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Love all things spooky, funny and downright unique? Then we know you’ll love the London Dungeon experience. Situated off Westminster Bridge Road, next to the London Eye, Shrek’s Adventure, SEA LIFE London Aquarium, and Madame Tussauds is only an 8-minute journey away! There are loads of family-fun attractions for you and the entire family to get stuck into in the big city. But if you’re looking for something to scare your socks off, then think about getting some London Dungeon tickets! And prepare for an immerse experience like no other.

The London Dungeon Experience

Travel back in time to the capital city’s treacherous past for a fully immersive, sensory experience that will have you screaming, jumping with fear and laughing in unexpected moments as you delve deeper into one of London’s unique but thrilling ride.

Your first experience will have you descending down into the Dungeon in the medieval lift. Where you’ll hear the sounds of churning cogs and grinding gears…hopefully you get down there safely. You’ll be travelling with the Lift Jester who will invite you in to learn about the dreaded 1,000-year history that resides there. Will you be able to stomach it? Take a Conspirators walk as you discover The Gun Powder Plot and its traitors. Are you to be trusted? How will you feel as you discover King Jame’s dreadful deeds?

Journey through the perilous Black Plague in 1665, where rotting bodies are piling up, pass houses painted with red crosses as you walk through muddy alleys and black rats are scurrying at your feet. But what’s this? Have you just wandered into the infamous Pest House? Better be careful here… You’ll be locked up for 40 days and 40 nights just to see whether you’re rife with the plague, will you be able to purge the illness from your rotting bodies or will you succumb to the deadly disease and pass in an infected house? The Plague Doctor will also see you…or maybe not, since he’s dead. But his assistant is ready to observe you, to see whether you are indeed infected. The smells and sounds of the sad situation will be surrounding you, as well as the feel of splatters or something… Feeling a little peaky? Maybe the doctor’s leeches will help you.

Fancy a haircut? Sweeney Todd’s will be able to do that for you. With Mrs Lovett’s assistance as a helping hand, your haircut shall be a swift appointment… Hang on, what’s that noise? The ovens firing up? And that smell? Hmm…I’m sure it’s nothing. You’re in for a close shave.

But that’s not all, there are plenty of rides and attractions at the London Dungeon that is ready to blow your socks off and scare you silly. Like the Drop Dead: Drop Ride outside Newgate Prison – will you survive the drop?

London Dungeon Tickets

After all of that, I’m sure you’re raring to go and ready to experience the London Dungeon and the darkest history of the capital. Well, what are you waiting for? Here are the tickets you can snap up!

General Tickets

  • Standard – Adult online from £28.00. Includes entry to London Dungeon. Pre-booking is essential and you can reschedule for free up to 24hrs before entry.
  • Anytime Entry – Adult online from £37.00. Includes entry to London Dungeon at any time on your selected day. With the flexibility to visit whenever it’s ideal for you.
  • Screams and Spirits Adult online from £34.00. Includes entry to London Dungeon and a premium cocktail or mocktail of your choice in the Tavern.
  • Scare and Share – Adult online from £37.00. Includes entry to London Dungeon at your chosen 15-minute timeslot. A digital photo package with unlimited digital photos. Only valid on the day of the selected time.

London Dungeon Combination Tickets

If you’re free to explore more than one attraction in London, then this is beneficial to you. With a combined ticket, you can visit up to 3 popular attractions. Here are the options below:

  • London Dungeon and London Eye – Adult online form £50.00. Includes entry to both and you can save 25% when booked together.
  • London Dungeon and Madama Tussauds London – Adult online form £50.00. Includes entry to both and you can save up to 26% when booked together.
  • London Dungeon and SEA LIFE London Aquarium – Adult online from £50.00. Includes entry to both and you can save up to 19% when booked together.
  • London Dungeon, London Eye and Madame Tussauds – Adult online from £60.00. Includes entry to all and you can save up to 42% when booked together.

You can also book combination tickets with attractions like Shrek’s Adventure, Big Bus and the above attractions too. Ranging from £50.00 – £90.00 for an Adult online.


How long is the London Dungeon?

The entire experience roughly takes between 60-75 minutes. So, it’s best to prepare and preplan for this timeframe.

What is the age restriction?

The recommended minimum age limit for the experience is 12 years old. Due to the scary nature of the ride, it may not be suitable for younger audiences, although if you wish for someone younger than 12 to experience it, then it will be up to the adult’s discretion.

Are tickets refundable?

No. The purchased tickets are non-fundable and non-transferable. So, please make sure you are available before booking.

Do you get wet in London Dungeon?

You don’t get soaked on the ride, however before you start the guests are warned you may get wet/sprayed.

Do you feel ready to explore the London Dungeon experience? Because they’re ready to welcome you! If you’re looking to get some tickets, visit our attractions ticket page. There are also other London attractions and iconic experiences you can book tickets for too, so why don’t you make a whole day…or weekend out of it!

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