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Hey adults, listen up! Are you looking for the ultimate fun-fuelled experience that is packed with iconic games, street food vendors and a drinks menu to die for? You need to make your way to Fairgame Canary Wharf for non-stop fun! What’s more…we’ve been there, so we can let you in on everything you need to know!

fairgame space

What is Fairgame Canary Wharf?

fairgame waiting area
This outrageously epic adventure is the ultimate experience and entertainment concept for adults. Meaning…only adults are allowed here. Great, right?!

You can enjoy all your classic fairground games in a totally new way! It’s essentially a private playground, for those who love fun and games and who LOVE to have a good time.

You can fully feel like a child once again as the nostalgia creeps over – as you enjoy a fairground like in the olden days but with a totally modern feel!

From boozy sweets, prosecco-infused candy floss and an immersive experience filled with childhood nostalgia and good times – is there a better place for an adult to unwind?

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Where is Fairgame Canary Wharf?

You’ll find this innovative venue in Canary Wharf!

It’s the perfect activity to do on your trip to London!

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25 Fishermans Walk,
E14 4DH

Opening Times

Monday Closed
Tuesday and Wednesday 11:30 - 00:00
Thursday to Saturday 11:30 - 01:00
Sunday 11:30 - 23:00


£15.00 per person

The venue is cashless and no person under 18 is allowed

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Fairgame Canary Wharf – Our Experience

A bunch of girls all excited for the afternoon, we were buzzed wondering what we were in for. As we approached the doors, security did ask us for our ages (so make sure you have your IDs!) and we were ushered in.

First and foremost – the space is filled with bright lights, and a rubber duck installation on the wall. So, you know it’s going to be a quirky experience that you’ll remember for days. It’s pretty and pink and mellow yellow! You’ll find plenty of chairs and tables to sit on while you wait for your allotted time.

Before you head to your table, you must check-in and they’ll give you each a card where you scan each game before you start. This is how they track your points for the digital leader board (so make sure to keep your cards safe!). There’s also a cloakroom if you want to check in your jackets and bags, saves you carrying them around with you! Once you’re all sorted, head over to the tables!

Please note: your game will start 30 minutes after your booking time. So, our booking was for 2:45pm but our games didn’t start till 3:15pm.

But it’s okay because there’s plenty to drink and eat (we’ll talk more about this later). So, you won’t just be sitting around bored.

We bought a bottle of rose to share between us and took plenty of selfies (as you do). We also had a look around and felt the excitement bubble… Soon enough it was our time for some funfair activity games!

We made our way to the desk by the collection of ducks where the lovely staff will ask you the time of your check-in and off you go!

The Fairground Games

Wowee. The atmosphere was electric. What did we hear? The sound of adult laughter, a selection of games and their iconic sounds. The competitive streak of everyone was rife, but all in good nature! It was epic and we were so excited.

You can choose whichever game you want to start first. There are 9 to choose from:

  • Dunk the Junk
  • The Final Furlong
  • Lawn of the Dead
  • Gopher Broke
  • Circus Freak
  • Space Race
  • Alley Hoop
  • Pantry Pandemonium
  • Phoney Island

You play two rounds of each, which have a 10-20 second gap between each round. Once you’ve played all 9 games twice, that’s your time over.

dunk the junk game

Dunk the Junk

We headed to Dunk the Junk first, which looked super fun and pretty cool! The aim of the game was to throw as many neon green balls into the bins as you can… The catch? The bin lids periodically open and close and you’ve got to bend pretty low down to get the balls. Can be a real backbreaker, but nonetheless fun!
the final furlong

The Final Furlong

After I hilariously lost at the first game, we headed to The Final Furlong, where you could sit down in numbered (and named) seats and try to make your horse win. What was my name? Lady Luck, of course. Was I lucky? Well…I didn’t get my ball drop down to me during the first round, so Fairgame gave me two more rounds for FREE! So, I got to play this game almost 4 times.

