. Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult though. Alcoholic drinks will obviously not be accessible to kids under 18 too.

What Games Can I Play at OTHERWORLD Birmingham?

OTHERWORLD-Birmingham artwork
There are up to 16 VR experiences and plenty of games to pick from at Otherworld Birmingham. If you like gore and horror, you’ll love the zombie games and the Survival Escape Room Game on offer. There are also more peaceful games like magical garden virtual reality experiences and dancing games.

Here are some of the games you can play at this luxury VR paradise…

  • Fruit Ninja.
  • Half-Life: Alyx.
  • Fujii.
  • Vox Machinae.
  • Gloomy Eyes.
  • Blaston.
  • Synth Riders.
  • Contractor$

Drinks, please?

VR battles really take it out of you, don’t they? Quench your thirst with your favourite drink – there are loads to choose from!

OTHERWORLD Birmingham’s bar is made up of a 16-tap self-serve drinks wall plus two bottomless soda guns. The departure lounge’s tap wall features Peroni, Asahi, Lucky Saint and Elephant Riders, plus a wide variety of delicious cocktails from Black Lines.

Haven’t booked an experience? Don’t worry! The bar is open to the general public regardless if you have booked the experience. Feel free to visit at any time to pull a drink and enjoy the light show.

And what’s more? If you kill enough zombies in one of the popular VR games you’ll receive free drinks and discounts on drinks!

How long should I spend at OTHERWORLD Birmingham?

VR experience
The time depends on how deep you are willing to travel into other realms… But to answer this question a little more specifically, 1-3 hours is usually the average time! This surreal experience will fly by nevertheless and with a self-serve bar, you’ll never want to leave!

Are there any other OTHERWORLD locations?

the UK
Yes! So far there are three OTHERWORLD locations in London and there are plans for more of these VR Centres to be built in Manchester and Edinburgh!

How do I get there?

person at OTHERWORLD-Birmingham
Whether you’re a local Brummie or from out of space, here’s a few transport tips to help you find your way to Bennetts Hill Birmingham.

By Train

Birmingham New Street – 3 minute walk away

Snow Hill train station – 5 minute walk away

Moor Street train station – 8 minute walk away

By Bus

You should take any bus to Birmingham’s city centre. Colmore Row bus station is a short walk away from Bennetts Hill, so that will be your closest stop.

By Car

Here are a few car parks in the city centre you can use…

  • Q-Park Birmingham
  • Paradise Circus multi-storey car park
  • Great Charles Street car park.
  • Jewellery Quarter multi-storey car park.
  • Ludgate Hill car park.
  • Millennium Point multi-storey car park.
  • Navigation Street car park.
  • Snow Hill multi-storey car park.
  • Town Hall multi-storey car park.

So what are you thinking? Does this surreal virtual reality bar tickle your fancy? With its cool aesthetic, self-service bar, and an epic selection of games with 360 weather effects, OTHERWORLD Birmingham is a must-visit in the West Midlands.

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