So, you need the ball, as you have to roll it into a set of holes that control how fast your horse moves. You have 3 holes for ‘walk‘, 5 holes for ‘trot‘ and 3 holes for ‘gallop‘. Of course, we’re all aiming to gallop! Was it hard? Kinda, but once you got the hang of it, I was dropping it down the gallop hole every time! My friend one the first two rounds, and I won the last two rounds.

gopher broke

Gopher Broke

Turn around and wack some gophers! There are a number of holes with mini gophers that pop up every now and then…you know the score.

Whack them where it hurts with your mallet! But it’s not as easy as you think. It starts off with a relatively normal pace, but it soon zooms ahead and you’re whacking left, right and centre! Can you hit them all?

lawn of the dead game

Lawn of the Dead

Get ready for another backbreaker… You have to bend down and bowl as many balls into the numbered holes. Bowl hard and strike high!

This was fun, but some of our balls may have hit the cage instead… Oops.

circus freak game

Circus Freak

Ahh…my favourite game. Sit down and face the clowns ahead of you. Kinda creepy looking but that’s why you’ve got to shoot your water pistol into their lit-up holes to make them soar away from you!

You’ll find 5 holes that periodically light up. When a hole lights up, aim your water pistol and shoot the water. Then quickly aim at whichever lights up next. The first one to make their clown reach the top is the winner! I came 3rd – boo.

space race

Space Race

Get your battle ships ready by making sure their shooters are lined up in increasingly smaller vantage points.

The spaceships on the board will spin super fast and you have to press the big green button whenever the gun shooter hits the prime area, to stop the spinning.

There are 5 to work with, but each space gets smaller and smaller. Can you beat everyone else?

alley hoop game

Alley Hoop

Everyone loves this classic funfair game! All you gotta do is dunk the basketball into the hoop as many times as you can!

I was not good at this one. But I’ve never been good at basketball. I was the goal defender for netball…not the goal scorer and that was for a reason!

Fun and energetic, not to mention super competitive! My friends were acing this game.

pantry game at fairgame

Pantry Pandemonium

Roll up for the next ball game! Throwing balls at your typical grocery items.

A selection of items of all sizes will be stood up on 4 shelves, your aim of the game was to whack them and make them fall down! I have to admit when the item didn’t fall down, I was throwing the balls harder and harder, but hey…it worked!

I won this one.

phoney island game

Phoney Island

Last but not least, a fun shooting game at Phoney Island!

You’ll find a selection of still and animate red targets moving round and round, up and down. We had to shoot at them with our pistol guns (there were no real pellets).

The moving targets earned you more points, so I aimed for those. Not going to lie, it wasn’t my best game! But it was so much fun, we were all hilariously shouting and screaming trying to shoot the duck moving across the waves!

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Once we were done with all the games, it was time to head to the digital leaderboard screens where you scan your cards to find your score. I lost, bummer. But my spirit was high because I literally just had the best time at this giant adult funfair!

Now it was time for some drinks.

Food & Drink

food at fairgame
There was so much street food selection and drinks – so we definitely didn’t go thirsty.

We didn’t grab any food as we had just had bottomless brunch before coming here, but it was tempting.

The selection of food on offer ranges from delicious and generously-sized pizzas from Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana. Juicy burgers with seriously good toppings at Burger&Beyond or dive head first into crispy and flavourful tacos at Dos Mas Tacos!

If you’re just thirsty, you’ll have a whole range of drinks on offer. From adult slushies and artisanal cocktails to frozen margaritas, London-brewed beer and plenty of soft drinks!

We got some passion-fruit martinis and headed out onto the terrace where we had a lovely view of the river. It was breezy and beautiful during the heat wave!

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Final Thoughts on Fairgame Canary Wharf…

our leaderboard
A MUST-SEE attraction for adults everywhere! Whether you enjoy a tipple or not, everyone loves fairground games. The classic or completely modernised, they’re all outrageously fun and hilarious, especially when out with some friends!

We had the best time! Couldn’t stop smiling or laughing and it was the perfect way to start off our weekend together.

It’s about time you head over!

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3 girls at fairgame

So, fellow adults if you really want to let loose and release your inner child (and get a little competitive), why not make a trip to Fairgame Canary Wharf? You won’t regret it!

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